A "Safe" & "Legal" Procedure That's Always Fatal

Here we go again, a bunch of fanatics disrupt a public hearing screaming “safe” and “legal” in an obvious effort to block sensible, long overdue regulations that protect health and are supported by a majority of the public.
Furthermore, the only reason these abominations are allowed in the marketplace is because some biased judge made a legally indefensible ruling that flies in the face of public opinion and a sophisticated, modern reading of the Constitution.
Don’t these gun and tobacco mouth–breathers ever get tired of peddling their anti–scientific propaganda? Have they no shame?
Oh, wait. Check signals. This wasn’t the National Rifle Association and Joe Camel disturbing the peace. It was “progressive” Democrats and feminists claiming abortion is “safe” and “legal” and should therefore be immune to regulation — just like handguns.
The occasion for this wailing and gnashing of teeth was the Virginia Board of Health’s decision to once again regulate abortion clinics just as it did prior to 1984.
Briefly, the reinstituted rules require abortion mills that perform five or more first–trimester lethal injections each month to meet the same standards as out–patient surgery centers where customers are expected to survive.
This means just like nail salons, barber shops and funeral parlors; abortion clinics will have to meet state regulations and undergo periodic inspections.
This was too much for the Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health, “The regulations are a backdoor attempt to deny women access to a safe, legal medical procedure…they must protect women’s access to affordable, high quality reproductive health care.”
Wow! For a minute there I thought they wanted the baby to survive, until I recalled that feminists don’t associate “reproductive health care” with actual reproduction.
Corrina Beall, a recent college graduate with what appears to be a very active and spontaneous sex life, complained, “The young women rely on these services. I rely on these services. The families of Virginia rely on these services, and my generation relies on these services.”
And the editorialists at the Washington Post thundered, “It’s already hard to get an abortion in Virginia, and it’s about to get much harder.” This stretches credulity since the number unborn babies executed last year totaled 26,000. What increase in the carnage would make the worthies at the Post more comfortable? Are 40,000 deaths sufficient? 50,000? How high must the pile be?
Smoking is legal, too, yet federal regulators are now proposing to require lurid photos on cigarette packs to deter smoking through the use of shock — an idea I think should be extended to all Planned “Parenthood” offices — and states and cities have almost outlawed the practice within sniffing range of any non–smoker.
By comparison, abortionists are getting off easy and for the foreseeable future won’t be joining smokers in back alleys. Currently the rulebook for abortion clinics weighs in at 26 pages of regulations. This compares well with the regulatory burden imposed on tattoo parlors, which totals 25, and is somewhat smaller than the regulation total for body piercing. Of course those establishments only participate in the death of restraint, rather than actual death like abortion clinics.
For “progressives” death–by–regulation is a reasonable and accepted strategy if you’re talking about offshore drilling, nuclear power or even capital punishment. But when it comes to regulating death in an abortion clinic, any regulation is too much.
Right now complaints are being heard regarding rules that specify the size of exam rooms, width of hallways, unannounced inspections and medical procedures.
The rule booklet even requires a certain number of parking spaces based on clinic size. “Progressives” believe this kind of nit–picking is fine if you are regulating something dangerous like a church, but completely over the top when applied to an innocent abortion emporium.
Virginia even has the gall to require patient records be kept and open to unannounced inspection. Where’s the precedent for this? Don’t pharmaceutical companies, nuclear power plants, offshore oilrigs, hospitals and airlines all self–report and we take their word for the safety of their products and procedures?
The abortion industry is built on the death of innocents and a flight from personal responsibility — all while hiding behind the euphemism of “choice.”
“Progressives” boast their policies are based on science and not superstition. These Darwinian social justice crusaders proclaim that science states unequivocally that human life originated from a single–cell organism that appeared eons ago.
Yet when it comes to any single–cell organisms lurking in the womb, the jury’s out on whether it’s human until it gets a slap from the doctor or a dose of herbal tea from the midwife.

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