Palestinian TV: Arab homes will be built at Western Wall, Jews’ praying is “sin and filth”

Israel needs our urgent prayers!

Isa 45:3………..Father, You are the God of Israel, and they are Your people.
Isa 45:17……….Save them with an everlasting salvation.
Isa 45:13……….Raise them up in righteousness, and direct all their ways.
Ps 25:22……….Redeem Israel out of all of their troubles.
Joel 3:16……….Be a shelter for Your people,
Joel 3:16……….and the strength of the children of Israel.
Jer 33:9…………Bring health and healing to them and to their land,
Jer 33:9…………Let Israel be to You a name of praise,
Jer 33:9…………and an honor before all the nations of the earth.
Jer 33:9…………Proclaiming all the good You do for them,
Jer 33:9…………and causing fear and trembling among the nations,
Jer 33:9…………because of all the goodness and prosperity You provide for it.
Joel 2:25………..Restore everything that has been removed from them.
Joel 2:19………..Send them grain and new wine and oil to satisfy them.
Prov 16:7………..Make their enemies to be at peace with them
Joel 2:19…………and no longer let them be a reproach among the nations.
Eze 34:12……….Seek out Your sheep and deliver them
Eze 34:13……….from the peoples and countries where they were scattered,
Eze 34:13……….and bring them to their own land.
Ps 122:6…………I pray for the peace of Jerusalem,
Ps 122:6…………may they prosper that love you.
Eze 34:25……….Lord, cause their enemies to cease from the land.
Eze 34:26……….Make them and the places all around Jerusalem a blessing,
Eze 34:26……….and cause showers of blessings to come down in their season.
Eze 34:27……….Let Your people dwell safely in their land,
Jer 34:17…………delivered from trouble from all the kingdoms of the earth.

“They [Israelis] know for certain that our [Palestinian] roots are deeper than their false history. We, from the balcony of our home, look out over [Islamic] holiness and on sin and filth (Jews’ praying at Western Wall) in an area that used to have [Arab] people and homes. We are drawing our new maps. When they [Israelis] disappear from the picture, like a forgotten chapter in the pages of our city’s history, we will build it anew (residential area). The Mughrabi Quarter will be built here (on the Western Wall Plaza).”
[PA TV (Fatah), Aug. 10, 2011]


** More Scriptures to pray for Israel can be found here **

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One Comment

  1. And people, if the PLO were to do what they say they want to do, WE WOULD SEE THE END OF TIMES ACTION OF THE REMOVAL OF THE TEMPLE ON THE MOUNT TO REPLACE IT WITH THE NEW TEMPLE OF THE JEWS! Of course we’d also see all out war against the Israeli people, but whatelse is new?

    I have heard that there are several groups of Israeli’s who are prepared right now to begin the attack on the site to bring prophesy to fruition. The Bible says when all eyes are on Israel, we will see God’s hand come down and smight the enemies of Israel. Man, that would be cool. But I’m not naive, I know things would be bad all over the world. Think. Think, what, or where is there peace and the people are not going through any kind of trouble, or economic strife? No, there is not one single place anywhere on Earth where there is not something going on caused by Socialists/Marxists, or as we know them, “liberals”, or liberal Democrats.

    Look, people, if a person tells you that they are a Democrat, they are not any such thing. They are a Socialist, or worse a Marxist. Obama is a Marxist. The other day he was talking to some group and he said something about people calling what he did, “Socialist”. He said, “No, that wasn’t Socialist.” Well, you know, he was right! That thing wasn’t Socialist. It was Marxist!

    And then the other day Obama told Israel that they had better apologize to the Palestinian’s for the death and destruction they caused in retaliation they did when the PLO attacked them. Netenyaho said NO! And Obama said that if they didn’t that our relationship with them would be strained. Strained? It couldn’t get any more strained than it is now. Obama practically throws BB out of the White House every time he comes.

    1. Yep, more and more every day prophecy leaps off the pages of The Bible and comes to life!

      Prophecy will be fulfilled…. and all of the world- including America, unfortunately, WILL turn against Israel.

      But be sure, the mighty hand of God WILL come down, as you said. I would hate to be in the path of His destruction.

  2. Uuuh, man, I just wish the Israeli’s would just bomb the hell out of the PLO! You know it’s always been my thought that why doesn’t the Egyptian’s give the PLO the Northern part of the Siani(spell?) Pennisula as their country. Egypt would have their buddies right next door to them, they would be out of Israel and Israel could rebuild the Gaza strip back like it was when it was given to the PLO and they destroyed it all, and if Israel could get the Arabs out of Jeruselem, force them out, Israel would be whole for the first time since I don’t know when. Then the next thing that would HAVE to go would be the Muslim temple, and all the mosques that have been built. Now, the one thing is that Arabs have lived with the Israeli’s for generations, thousands of years actually. So it’s not like Arabs don’t like being there, it’s just here lately that Arabs believe that Israel needs to move to Europe where they came from after WWII. That of course is ridiculous. It would be much easier for the Arabs to just move a couple of miles on the other side of the Jordan border and they would be home. Or they could move themselves back to Saudia Arabia where they came from.

    I have never seen such lies coming from a people who don’t exist, nor have a history anywhere else in the world. I’m really surprised that there is no one in the Palestinian people who don’t know how they came to be. There has to be someone who knows that it was the Roman’s who gave them their name, and renamed the country in order to inflame anger in the Jewish people when it was the Roman’s who were trying to get rid of the Jews for denouncing the Emperior as their ruler. The Roman’s had just gotten enough of trying to appease the Jewish people and figured their army needed something to do since there weren’t any wars left to go fight, so they decided to destroy Israel, and run all of it’s people out of the land. Like they had done all that before in dozen’s of countries around the known world within the Roman Empire. Like, no one knows any of that? Then where do they think their name came from? They’ve never been called that before that time. They have always been Arabs, from Arabia, which is what the whole region used to be known as, even during those times. Did the Arabs think that it was up to the Roman’s to name them as a people, and that before that time they didn’t have a name? You know, it just defies logic that these people would be so stuburn that they would reject the fact that they have to know that the root of their history is from Arabia? That they would rather accept that they are Palestinian’s as named by the Roman’s just to give them reason to hate the Jewish people and want their land….back? They never had the land to begin with. How far back do they want to go back? 3000 years, when Jewish people had great cities, towns, and settlements all over the entire region that encompassed all of the Middle East, most all of Northeastern Africa outside of Egypt, way down into Arabia South, Western, and Northern part. A huge area of that part of the known world was Jewish. So what history are the PLO talking about, their houses used to be down there at the wall? When, a few thousand years ago? No, not hardly. They have never existed as a people, nor ever had a land, nor ever had come from anywhere in the area other than Arabia somewhere. So where are they talking about? They are talking about a place that is just as imaginary as they are as a people.

  3. And if everyone will try to remember their history, right after Rome destroyed Israel, took it’s name away from it that God had given it, and scattered the Jewish people, Rome began to self destruct. They went right down the same path that our country is taking right now. The only American President who gave the Israeli people and government the respect they deserved for being spiritually connected to the American people was Ronald Reagan! And before him, Carter, who hated the Jewish people and I don’t care what peace accords he presided over, look at him now since the truth has been found out about him. Then there was Bill Clinton another Jew hater. And the Bush’s were to much further behind him, and now here we are with BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA the most hateful of all the Jew haters, whose closest friend is a Muslim terrorist that guy Kalidie, who was Arafat’s right hand man.

    What I want to know is, since Obama never gave his Blackberry over to the CIA like he was supposed to by law, when he is on these little vacations he goes on, who is he talking to on it? What secret information is Obama giving away to our enemies? What secret arrangements is he making with is Muslim friends that he can use to make life for the Israeli people worse than it is now, but giving millions of our dollars to the PLO to help them with their war plans against the Israeli’s. I want to know who is on that Blackberry, I want to know who it is that he talks to on it, and what has he done that we could stand him up against a wall and use a firing squad to punish him for being the traitor that he is? Isn’t that what the UMCJ says is the punishment for collborating with the enemy during a time of war? We are still at war aren’t we? Oh, I get it, we would have to have a “declaration of war” against some country or organized army from some government for us to actually be at “war”. That’s how Obama would get out from under the punishment of a firing squad. The Senate would say we are not actually at war with any country, or government since the Taliban is not a country or a government, nor is Al Quaeda.

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