Liberals: ‘Tea Party Waging War on the American People’ – What would they Call the Last Two Years?

Where in the world has the left been for the last couple of years? An Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times – Joe Nocera – wrote a piece today claiming the Tea Party was Waging War on the American People. I would like to ask Joe, where he has been for the last two years? If you want to call trying to get the uncontrolled spending under control – war – then I guess the Tea Party is waging war, not on the American people, but on Washington.

In the past two years the Obama administration has been on a ‘No-limit’ spending spree. They have shoved Obama’s economic plans through congress by writing colossal bills stuffed with pork barrel spending. They shoved an unconstitutional health care bill (Obamacare) through congress, at last count 27 states were suing over Obamacare – a $787 billion stimulus package to keep the unemployment rate below 8 percent, it is now 9.2 percent – and now that the Tea Party Republicans are the House majority leaders and this kind of wasteful spending ceases they get called jihadist?

The Democrats control the Senate in 2011, but in the 2010 midterm elections, the Republicans gained a majority in the House of Representatives. Up until this past election the Democrats controlled both Senate and the House of Representatives. It was relatively easy for Democrats to pass bills before the Republicans took over the House of Representatives – now it is not so easy.

Since Republicans took over the House of Representatives it kind of reminds me of when the United States went to war with Saddam Hussein. Saddam would shoot those Scud missiles and the U.S. would fire the Patriot missiles knocking the Scuds out of the air – nearly every time. The Obama administration fires their “Scud policies” and the House of Representatives shoot them down with the “Patriot members.” The Tea Party members of congress, I guess are waging war as Joe Nocera writes – but it is not against the American people as he dreams – but it is against the Obama administrations almost ludicrous “back room deals” they try to shove through.

Obviously Joe is a libtard, because in his first couple of sentences he writes: These last few months, much of the country has watched in horror as the Tea Party Republicans have waged jihad on the American people. So this writer thinks the Tea Party Republicans are “Muslim?”

What is  jihad? Answer: The Qur’an describes Jihad as a system of checks and balances, as a way that Allah set up to “check one people by means of another.” When one person or group transgresses their limits and violates the rights of others, Muslims have the right and the duty to “check” them and bring them back into line. There are several verses of the Qur’an that describe jihad in this manner.

See Joe tried to use jihad in a “bad” way to make the Tea Party Republicans look bad. But, I guess depending on what website you look at to get your definition of jihad the above definition is the most that I found. So I guess if we go with the above definition then I guess the Tea Party Republicans are waging jihad but not on the American people – but the Obama administration.



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  1. Well, you had me until your definition of Jihad. I think the way radical muslims practice it is definition enough for us not to adopt it, or even excuse it from the mouths of libtards.

    But I love the title of this article. Americans must not forget the past two years of socialism on steroids. Obama calls for “balance” only after he lost the house of representatives. What was he calling for before then? Something along the lines that democrats would “go it alone” to push radicalism.

    We need to highlight the failures. Such as,

    – Obama reset relations with Moscow in 2009. In 2011, Moscow is telling their people Americans are parasites on the global economy. (Media.. why aren’t you going after that?)

    – In 2009, Obama called for a new beginning with Cuba and Venezuela, even giving a “bro-shake” to Hugo Chavez. In 2010, Hugo visits Syria, Tehran, Russia, and Libya, brokering oil deals, in order to “accelerate the fall of (American) Imperialist hegemony and the birth of the new world of equilibrium and peace.” This came on the heels after he joined Iran and Russia’s calls to dump the U.S. dollar for oil trading. (Media… why didn’t the “bro-shake” work?)

    I could really go on, and on, and on. Because I’m an elephant. And elephants never forget. But the point is… the world FOR AMERICA is a much WORSE place than it was two years ago. And the people slept.

    1. Thanks Max, while I researched the word jihad I found many that said it was for war against non-believers of Islam. But, I found even more definitions of what I used. Was it the right definition? I don’t know. I just used the definition that the majority of the sites I used for my research used.

      I completely agree it is NOT something that should be used in the United States and should NOT be used to describe a political party. Although, I have used “Dumbacrats” to describe the left more than once, and I should probably not do that either :)!

  2. Well add people’s representative Doyle from PA state and our always precious Joe ‘Hoof in Mouth Disease’ Biden to that list of leftards. Only in America, in the demonRATIc party can a group exercising their First Amendment Rights of “freedom of speech” and “the right of the people peaceably to assemble” be branded as “terrorists’ by some itinerant political retard from Pennsylvania and the next in the line of succession to be President. And BOTH from the political party that is a strident and aggressve advocate for those very rights……, but only if you agree with them. YIKES! A new version of freedom called hypo-cracy (hypocritical democracy).

    I must observe that if I’m a dubious and confused unaligned voter and turned on the evening news to hear this bit of condemnation of the Tea Party, it would be that infamous straw on the camel’s to make me finally realize which party is part of the problem and not the solution.

    Wasn’t it great how Carney denied that was ever said. The “official” spokesman for the demonRATic President of the United States of America redacting and revising history on the same day such history was made. AMAZING! A regular Johnny-on-the-spot. We need to have these boys call MORE, not less press conferences.

    It’s all here. Make up your own mind:
    “[ Did Vice President Biden liken Tea Party Republicans to terrorists in a meeting with House Democrats? Eyewitnesses say yes, but he denies it, Politico reports:

    Biden was agreeing with a line of argument made by Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) at a two-hour, closed-door Democratic Caucus meeting.
    “We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle said, according to sources in the room. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”
    Biden, driven by his Democratic allies’ misgivings about the debt-limit deal, responded: “They have acted like terrorists.”
    Biden’s office initially declined to comment about what the vice president said inside the closed-door session, but after Politico published the remarks, spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff said: “The word was used by several members of Congress. The vice president does not believe it’s an appropriate term in political discourse.” ]”
    Source: https://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903520204576484303256286950.html

  3. Sometimes things seem so bad, or getting bad, or could become bad if things didn’t improve quickly, I have a trigger of my own that was placed there during my tour in the military, and combat. And the spring on that trigger gets stretched pretty far towards releasing the trigger that would fire what I have to call “my kill instinct”. Of course in civilian life there’s not anything I can do about the situation of the enemy about to over run my position, because otherwise it would be breaking the law. So the trigger gets pulled and it’s like the hammer of a gun falling on an empty chamber. I keep pulling the trigger to try to protect myself and no matter how many times I pull it, nothing happens and people like Obama and the Socialist Democrats get to run right slap over me. Yesterday I was pulling the trigger as fast as I could to try to kill this threat to our nation, and all I got was a tired trigger finger, so to speak. It’s similar to people’s “fight or flight” responce to danger that kicks in as things start falling apart real fast and you see it coming.

    When Boehner and friends do to us what they did, in taking the fear mongering the President and the leftist Democrats were lying about, the default and the ensueing supposedly disasterous credit rate reduction, I had to keep telling myself that this danger would stop real soon, it’s going to stop now, it’s about to stop! But it didn’t stop and the piece of crap bill went right through. And Obama signed that sucker so fast he couldn’t get it done fast enough to get out there to the Rose Garden to tell everyone that it was over.

    Combat is sorta like what we’re going through now. You know the enemy is out there, and you know they are dangerous, and you expect to encounter them any time now, but the way the Socialist Democrats are like snakes. They can’t be seen until it’s to late most times. It’s gotten to the point where I want camera’s in every representatives office, every committee room, hallways, alcoves, cloak rooms, you name it. We get to see into the Congressional Chambers and the Senate Chambers but that’s all. No, I want to see in every place where snakes could be hiding so there are no surprises when we hear the language of some bill like was passed yesterday. Reid being the biggest snake of them all needs to, like we see on TV, be relocated to a place where it’s not any threat and a place where it will be alot happier. Yeah, like Mother Russia. I think he would be real happy in Russia, and he can take most of all the other liberals in the entire country with him.

    This bill screws us badly. It was nothing more than Boehner’s poor attempt to passify Obama, Reid, and the liberal news media, and convince them that he’s no threat to their existance. You know what this tells me? That the left is not hard to defeat if you can expose their lies to the American people. This is the day after the end of the world Obama was telling the American people was coming if we “defaulted”. Nothing has happened other than the stock market going down alittle yesterday, nothing really bad has happened….yet. Wait on it….

    1. Your analogy of a battlefield isn’t what we need. With all due respect to your position, democrats are NOT the enemy. They are partners in a republic. Of course, you are only echoing what we hear from Washington… Obama who called us the enemy… Biden, who of this week, agreed with the left lawmaker rhetoric that republicans were acting like terrorists. This is every bit nasty politics. Democrats say the most vile things. And who can blame them? Look at their role models… Reid (his only mode is snide)… Obama (threatening seniors to stop social security checks… plus 1000 other bad traits, not one of them Presidential). Their own leaders have removed all decency from these democrats who believe it’s their way or the highway. They crapped on republicans when they held the house, and now they demand “balance.” They label any effort to control spending as a radical act by the tea party to destroy our government. They are the most vile, most unprofessional, and most dishonest people on earth. And they attract a following of like minded individuals, who are just as rabid with their nonsense attacks in the MSM, and on forums such as this.

      And now, at the hour of our crisis, what are republicans to do? The answer is simple: The complete opposite of what democrats are doing. The best example of this is the Lemmon (sp.) (CNN anchor)- Rand Paul interview. Lemmon embarrassed journalism with his idiotic questions. Rand Paul ran circles around that idiot in a calm, and thoroughly grounded manner, over the debt ceiling bills. And now look what happened. After a month of leftist politicians blaming the tea party for obstructing the budget deal, more DEMOCRATS voted AGAINST the BIPARTISAN Bill Agreement in the house, and only 56 republican house members voted against it. And not a single MSM anchor grilled the Democrats for blocking it. (MSM = kindergarten romper room)

      Keep a cool head. This isn’t a battlefield. We are not in combat. The only “trigger” to be pulled is the button at the voting booth.

  4. Do you realize that we only have a measly thirteen months until the next Presidential elections. President! And we have yet to see anyone that is worth a dime come forward to lead the real American’s and patriots to victory. Since every representative had to be in his seat for all this debt ceiling mess, no one could afford to be away on the campaign trail. I hope to God the leftist Socialist Democrats don’t plan on doing what just happened as a way to keep someone who might be running in Washington so they can’t get out on the stump. That might be a plan they have up their sleeve. And Obama really doesn’t have to get out and campaign because he never did come out of campaign mode since he was elected. He’s been pushing his agenda from day one, and that’s the way the Democrats have decided they are going to become from now on. I heard that after the 2004 elections they lost. Hillary Clinton herself got the idea that if the American people didn’t get their message then telling it to them 24 hours a day may be a better method. “They’re so dumb that it’s the only way they can understand what we want them to do and that is to keep us in office so we can run their lives.” That is a made up quoat but it fits what Democrats think about us.

    But I hope that we get a chance to have a candidate, since Democrats are in campaign mode all the time they don’t have to do much to either be on the campaign trail and in Washington because anytime they connect with the public through their media on TV, they are already campaigning. Republican’s, not so much. They are trying to break into the internet way of doing things but the left have been using the internet for years. Republican’s need to do some serious catching up. Otherwise we’re not going to have anyone to vote for, unless you are brain dead and think Romney is our candidate.

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