A week in the life of America… August 2011

A summer of discontent….

President Barack Obama got his “compromise” from his “intransigent” opponents…. Not that he paid them any lip service or anything once he got the deal! What’s a mere $2.4 Trillion with a pass to the 2012 Elections – (which was his rock solid non compromise)
• Congressmen, Law Makers, other political operatives declared all who disagree #Terrorist and Liberal Pundits happy to promote the message went to town.
Mass. Democrat Senator John Kerry declared on National TV (@MSNBC Morning Joe Scarborough) something to the affect #TeaParty should not be given equal air time
• The Market in repudiation to this “compromise” and a number of other factors, lack of serious cuts, lack of serious leadership, lack of faith…. plunged
• The Standard & Poor (the universal rating agency for Nations around the world) down graded the United States’ rating from triple AAA to double AA
• 31 US Troops downed in Afghanistan with 22 Navy Seal Team 6 among the count.
• President Barack Obama turned 50 and celebrated with Fund Raisers, Campaign commentaries and much dancing and festivities at the White House and Camp David.

President Obama enjoys a little time off – don’t we all – seems to put an inordinate amount of attention to his Golf Game and public image among his Hollywood celebrity friends and contributors.

He in his haste to leave town, (you know, the President doesn’t really like to be cooped up in the White House) the President, who up now, had hailed the S&P as his primary reason for WE MUST ACT NOW routine…. (while failing INTENTIONALLY, for 824 days out of his 924 in office to pass a budget, with full control of Congress and the Executive Branch for 711 days out of the 924) could not be bothered with trivialities such as down grades.

However, now the that the hard cold reality of the “what have they done” hit the real world and the S&P down graded America, the President’s reaction – predictable – through his spokesmen called them “amateurs”… a rounding math error…. and promptly took off to Camp David… events outside of his control waiting on the other end… Fund Raisers, dinners, more dancing and of course, golfing…. The sport of the rich white men!

Those #NavySeals tragically downed, barely a mention in the President’s Saturday commentary – far be it from him to demand air time from the National Networks to honor their sacrifice – but I digress.

Those Navy Seals, well they didn’t hold up the President’s bump in the polls to his satisfaction… bet you his numbers are up among the #Taliban for giving them a target to shoot at!!!

Main Stream Media ( @ABC @CBS @MSNBC @CNN @NBC @NPR @PBS @WAPO @NYT ) calls it LEADERSHIP… I have other words for it.

Blame the #Terrorist #Teaparty and @GOP hostage takers and average stupid Americans who know nothing of #GDP and #Federal Reserve too complicated topics for the masses….

Never mind $4 gallon gas, $4-5 gallon of milk… and then of course…. don’t believe this shit about 9.2% jobless numbers… it’s the #Teaparty at it again!!!

IMAGINE…. This was just ONE WEEK… there are 76 left before the President can devote HIS time to Golfing, organizing or whatever strikes his fancy and WE can begin to put the pieces back together

“Government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action”. George Washington

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Rich Mitchell

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