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The Obama Economy is So Bad – Even the Illegals are Leaving

Border PatrolEver since Obama took office, Americans (translation: citizens) have been asking him to deal with the illegal immigrant situation. Unbeknownst to the majority of Americans, Obama did actually have a plan to curtail illegal immigration from Mexico – destroy the American economy.

While the United States is struggling with worsening unemployment Mexico’s unemployment rate is now 4.9 percent – much worse than America’s 9.1% rate.

Apparently, our current leadership can fail at economics even worse than the corrupt politicians in Mexico and the illegal immigrants are figuring that out. It is estimated that about 300,000 undocumented immigrants have left California since 2008.

The good news is that Obama’s secret new strategy to defend our borders is successful despite an incredible lack of attention, leadership or funding. A constitutional responsibility achieved without the expenditure of a single tax payer dollar – GENIUS!!

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. If 2012 is supposed to be somekind of time of high enlightenment then damn it I want the American people to wake the hell up and throw all the liberals out of government!! I want the next President on his first day to tell the oil companies to, “GET AFTER IT!!!” I want him to tell the oil and gas companies, exploration outfits and whoever can haul a drill bit behind their pickup to head out to where they know there’s oil and gas. Then I want him to tell the State Dept., “YOUR CLOSED FOR BUSINESS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!!” Then cancel all the oil contracts with OPEC, and I don’t give a damn what some A hole oil company says that they have contracts, I’d like this President to tell that jerk, “You’re under arrest!” “Anyone who is not onboard with America and a REAL ENERGY INDEPENDENCE PLAN, is against American’s and is a criminal left over from the last liberalism in America where we made deals with our enemies. America does not make deals with it’s enemies anymore. And I’ll be contacting the Chinese delegation and businesses over there very soon to tell them what we are going to do to get manufacturing back to America. NO more unions. And if you don’t like that they we’ll be glad to take your application for giving up your American citizenship so that we can get on over to Russia where you’ll be alot more happy, because we sure wouldn’t want you to be unhappy because you weren’t in a union. They’ve got plenty of them in Russia and I’m sure they can find a place for all you auto workers in their Russian car manufacturing companies.”

    And I want him to immediately get with his team, no more “administration”, those days are gone. Our forefathers never had one so we don’t need one either, so that means no more head of the EPA because there’s not going to be anymore EPA, he won’t need to get with his pick for the Dept. of Ed. because there won’t be anymore need for the Dept. of Ed. because there won’t be anymore teachers unions either since they are all State workers and get better benefits than most people. Teachers will be appropriately compensated for what they do so long as they can prove their students are learning something. If not then that teacher needs to look for some other career because they will be fired. For to long the unions have kept bad teachers from getting canned and that policy is not going to save anyone just because they are “tenured”. That goes double for college and university professors and facalty as well. “So you had better get your butt in gear people!”

    That is the kind of “enlightenment”, and you know how the liberals have always called themselves enlightened but really all it was is they were Communist and didn’t know it, well now they do because we’re not putting up with their sissy a**es any more! If anything happens in 2012 that ‘s what I want to see.

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