Senate Rejects Cut, Cap and Balance Bill

As Harry Reid announced, the Senate voted on the Cut, Cap and Balance bill today. However, the bill, which is intended to cut the amount of spending, cap the amount of the GDP used to be paid into debt, and to balance the budget.

This leaves the ongoing issue still unresolved.

The Senate vote was 51-46.

There were plans for the Senate to be in session over the weekend, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid canceled them after today’s vote.

President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner are scheduled to continue their talks throughout the weekend in an attempt to resolve the looming debt crisis. Boehner made it very clear that he is willing to keep negotiations open, saying:

“There was no agreement, publicly, privately, never an agreement, and frankly not close to an agreement. So I suggest it’s going to be a hot weekend here in Washington, D.C. As a responsible leader, I think it is my job to keep likes of communications open.”

As the August 2 deadline fast approaches the debate is sure to heat up even more.


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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. These damn Socialist Democrats know that all they have to do is nothing. They are playing the game like we’ve told the Republican’s to do, and that is to do nothing and force the Democrats to do the backing down. They know they don’t have to do anything and that’s why the Democrats are standing their ground. The Democrats know that Republican’s have always caved in at the last minute. The Democrats know that Republican’s have a noodle for a spine and will not be able to take the pressure that Democrats have historically been able to bring on the Republican’s, and Republican’s know it. Obama and Reid and Pelosi are the most evil people in America’s history. If there is evil in the world, they are it, they are a perfect example of what evil does, and that is it knows how to play the game and they are the experts at it, Republican’s are not because they’ve not needed to be because of the protection of our Constitution. Democrats have never had protection for what they were doing because the Communist Party USA has always been their protection. And they can over ride the Constitution any time they want, and this is one of those times.

    I’m telling you right now that if the Republican’s had the balls they could send in the US Marshalls and arrest some of these leftist Socialist Democrats who’ve been violation of our immigration laws openly, like Durbin and Napolitano. If you went out and gathered a bunch of illegal Mexican aliens and took them before the camera’s at your local TV station and told the TV audience that you were supporting them because they deserved a chance to have a good life just like American’s have, what do you think would happen to you? You’d be arrested in Louisiana because we have immigration enforcement laws here that are just like the laws everywhere else, that you can’t stop a car load of Mexican’s unless they break a law and get stopped and asked for ID. That’s when they are arrested for being illegals. Durbin needs to be in jail. That way he wouldn’t be able to vote and we’d be closer to having a majority in the Senate. And there are others who are breaking the law and they could be arrested to. But that would only be if the Republican’s have the balls.

    If you can’t make you enemy surrender, then whittle him down until he doesn’t have enough men to resist.

  2. It’s either that or it IS time to move on Washington and act on our Constitutional right to remove the government and replace it with a Constitutional one. We’d be well within our Constitutional rights to use force if the Democrats would not go peacefully. But, they believe that we’d never have the guts to do it. And they have been doing all they have been doing for all these years under that belief that we would never do such a thing. They have surrounded themselves with cops and troops to protect them from us, but always remember, there are alot more of us than there are of them, no matter how many they call up. And do you think they would tell the fighters to fire on us? How far do they want to do with this. We ARE protected by our Constitutional RIGHT. We are not breaking any law they’d try to tell us we were. Sorry, they are wrong. The cops would just have to stand aside, or suffer the consequences of protecting a Marxist government that is out of control.

    This government fits the definition of what is written in the Constitution. If you don’t believe me, read it for yourself. It does say that there are two ways that the people would have to act on their Constitutional right, and one would be a government out of control. Can you think of a situation that would fit that definition better than now? I can’t, because something like this has never happened before in our history. And if we don’t do something soon, and not just think that voting is our only way of controlling our government. You’ve seen what that has gotten us, haven’t you? Is it bad enough yet? Is the government out of control enough yet? If not now, when? After they take our guns away? They already consider we’re domestic terrorists what do we have to loose? Our Freedom? What freedoms do we have left that they aren’t putting themselves in position to take away as soon as Obama gives the word. If he thinks he can get away with it, he doesn’t get cold feet like we do. When will we take our government back? If not now, when?

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