Compromise is a good thing!

Compromise can be a good thing,  but let me tell you what I thought yesterday about the happenings on the Hill.

I still wondered why Speaker Boehner, who was on the Sean Hannity show a few days ago, stated, “The Mack Penny Bill was worth looking at” had done absolutely nothing with regard to that bill? Even the media is saying very little about it. Why is that?

Instead of Cut, Cap and Balance or the Mack Penny Bill, Speaker Boehner’s bill passed. If compromises were made, then surely the essentials of cut, cap, and balance or even parts of Mack’s Penny bill were in the bill – or not.

Like many others, I had just assumed that the compromise would bring parts of all the different legislation into a bill that would garner support. Seeing what actually passed – he sold-out.

I felt bad for Speaker Boehner, and all he is going though. But, isn’t that what he is paid to do? Talking with Democrats is a necessary part of creating legislation, but NOT doing what the American people have hired him to do is unacceptable.

Yes, it is hard to take a stand. No one said it would be easy, but deal with it Boehner! This entire issue is about the deficit and more specifically .. spending.

2012 is not that far away, Mr. Speaker –  time to get to work!

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Gina Aveni

Gina is a Journalist, Constitutional Rights Activist, Conservative Commentator.

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One Comment

  1. What I find ironic is the absence of the Great Uniter in this entire process. Contrast BHO’s inaction with Clinton’s when he was faced with a similar situation. Clinton met with the Republicans, identified five or six items from their agenda which everyone could find acceptable, did the same with the Demoncrats, fashioned a compromise bill and then presented it to Congress.

    1. It is sad that we have someone running this country that is so disengaged with the American people. Unfortunately for all of us this has been going on for decades, politicians have lost sight of who they work for — much of which is the result of no accountablity in Washington.

      1. Sad, that after 235 years, this is what representative government gets us these days. The truth is, congress is a mirror reflection of ourselves. We put them there to represent the whole. And to ensure “the whole” is represented, our greater wisdom created two parties, who are polar opposites. And this is the best form of government the world has ever known.

        Compromise? No. After democrats rammed obamacare down the majorities throat? In 2009-10, when democrats had the opportunity to lead with honor, by insisting on vigorous debate by including republicans at the table, did they do that? NO. Instead, they pushed socialism to the hilt, making boisterous statements they would “do it alone.” Screw democrats. They deserve no compromise after all the crap they have put this nation through.

        1. I agree with you wholeheartedly Max. Unfortunately this is one of those situations where we, the people, were relying on govt. to do the right thing which was take a stand and stay put. Some did, some didn’t, but again the ones who did are out numbered. I think at this time in our history the more people that are engaged, and the more people who take a stand, the greater the possibilty for change. We need to remember things did get this way over night, as such it will not change over night either. Hang tough my friend and spread the word so these events do not become a distant memory for the American people.

          1. I suppose my no-compromise stance is driven toward Obama, Reid and Pelosi. The three stooges who led with an iron “finger” when at their apex of power. The way they have demonized the tea party… the lies spun by Rep. lewis (he was NOT called a N_ _ _ _ _,) to their current branding of the people we elected in 2010 as far-right radicals… when the truth is these freshmen congressmen are bringing REFORM that the PEOPLE decided on in 2010. The fact they are proving they cannot be “bought” with porkulus speaks volumes to me. And Rino’s like McCain “chastise” them for not being political.

            I hope and pray tomorrows “compromise” is shot down in the house. Let Obama then take draconian measures so we can impeach that fool. That is the best way I know of to ensure Americans haven’t already forgotten the past 2 years of an obama-created hell.

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