A Dishonest Look at the Debt [White House Graphic]

On Tuesday, the White House posted a misleading graphic that took “blame Bush” to a whole new level. Besides using a time gimmick to make a false comparison, the chart (click for a larger view) has what must be intentional mis-truths spread throughout.

White House Debt Graphic

The bar graph uses a dishonest mechanism to make it appear as if Obama is not spending at a faster pace than G.W. Bush.

The White House shows eight years of Bush spending and makes a flawed comparison to just two years of Obama’s expenditures. To be an accurate side-by-side evaluation of the spending habits of the two presidents, annual spending amounts would need to be used.

What’s also important to note is the dishonest handling of war funding. The cost of the war in  Afghanistan is completely attributed to Bush even though Obama made the decision to go back into  Afghanistan when he called it the “right war” and pushed for the troop surge. Libya is completely missing from his spending estimates.

Where is the increase to 2 years of unemployment benefits? Obamacare? Increased hiring at the IRS? Those seem to be buried in the grey area somewhere.

This graphical mis-truth has another major flaw. While showing 8 years of “domestic and defense spending” for President Bush, the White House propaganda bar shows no spending whatsoever for the Obama administration.

Lastly, the farm bill was passed in 2008 by a Democrat congress over George Bush’s VETO. That spending should fall on Pelosi and Reid, not Bush. The farm bill was $300 billion so almost that entire part of the chart does not belong to Bush.

The only thing honest in this entire chart is that the federal government owes the Social Security trust trillions of dollars. If seniors want to know what happened to their checks, look at the diagonally shaded area at the bottom of the chart.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. I clicked on the picture of this graph but I still couldn’t see what the hell it is. It really doesn’t matter anyway because from the article it says it’s all lies. And that is to be expected.

    What Obama is trying to say is, if all the other Presidents can raise the debt ceiling then why can’t he? What’s the matter, he’s not Black enough? No, that’s not it at all. The fact of the matter is his color has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a Marxist who would take full advantage of being able to raise the debt ceiling all he wants so long as it’s following his Marxist agenda of changing America “fundementally”. What that means is he wants to change America into one of those nations he told us all about when he was running for office and then many times after he was elected, that he believes that it’s not okay for America to be the only nation that has it good when the rest of the world is suffering so badly. That has to be the most assinine statement any president has ever made. That is the same thing as saying that since I was able to buy a new car, I should donate enough money to some social or domestic program that would allow some dope head Negro to be able to buy a new car to. So, what to do, what to do?

    Obama really doesn’t believe in American’s inate ability to do as they please without any regard to the needs of anyone else. He hates that about American’s. He really believes that we should give all that we own away because the rest of the world doesn’t have what we have. That is that wealth redistribution to countries that don’t have a population of people who have the ambition to do for themselves so they leave that up to their government to give them what they want. What I would like to know is where is those governments getting the money to provide for all those people? That’s just it, they aren’t because it’s impossible to provide a living for everyone without anyone working to put in the money to enable the government to provide the things it is promising.

    It’s like the saying goes that Socialism fails when it runs out of someone else’s money. With forty four million American’s on food stamps, I’m sure the very largest percent of those people don’t want to work anyway. I don’t in any way suggest that we need to go back to the CCC camps, or the NRA or anything like that, but if it would get that largest percentage off food stamps and give them something to do that is constructive, it would make things better. The only problem though, most would run off that first time the train came to a stop. It would look like roach’s running after the light is turned on.

    But Obama and that stone cold blooded bastard, Reid, standing there with that little soft voice of his spewing poison and lies and hatred towards anything coming out of the Republican’s, neither one of them are going to be willing to accept anything short of giving Obama all the money he wants, raising taxes on the rich, and spending more money on programs that are nothing but slush funds for the unions and big banks, and whoever Obama has been giving the money to so that they can turn right around and give it back to him as a campaign fund contribution. That’s what happened to most of all those “stimulus funds” monies.

    I just can’t believe that Reid can just stand there and TELL the American people that he won’t do a damn thing to help our economy recover. I mean just stand there and say crap like “Democrats won’t vote for it.”, “It’s dead on arrival.”, “The American people don’t want this because it won’t work.” What I want to know is when Reid talks about these American people he claims are behind him, WHO THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT??? What American people? Who? Name names, tell us who it is that he is talking about. I want to know who and what American’s would not want the budget balanced, if there was one, that don’t want the Democrat spending to stop, that would not want Obama stopped because they see now what he’s talking about when he says he’s going to change America fundamentally, he means to change America into a Socialist Welfare state European country. And he’s doing it because he really believes that American don’t know what it’s like to have to suffer because the economy just can’t be made any better and we can’t find a job that would allow us to be able to buy a nice house, or at least a decent used car, or put better food on the table, or to even have a few bucks so that we could take our kid to the damn doctor.

    We deserve to be the America our forefathers created this nation to be. We do not deserve to have it taken from us by this Marxist Kenyan usurper who has no loyalty to our Constitution or to the American way of life. We don’t use anybodies energy like Obama says, we sell off all the energy to other countries when they need it, and it’s done at a profit because that is the American way. But you know what? Obama doesn’t understand that it’s done that way in all these other countries he talks about all the time that we have robbed of all their resources so that we can have the life that America gave him. Think about how poor he’d be if he was still in Kenya and had stayed there, and was trying to make a living after his father died. He’d be poor. But whose fault is that? Ours? No.

    Call the White House and tell Obama that you don’t want to see America turn into Kenya. White House number is 202-224-2131

  2. If you come from a district of one of these Tea Party conservatives or even one of the conservative Republican’s who were elected to throw out a RINO, and had never served before, these guys/gals need you to call them and tell them that you support them and want them to do what they were put in office for and that is to one: serve as a constitutional representative, and two: replace the old country club big government Republican’s and take the party over in order to make it like it’s supposed to be. Remind them to stand against Boehner and all the rest of the old guard leftist, liberal Republican’s who have never done anything constitutional but rather went to Washington to go along to get along and make excuses about what they can’t do, but always do what Democrats need them to do in order to futher reconstruct the government to look like the Socialist Democrats who are trying to eliminate the Constitution and it’s controls and restrictions of what Democrats believe is neccessary to make our government like a cross between Communist Russia and some weak kneed European country. These people are traitors! And they need to be treated as such. They have abandoned the American citizen and have trampled on his rights, freedoms, and liberties and replaced them with dependence on whatever scraps he can get from his master the high and mighty sitting on their thrones Congressmen and Senators.

    Remember one thing if you get a chance to speak to one of these blowhards, you tell the bastard, “You work for me! I don’t work for you!”

  3. Why does 0boz0 not give his multi millions to the oppressed? to those who suffered at the hands of his white devil ancestors? He needs to explain how he and his BLACK family transcend the human failings of all others and should live a superior lifestyle at their expense. 0b0z0 you got some ‘splainin to do.How is you acquired your wealth by claiming the taxpayers should give up more for the tax takers…how does one turn treasonous rhetoric into millions? NOETICS…maybe if we ALL say our prayers every night faithfully that this obscene presence is removed from the White House our collective will WILL work a miracle, let us pray…

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