Pack Your Bags, Obama Family!

Well, it seems as though the honeymoon may be over. In an interview with Ann Curry of NBC’s Today Show, Obama stated that the first family approves of a one-term presidency. HOLD ON! Don’t break out the champagne just yet. Obama has not given up entirely, but he very well might be facing the facts that the American people may be tired of him pushing his liberal agenda rather than facing the problems of the nation.

He continually pushes his liberal agenda, ignoring the will of We The People, while the nation is in turmoil due to a declining economy. This has in turn led to the unemployment rate climbing out of control; this has caused many families to not only lose their means of support but also their homes. Still he pushes his liberal agenda, continuing to turn a deaf ear to We The People. While the backbone of this country struggles, the president passes the buck, blaming the past administration or even the technology that employees many of our citizens. Though I can agree to a certain extent with the president about the automation that many companies have applied to cut their overhead, the lack of attention Obama and other “leaders” (for lack of a better word) have given the worsening economy has done more damage than automation every dreamt of causing!

I know most of you have not known me very long but one thing people that know me will tell you is I am willing to admit when I am wrong or agree with one that I normally am at odds with. Obama stated

“They’re not invested in daddy being president or my husband being president”.

If that is the truth then I applaud the first family. It’s easy to look at the luxuries and privileges that the first family receives but we forget the problems that face the first family such as lack of time with the family.

(Alright, back to the soap box)

The hope of a one-term presidency has been the thing that many of us have held on to since the day Obama was inaugurated. One thing that kept running through my mind when listening to the interview was “is this just more smoke from the silver tongued devil to get us to let our guards down”.  With the way Obama can speak out of both sides of his mouth leaves me skeptical of the truth of many of his statements. He has proven time and again that he knows how to turn on the charm when it comes to an election or important vote for his agenda. Flash a big smile; say some pretty words and some will be charmed without seeing the ugly truth hiding behind the smile and pretty words.

I encourage you to look deep into what each candidate on both sides say before making your decision on whom to vote for.  “Silver tongued devils” are not exclusive to the Democratic party. We must look at the character of the candidates and what they have stood for in their past to determine who would be best to lead this great nation into the future.


For those of you that own firearms, train hard and well and teach those that do not know how. Be good stewards of the right to bear arms, for we are the last line of defense against tyranny.

-Benjamin Wallace



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