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NATO on Brink of Turning Libya into Ground War

United Nations FlagSpeaking at a security conference in Asia, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov voiced his displeasure that the United Nations resolution Russia supported may lead to a land operation.

Apache HelicopterWhile the U.N. resolution had provided protection from air attacks on Libyan rebels, the rebel groups have been ineffective in assaulting Gadhafi’s core troops. Early on Saturday, British and French attack helicopters had joined the battle to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power. A clear stretching of the resolution’s purpose of protecting Libyan citizens, it may be re-interpreted to allow the use of ground forces to finish what the U.N. started.

The Obama administration has apparently not committed attack helicopters  as it faces bi-partisan opposition to continued participation in the Libyan conflict. Ohio Democrat, Dennis Kucinich presented a resolution to force the withdrawal of American forces from Libya. Amendments to the measure have been added that would prevent the introduction of uniformed ground forces from the United States.

House GOP leadership has gone so far as to present an watered-down alternative. The GOP resolution demands that the administration submit a report to the House to explain why the United States is involved in Libya. It does not force any other action.

The GOP resolution has passed, Kucinich’s has not. The door is still open for President Obama to continue his campaign in Libya and perhaps interpret the U.N. statute to allow ground troops.


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  1. The problem with this whole fiasco is that the U.S. bombed them without direct provacation/attack against the U.S.- then Obama realised that we had to hide behind the NATO charter, which just happens to mandate that we can only attack a country if we ourselves have been attacked. ( or a NATO member has been attacked) As one frustrated foreign policy expert recently said, “This is a prime example of Mission Creep.” Mission creep it surely is, but we never had a clear, stated mission there in the first place, at least not one Congress or the people were told BEFORE we bombed Libya! And the media continues to give Obama a complete pass on this once again. Where is the anti-war outrage from the left? Crickets.

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