Heavy Heart For Weiner Replaced By Heartburn and Disgust

If you read my previous article, Weiner: Self Destruction by Pride and Arrogance, you may have mistaken my heavy heart as me feeling that Anthony Weiner was treated unfairly. If you read in the comments, I had a discussion with a reader that became a very healthy debate that I thoroughly enjoyed.

As the days have passed, more commentaries have been written and more information has come out regarding what it means for Mr. Weiner now that he has resigned, my heavy heart for him has turned to nothing but disgust.

Add to all of this, after reading, Weiner is his own wurst enemy, an article by one of my colleagues, I have a completely new perspective on this entire drama that has unfolded in plain view of the American public.

One of the main pieces of information that has come out after his resignation is the estimated amount of his pension. You can rest assured that the heavy heart I have and the tears I cry are most certainly not for Anthony Weiner, but instead for the American people. We have allowed our leaders to set up quite a nice pension plan for themselves when they leave their position, no matter how they leave that position. Our dear Mr. Weiner will receive upwards of $1 million is pension, even though he resigned amidst shameful- and possible illegal actions. $1 million dollars! That is just appalling!

In my previous article I discussed how it was a very rare occasion that I agree with Alan Colmes, but I had to agree with him that Anthony Weiner at least deserved the right to be able to resign without being heckled. Max, a CDN reader, made the point that this very well may be the only way his constituents could at least make sure he heard them. Through our discussion I told Max that he had a great point. It’s not just Anthony Weiner, but most all of our Congressional leaders who refuse to hear what We The People are saying. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I was wrong, and that these constituents had every right to make their voice heard in this situation.

Anthony Weiner chose to lie about the details of his circumstances from the very beginning. It wasn’t until he was backed into a corner and his own party was literally pushing him out, that he finally stood up and told the truth. I firmly believe that had the party leaders not pushed him he would have never resigned. His arrogance and pride are far to great for that!

Now, after having more time to think about the situation and after gleaning more information about his engorged pension- our tax dollars- I no longer can feel the slightest bit of sadness for him. That heaviness of heart has now turned to the most awful heartburn.

As a Christian I am still sad for him that this is his life, just as I am for any human being that gets caught up in the darkness of this world. Though it may not seem as though his consequences are just, in time it will catch up to him, just as things always catch up to all of us. The only real question is will he make things right here in his mortal life, and truly change his ways, or will his ultimate consequences catch up with him in the here-after? Only time will tell. For his sake, I truly pray it is in this life.

If Anthony Weiner is truly sorry for his actions, a great way to pay retribution to the American people is to forfeit his hefty pension. I know, that is laughable to even think it, much less suggest it! That will never happen!  And sadly, we have become so complacent that it will not phase us at all.


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