The ObaMartini: Made from Absolut Zero

Barack Obama is coming to Ground Zero – which is appropriate given his well-earned moniker – Zero. It isn’t by accident that the ObaMartini is made from Absolut Zero. And it wasn’t by accident that the president who preceded him turned down his invitation to attend the ceremony. After Obama’s anti-trump tirade at the White House Correspondents Dinner there wasn’t a chance in Hell that George W. Bush was going to share a podium with the Communist-In-Chief. Thank you sir! May I have another?

Obama is going to Ground Zero to bask in the glory of having the guts to kill a guy. Not bad for a Nobel Peace Prize winning community agitator from Chicago. Mission Accomplished! Or not. Osama bin Laden pictures. Or not. Bush did the heavy lifting and now Obama is going to claim all the glory. This from a man who dithering since last August over whether he should turn bin Laden into Shark food. Let’s be perfectly clear about something – Obama didn’t make the decision based upon military considerations. He made the decision based upon political considerations. And the longer he dithered the greater the chance that his dithering was going to get exposed in public and he would have been persona non grata at every voting precinct in the county dead voters included. His was not an act of political courage. His was an act of political cowardice. Doing the right thing for the wrong reason isn’t courageous – it’s just stupid pandering to one’s political base. If George Bush had ordered the attack just imagine the outcry from the left. Impeachment votes would already be readied in Congress. But because it is a community agitator who pulled the trigger, so to speak, the leftists are strangely quiet.

Aw, Barry needs a megaphone moment at Ground Zero. Keep milking that bull, Barry. There is only one thing America wants to know about your visit to Ground Zero. Will you be wearing your mom jeans?


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