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Surprise, Surprise, Gingrich Supports Obamacare

Newt Gingrich recently threw his hat in the ring officially as a 2012 Republican Presidential candidate in an announcement that really surprised no one. Newt is old guard GOP,and will have the major support of the RNC and big name RINO-Republicans from the moderate-progressive-entrenched big spenders who have helped drive America to the brink of financial collapse under the weight of trillion-dollar deficits. Just as the GOP no longer stands for the Grand Old Party of yesteryear due to the progressive cancer that has eaten the Democratic party of America alive today, we see an out front progressive statement supporting the stealth wealth redistribution inherent in Obama-Care coming from Newt Gingrich during a segment on NBC’s Meet The Press this past Sunday. NewsMax.com tells the entire story here ,  in which we see the following statements:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Sunday that he strongly supports a
federal mandate requiring citizens to buy health insurance – a position that has
been rejected by many Republicans, including several who likely will be running
against him for the Republican presidential nomination.

To mandate that everyone in America buy government-run health-care insurance, and then turn around and give the power to that same government to hand out “subsidies” to the people of their choice so that they get their health-care insurance paid for by the working class citizens and taxpayers is flat out wealth redistribution that is straight out of Liberal la-la land’s anti-capitalistic ideology. As far as a campaign tactic to win the 2012 Republican primaries, this is a ploy to beg for the moocher vote, the very people who lack the personal responsibility that is supposed to be a plank in conservative philosophy. To offer the lazy, non-producers of society health insurance that will be paid for by the taxpayers is to encourage everyone to stop working and get on the government dole AKA welfare. It is also taking wealth from one part of society and giving it to another in an attempt to buy votes. That is a form of stealth Socialism for the uninformed voters in America, period. If the working class sees welfare people driving Cadillacs while they are stuck in a Ford Pinto, this leads them to think that they too deserve that Cadillac for sitting on their rear ends and not working, which leads to the shrinking of the working class and the ballooning of the welfare class. That leads us to what we see today: $14.4 trillion dollars of national debt with no way to pay America’s bills. That is a very simple example of the failed Socialism that fake Democrats are selling America today. Newt Gingrich supports this cancerous Socialistic wealth redistribution, or so he said Sunday.

The issue of the federal government requiring all Americans, ( except the 1372 Obama crony-capitalists reported  here that do not have to participate) to purchase something from the incompetent, heavily indebted U.S. Government is a hot-button topic that must be addressed by every candidate for the 2012 Presidential Primary. In an apparent move to appease some of the moderate to leftist voters, Newt has jumped right out front here. He also jumps right out and proves his progressive RINO ideology to every single conservative voter in America, including Republicans, Libertarians, and common sense working Americans that are tired of their taxes being used to support the irresponsible, non-producing parasites of society. This is a huge statement by a supposed conservative candidate, considering that our Constitution declares it illegal to force Americans to buy a product, no matter what the Senior Fellows and Socialist academics in media want to tell everyone.  So now Newt doesn’t feel that our Constitutional rights should be protected at all costs? Maybe Newt is as outdated and out of touch with Americans today as the Liberal Socialists say our Constitution is, while they try to say it should be ignored ?

I,m betting there will be a lot of America- loving and Constitution  supporting voters across America who will be ignoring Newt Gingrich in 2012.  So much for Newt distancing himself from the out-of-touch progressive old guard GOP that I suggested he would have to do here to beat Obama in 2012.

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