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Spending Cuts, Tax Increases or a Plan to Rescue America from Herself

Over the course of the past few months, since the beginning of the 112th Congress, much has been said on both sides of the aisle about the need for “fiscal discipline”, but very little has really been done to address the nation’s dire situation.

The House did pass H.R. 1 shortly after being sworn into office.  This bill proposed 60 Billion Dollars in real cuts to the bloated budget, however, it was really only intended to be a show piece by the Republican Party.  They knew that this bill would be dead on arrival in the United States Senate because Democrats had already gone on record saying that this bill takes a meat cleaver to entitlements, otherwise known as the Democratic Vote Making machine.   Democrats propose that these programs don’t need to be cut.  That would be heartless, after all.  They simply want to raise taxes on those they consider “rich”.  After that, they want to tax some more while embracing more symbolic, less “draconian” cuts.

That leaves the American public with both sides simply playing politics to make it look like they’re going to protect their respective “bases”.  Democrats won’t let the evil Republicans cut entitlements, and Republicans won’t let the unholy Democrats raise any taxes.  All of this is lip service to prove that these elected officials listened to their voters in the last election.  The reality is they didn’t.  They simply are trying to make it look like they did.

This is the biggest, most vexing problem of the American political system.   The hard truth is that it’s collectively the fault of all the American people.  As a nation, we’re all so ill informed on the issues and the real State of the Union, that both political parties can play their usual partisan games.  Those in tune with politics usually buy, hook, line and sinker, the usual partisan lines, choosing to believe whatever is pleasing to the ears, while the rest of the American public is more concerned with Survivor, American Idol, Jersey Shore, or some other clap-trap “Reality” show to even know the first thing about what’s actually going on in this country.

This lets the politicians off the hook to continue to play their games of placation and obfuscation.  Elected officials from both parties just keep kicking the can down the road with the fervent hope that the real problems happen after their generation has passed on.  Unfortunately, time appears to be running out more rapidly than these politicians’ lifespan and America’s chickens are coming home to roost, as Reverend Wright once said.

That leaves those of us who care with two options.  Either we do nothing, and let the chips fall where they may, or try, perhaps in vein, to awaken that American spirit and get the real message out there in the hopes that this country can be saved before it’s too late.  For those that choose the former, stop reading now.  Everyone else, keep on reading.

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet to solve America’s ills, but the answer still lies with We, the PEOPLE.  Our mission, as Americans interested in the preservation of the Republic is to start informing as many people as possible.  They may not like the message, but we would be negligent in our obligations if we didn’t spread the word.

There is an uphill battle ahead of us.  In the Bible, Paul tells us there will be a time when people will not put up with truth, but, rather, they will surround themselves with “teachers” who simply say the things their itching ears want to hear (2 Tim. 4:3).  Clearly, Paul was speaking of Spiritual things, but truth is truth, and this truth can be applied to the American public en masse.  So, in essence, the goal here is to help people who don’t even realize they actually need help.  This is a major undertaking, to say the least.

First, it is most important that the truth be proclaimed boldly, and to anyone who will hear it.  The time for political gamesmanship is over.  There is no longer the luxury of time to slowly bring about the education that needs to happen.  This is a cram-course and we are the teachers.  There is a test every day, and there is no points given for effort.  The only thing that matters is results.  People need to hear and the message needs to spread like a virus.  That’s leads right in to the second point; The Internet.

At no other point in human history has there been a tool as valuable and as dangerous as the Internet, specifically, the World Wide Web.  This wonder of modern technology has single-handedly transformed the world in its short 18 year lifespan.  It has given a voice to all of us, and provided us with places like this site to share our views and ideas.  Now’s the time to make sure those ideas are heard.  Tell everyone you know, both in real life and in the digital world.  Let’s get the message out.

Thirdly, we need to counter the media at every turn.  They have money, time, and resources we don’t have, but we have numbers they don’t have.  Every time a member of the media attempts to spread a lie, it is imperative that they are countered as quickly as possible, in as many places as possible, and as loudly as possible.  Again, the time for so-called political civility is over.

Finally, we need stronger candidates.  The current crop of “conservative” candidates is laughable, at best.  Sure, one of them might be able to beat President Obama in 2012, but that doesn’t mean that he or she is going to be a good President or lead our country in the direction of true conservatism.  This obsession with picking candidates from the economic or political establishment has got to stop.  We need to pick candidates based on their character and their ideals, not on their political stature or on how thick their wallet is.  It is time to quit acquiescing to the false choices we are given in every primary and work strongly to draft candidates, not just for the White House, but other offices too that agree with the ideals that we have.

So, America, we have a choice. We can continue to do nothing, be quiet, choose the candidates that have been prescreened for our protection, and believe that their proposed cuts or tax increases will actually matter.  Or, we can pick up our bull horns, head to ground zero and tell the politicians that the game is over, Americans are learning, and if they don’t start taking things seriously with the responsibility that we have given them, then they  will hear all of us soon.  And they certainly will not like what they hear.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Excellent article! It almost leads me to believe we need a real TeaParty candidate to run in 2012. A person of good solid character whom we can trust to not fall into the trap of the 2-party machine of corruption and big government. This also is why Ron Paul is now garnering more support today.I could see many conservatives supporting Ron Paul over old guard RINO-Republican Mitt Romney very easily here. You make the excellent point of countering the leftist and RINO media propaganda at every chance we get, and as soon as we can, which is the exact reason I dedicate time writing here at CDN. I hope lots of Americans read this article!

    1. Thanks, Daniel, I’m currently working on an article about third parites. I like Ron Paul’s ideas on a lot of issues, but I think he has too many negatives to ever win the GOP nomination, not to mention he’s getting a little long in the tooth. However, his ideas aren’t linked to just him, so there still is hope that someone with many of his views and a few more traditional views to enter this race and shake things up.

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