Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Personal Life is Not a Healthy Topic of Conversation.

Men fall.
Women fall.
This isn’t news, really.
If it is news, we’d have thousands and thousands of daily articles depicting the indiscretions of normal every-day-Joes and Joanies.  Americans just can’t keep their noses out of celebrities’ private lives.  We give them much too credence, and we give their words much too much influence in our own thought processes. 
Sometimes it seems like we are sailboats and the only wind that directs us is their opinion. How does this make any sense?
Winds of Influence
Take the Public Service Announcement as an example.
It is nothing more than a commercial wherein an actor or an actress reads a script so that all of America will be informed of an issue. If someone is going to talk to me about a serious issue, then I want it to be the person who has given their life to fight the problem.  Not an actor. Not an actress.
Of course, we all, as Americans, have a voice and are permitted (for now anyway) to lend our opinion and to share our views with others so that many can be given food for thought and discuss opposing viewpoints with the objective in growing in understanding and making this nation better every day.
We err, though, when we look at a beautiful or a plain person who has much power, and we place them on a pedestal that says they KNOW MORE than we do or THINK MORE CLEARLY than we do.  We err against ourselves when we do that.
Beloved friends, this ought not be so.
Recently – Santana voiced his opinion to Georgia’s more recent law in regards to immigration.
He didn’t do it during an interview because someone asked his opinion. He did this in front of a very large crowd and it was done in poor taste. When one is invited as an honored guest, one does not use the public platform given them to slam the invitees in a “shame on you” tirade.  There is a time and a place for everything.
I would also like to point out that Mr. Santana made no reference to the illegal aliens that cross the border who are not janitors and baby-sitters.  He conveniently forgets that terrorists flood over our borders and are setting up tiny cells all over our nation.
He is Latino. He cares for his people. I can understand that, I care for mine too, but not so much that I wish for the detriment to my own nation. He was unable to be impartial. His opinion, while worthy of sharing, was not objective; therefore, it can do more harm than good as it spreads across the country, and it will.
It will go further than we can imagine because it was given from a heart of passion and pain.  Americans love drama more than reality.
We can see from this latest fiasco, our media has given Arnold Schwarzenegger’s behavior too much importance.  These are actions took place before his role as Governor.  He is no longer the Governor.  This isn’t news.  It is gossip. 
I have no respect for the media outlets that are giving it air time when so many other things demand our attention today.  Child Trafficking is on the rise. The pro-life camp just lost a major battle with Obama’s refusal to sign into legislation a law insisting that a medical professional nurture a child born alive during a botched abortion. This act alone has reduced the value of human life to below that of the sea turtle, whose eggs are nurtured, and protected by law.
You have a country that needs you. There are men, women, and children’s lives hanging in the balance in this nation. We are on a precipice – teetering back and forth. An election is coming up that will determine our new or continued direction.  Do not allow your minds to be consumed with mindless critical thoughts that will do more harm than good when your nation needs you to be involved in more weighty matters. The words you speak have influence.
Would you would be like the farmer who wastes time by planting sickly seeds in an uneven furrow.  Can you picture him? There he is, plowing his field with his eyes wandering the countryside at every interesting distraction, instead of remaining focused on his goal. 
At the end of the row, he looks back – not to see a furrow with a straight line – but one that zig-zagged.  His unhealthy seeds germinate in a badly plowed field and the wasted time and effort result in a sickly harvest, that will nourish no one.  Survival hinges on a good harvest, does it not?
What seeds are you planting as you discuss current events with your peers?
Sickly seeds of slander?  How do your furrows look? What are you focused on?
What will your crop consist of come harvest time?
Healthy and Sickly Crops

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  1. Santana does not represent a national political party as Arnold does. Words and actions speak about a persons’ true character. If you cheat on your wife, you can be expected to be untrue in other aspects of life. like telling people what you will do when elected to public office, and lying about it. This is a trust-based relationship,as marriage and poltitics both are.Without trust, you have no relationship. I personally did not dwell on the sensalationism of him cheating on his wife and fathering a child out of wedlock mainly because he is no longer a public elected official.Would he run for office ever again in his lifetime, his cheating, dishonest lifestyle needs to be brought to the forefront of the conservation, IMHO. His words are now proven to be empty and worthless, just like the words of pledged fidelity he spoke of, when taking his marriage vows.

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