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Point Your Finger at Me All You Want, Harry Reid!

It is not very often that I can actually say I agree with Harry Reid. In fact, right off the top of my head, I cannot recall ever saying the words, “Harry Reid is right!” I guess it is true- there is always a first time for everything!

Harry Reid is “disappointed” that the Tea Party Republicans are preventing a “solution on a long-term budget”. My message to the Tea Party Republicans is this: “DO NOT COMPROMISE!”

On “Fox & Friends” this morning, Peter Johnson, Jr. said something that hit the nail on the head!
To paraphrase him, he said: Washington leaders have comprised so much over the years that it Washington (Congress) has become compromised.

This is true for both parties, all presidents!

Yes, I know that you have to compromise on some things. But when you are not responsible in your compromises you lose your credibility. There has to be some accountability in Washington! We The People voted in Tea Party Republicans to bring some accountability to the system, and if they compromise, we will be more than happy to compromise their leadership position and vote them out!

Harry Reid warned the “established” Republicans that they needed to “ditch” the Tea Party or face government shutdown.

We the People of the Tea Party have a warning of our own to Washington- Republicans and Democrats! We WILL NOT back down! The government can shut down! In fact, that would be completely fine with me! Now that we are talking about shutting the government down, what do you say we just clean house? If they cannot come to a resolution on the National Budget where CONSIDERABLE cuts are made, then they are not cut out for the job they have been entrusted with!

So, keep on, Harry Reid! Point your finger at me all you want! Since the President wants to tell everyone to “act like grownups” in planning the National Budget he needs to take a look at himself and his party. Grownups have to make hard decisions! If we do not have the funds in our household budget we have to make budget cuts. REAL grownups realize this!

In reality, the budget cuts that are being proposed by the Republicans are not nearly enough. It is a mere drop in the bucket to what is necessary. My husband put it in terms I could better understand. The amount of money that is being cut in the proposal essentially eliminates nine days- yes, 9 whole days- from the entire year’s budget! Last month, the Federal Government spent approximately $8 trillion. This averages out to approximately $4 billion a day. Now, I say approximately, because honestly, my mind cannot even fathom what that looks like!

To make sure I had my fact straight, I looked up what this would be written out in numbers. So, in numbers, the Federal government spends approximately $8,000,000,000,000 a month! This means in a day, the Federal government spends approximately $4,000,000,000.

While I would like to get my fact straight for my readers, seeing this written out still does not help me with the enormity of this number. But I would be willing to bet that I am no different than most of the leaders in Washington- and I am not a betting person! I am sure for someone like Harry Reid or most of the other elected officials in Washington this is just a number written on paper that means absolutely nothing to them.

We have been told with the “facts and figures” used for Obamacare that the CBO simply threw out numbers they were given. They did not look at the numbers objectively. This proves that numbers mean absolutely nothing to Washington. As long as they can pull the wool over the eyes of the majority of the citizens they are ok.

I may not be able to balance a budget with that many zeros, but I can assure you one thing- as a grownup I know that if I do not have the money to spend, it has to be cut. Period! This is the RESPONSBILE thing to do!

So, now, Mr. President- it’s time for YOU and ALL the other elected leaders in Washington to ACT like grownups! Be responsible! If not, then all of Washington can shut down! It makes no difference to me! It’s obvious that Washington “up and running” is not solving the problems our nation faces, so let’s try something different for a change! Whatdayasay, Mr. President? Mr. Reid? Are you ready to act like grownups yet?

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Rich Mitchell

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