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My Favorite Democrat is a True American Patriot

Pictured at left is Representative Dennis Kucinich. ( D-OH ) Mr. Kucinich was born on Oct. 8th, 1946, and has been serving in Congress since 1997.  He was a candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for President of the United States  in both 2004 and 2008. While this independant writer is staunchly opposed to today’s dangerous nanny-state Liberal agenda and Mr. Kucinich’s seemingly far left leaning ideology, I can not deny his recent support of our Constitutional laws and support for our Founding Father’s basis for building our Republic in his recent speech. Keep in mind that his recent bombardment and harsh criticism of President Obama’s illegal war in Libya could also be a ploy that points to Kucinich plotting for another run at the Democratic nomination for the Presidential election in 2012. He has also ran twice already, and maybe he thinks the third time will be the charm, especially seeing as to how far Obama’s approval ratings have fallen today.

Every once in a blue moon some real truth comes out of a politician’s mouth, and regardless of the motive, it still it bears paying attention to today. While media propagandists and career political hacks alike try to deny the illegality of Obama’s engagement in war with Libya today, Mr. Kucinich lays out the facts about the Libyan civil war Obama has engaged the U.S. military in, and also makes a very well-defined case for what I would call a demand for impeachment hearings  immediately. Take the time to watch this entire speech on the House floor, and you will see some stark contradictions to the falsehoods being promoted in today’s media about the now-termed Kinetic Military Action in Libya.

Not lost in my approval for Mr. Kucinich’s stand against Obama’s war in Libya, is the fact that he is an anti-war zealot, no matter what the situation is, or how America’s National security is threatened. War is hell, yes, but is is also necessary, as history has proven.  Mr. Kucinich also is a career politician, who has been on the taxpayer dole since the tender age of 21. Maybe actually working for a living would have given this man a little more respect for the capitalism that has afforded Americans their freedoms and prosperity for centuries. Taking all of that into account, one can not deny the facts about the illegal Libyan war that Mr. Kucinich shines some sunlight on in his recent floor speech.  Motives aside, Mr. Kucinich lays out all the facts brilliantly here, about how the U.S. Constitution makes it illegal for the President to wage war on another country that hasn’t attackes us, or poses an imminent danger to our security.  He also shes some light on the facts that before this war even started, it appears that the Obama administration and his appointees had been planning this action ahead of time,and without informing the American people.

I call Mr. Kucinich a true Patriot for defending the Constitution and rule of law in America today. He obviously has a brilliant mind that shows he is capable of understanding the complete picture of the illegal U.S. involvement in the Libyan war of today. It is such a waste that he missed out on understanding our Capitalistic system, and the values of hard work to get what a person wants today early on in his life through actually having to work for a living, instead of  spending over 4 decades sucking on the taxpayers wallets. Had he done that, he might be known today as a true old-fashioned Democratic champion for the working man, instead of the Socialistic Liberal wealth redistributor that he has become.

It is very easy to give other people’s money away to make yourself look like a hero, especially when you have spent your whole life as nothing more than a big-spending, tax dollar sucking politician. Mr. Kucinich has certainly come out with a dandy of a seemingly totally Patriotic speech here, yet is the fact that he is basically an anti-American, anti-capitalism Liberal the other 99% of the time that says he will never get my vote for anything, let alone for President of  The United States of America.

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