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Government Shutdown Rhetoric Contains Major Fearmongering

Friday night at midnight, the U.S. Government will be effectively shutdown, babies will starve to death and Senior citizens will be lined up and shot to death in the public square by firing squads made up of Republican politicians.  While this may seem like a far-fetched scenario,  this is the main theme from Democrats that refuse to even attempt to come to a reasonable solution in the current budget debate. Keep in mind that Republicans have offered several different budget proposals, while we have yet to see anything substantial put down on paper from the Democratic side of the aisle. Big bloated, redundant, wasteful and fraudulent government programs must not be touched, to hear the Democrats tell it.

I recently called attention to the recent GOP Budget plan for 2012 that compares Obama’s proposed $9 trillion in more irresponsible spending and debt to Paul Ryan’s $6.2 trillion in cuts proposal here. We are fast approaching $15 trillion in national debt people, our world credit rating is about to fall, states are facing bankruptcy, and Democrats want to just keep right on spending us into financial Armageddon !

When looking into the effects that a federal Government shutdown would have on States, we see one glaring fact: States already in the worst financial condition would suffer the worst almost immediately. I consider this as a great reason  to shut the government down, if nothing else it will teach these states some fiscal responsibility.  Also of note is the fact that the states in the worst financial condition are mostly the blue Democratically controlled nanny states, as noted in the N.Y.Times :

“The impact of a short federal shutdown would be minimal, the association wrote in a recent briefing paper. A longer shutdown could pose problems. Even if many of the potential fiscal effects are relatively small, they could create cash-flow problems for some states already operating on tight budgets. (emphasis mine)

Illinois, for example, is currently trying to pay off a $4.5 billion backlog of bills to vendors going back to October. Bradley C. Hahn, a spokesman for the Illinois comptroller, Judy Baar Topinka, said, “A shutdown would be particularly devastating for states like ours that have no margins to cover the costs.”

Illinois also happens to be the home state of our community organizer in chief, Barack Hussein Obama, and this is very indicative of his Socialist policies that are included right in his very own bloated budget proposal.  This is the main reason we see the Democrats so opposed to cutting any government programs, as those same programs are basically  federal wealth redistribution to liberal nanny states.

UnionLaborReport.com has assembled a great report so that we can get a feeling for just how bad the budget mess is in every state of the union.

Here are just some of the findings:

Worst 10 States Total Unfunded Liabilities Debt Load:

California= $121,955,498,000
New Jersey= $103,334,055,000
Illinois= $94,330,617,000
Michigan= $51,393,100,000
Ohio= $46,537,804,000
New York= $45,858,000,000
Texas= $42,392,812,000
Massachusetts= $36,791,052,000
North Carolina= $29,246,320,000
Alabama= $24,778,329,000

Read more: https://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/publius-forum/2011/04/top-worst-state-budgets-unions-have-put-every-states-budget-in-the-hole.html#ixzz1IquVfoc5

What do the majority of the above listed states have in common? Most are controlled by Democrats, with the exception of Texas, whom has a more realistic way of dealing with their budget every year. Unions are also predominant in those states, and that is how the Democrats stay in power in them. Democrats give them lavish salaries and benefits beyond what the states can afford, and the Unions in return buy the votes and campaign ads for them and also supply the get out the vote manpower to keep them in power.  Shut the government down for several weeks, and let these parasitic nanny states pay the price. Sure it will effect the rest of the states to some degree, but that will let the public see just how responsible states can operate without the federal bloated bureaucracy sucking the life out of them.
Fiscally responsible red states will continue to operate for the most part under a government shutdown.  The main agenda behind the democratic fear-mongering about babies starving and seniors dying if the government does shut down is pretty simple: Democrats are scared to death that it will expose exactly which states are sucking on the federal wealth redistribution pipeline the most, and the fact that this is where the Democrats derive their power base.  That will show the people the truth about the Democratic party of today, and how they are behind the big government expansion that has us approaching $15 trillion dollars in debt today. This is also why the Democrats failed to produce a budget last year, as those numbers would expose the truth about their last 4 years of controlling both Houses of Congress and the irresponsiblespending that occurred under their regime. All essential personnel will still be working during a shutdown. Just who is deemed essential will be determined in large part by the President. That puts him on the hottest seat of all, thus he is calling for the budget problem to be resolved.
Either install some fiscal sanity, or shut the government down and let the truth be told about which states are irresponsible spenders that won’t be able to survive very long if the federal government shuts down. That fact is already proven right here in this article. The Democratic nanny states will be in big trouble without the federal wealth redistribution of tax dollars, and will be hit the hardest. Serves them, and the ignorant voters who keep them in power, right!  I believe that would also come under the heading of true “social justice.”

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