There is actually a naïve group of people out there in La-La Land who believe that all human beings should be able to just ‘get along.’ Obviously these ignorant dreamers do not know their history. These dream-weavers have spent too much time listening to their hybrid Ghandi/Timothy Leary/John Lennon/Bono influenced leaders/teachers. What these naïve hopers of world peace can’t accept is the fact that people are different. Different because of differing ideologies; social, economic, political and religious ideologies. I too am in favor of peace—real peace! But I have enough brains to know that any nation or people that want to wipe America and Israel off the face of the earth cannot be really trusted to keep their peace agreements. As prove of my theory, I would encourage anyone who doubts me to take their hopey/changey ‘why can’t we all just get along’ peace dream to the middle of some fundamental Islamic nation and encourage them to be more tolerate, more yielding to Western Democracy. I will give you about two hours before you’re arrested or killed.

I shake my head in bewilderment every time I see the bumper sticker which asks, “Why can’t we all just get along.” I’m sure the owner of this bumper sticker would probably have a different political view—at least a differing public one–if they lived in Outer Mongolia during the viscous days of Genghis Khan, or under the violent rule of an ungodly Roman Caesar, or during the blood-thirsty, animalistic SS butchers days of Adolf Hitler.

The reality is there are a lot of people I do not want to get along with. I refuse to casually share a beer with people who baby murderers and rapists. I do not want to live next-door to religious nuts that have no problem using innocent women and children as bomb deliverers. I do not want to be buddy, buddy with people who believe big government is the answer to our social and economic ills. I have no desire to get all kissy and huggy with those people who think that I should pay higher taxes so they can have better retirement benefits. I definitely do not want to be in the same room with anyone who thinks it’s okay to murder innocent babies. And I definitely do not want my kids playing in the yard of one of America’s thousands of free-roaming neighborhood registered sex offenders. I could go on and on with people I do not want to hang with. People I consider willfully stupid.

Purposely wrong. Some are so wrong that I would consider them evil. Remember, light and dark don’t like each other. Good and evil are the same way–they are opposites. Do not tell me you’re my buddy if you put your own selfish desires above what’s good for the entire state or nation. You and I do not see eye-to-eye if you believe it’s a good thing to spend tax-payers money, or for that matter anyone’s money to buy needles for drug addicts, condemns for sexually diseased and/or sexually promiscuous people or assist ‘artists’ complete disgusting things in the name of art.


Like we haven’t already tried that a million and one times! I love meeting the uninformed, ignorant, college-educated liberal who tries to tell me war never solved anything. Obviously any educated person who believes that war played no good part in shaping history was taught history out of the auto-biography of the Three Stooges. I kindly (usually kindly) remind these liberal air-heads when I meet them that the only reason American’s are not speaking (evil empire) German or Japanese and living under an (evil empire) German or Japanese flag is because of war. War has helped to end fascism, communism, socialism, slavery, and barbarism. Hopefully we will get a chance to use it to eliminate fanatical Islamic nuts. America herself is a free nation, full of free people because American patriots were willing to give up their peaceful home life or peaceful farm life and go to war.

I also shake my head in bewilderment whenever I see the bumper stickers like:

Coexist bumper stickerThe C is the symbol for Islam: The C symbol hates the X T and O symbols—and is not afraid to prove it by blowing X, and T up with bombs—even using innocent women and children to do it.

The O is the symbol for peace: The O symbol isn’t even a remote possibility as long as C and J and C and T symbols live next to each other. Also, the O symbol has been tried over and over again in all the other symbols. It didn’t take!

The E is the symbol for males/females: And unfortunately, the curse doesn’t even allow the two parts of the E symbol to get along without God’s help. And the female part of the E symbol lives most times as a doormat for the men of the C, X and T symbols.

The X is the symbol for Judaism: The C symbol doesn’t even believe there is an X symbol and would love nothing better than to completely wipe the X and the T symbol off the map and off this bumper sticker too.
The I is dotted with a Wiccan Pentangle: It doesn’t take a nuclear scientist to figure out that the C, X, S and T symbols believe the I symbol is evil. (‘Good’ witch? Yeah right!) No chance of peace here. Anyone who believes Mother Earth living in my Walnut Trees out back doesn’t real have much of a chance of being taken seriously by C, E, X, S or T.

The S is the symbol for the yin-yang or Confucianism; All one has to say is that S Followers are believers in a YIN and YANG and the symbols C, E, X, I and T are going to think the S symbol is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Here’s one of the teachings of S: To learn and from time to time to apply what one has learned, isn’t that a pleasure? Deep? Not! Oh, by the way, the leader of S believed war was necessary in order to preserve justice. Sounds like an American Patriot to me.

The T is the symbol for Christianity: The T symbol has tried numerous times to reach the C, E, X, I, and S symbols. Sometimes in unrighteous ways—Crusades. Other times by the Creator of peace Himself. But even the Creator could not bring peace to most of C, E, X, S, I and T. In fact, the people of the X symbol rejected Him enough to kill Him—a man who came in peace. The symbol C, X and I believe the T symbol is mostly a fairytale.


In Wisconsin, a majority of voters legally elected a majority of politicians to fix our state’s budget woes—without raising taxes. So a majority of legally elected politicians attempted to do just that. Unfortunately, those who lost the election—losers, were not willing to go along with the decisions of the majority. So the losers yelled. Then the losers stamped their feet. Then these loser elected politicians ran away. They losers ran so they would not have to do their job. The losers ran so they did not have to get along with the politicians they did not agree with. Then the losers ran and called those people they do get along with—out of state union thugs—for advice. The losers knew the union leaders would help them. These cowardly politicians did not want to get along with Wisconsin voters, but they had no problem getting along with their out of state union buddies. So being the peacemakers that they are, the majority tried to work with the anti-peaceful losers who fled, but the losers who fled were not willing to go along with the peacemakers. So the majority worked and thought, and worked and thought, and then legally passed a law to help our state financially. And still the losers who fled the state stayed away. Worse yet the losers whined and stamped their feet some more. These fleeing losers showed they did not want to be at peace with the majority of Wisconsin tax-payers, or Wisconsin’s majority elected politicians. These deserters did not like the new law which benefited all Wisconsinites. Whaa! So the cried.  Then what did the whiny wittle babies do to show they were not willing to get along with the majority rule? They found a dirty judge who loves whiny wittle babies. And this dirty judge decides she too does not like what the majority of legally elected politicians did, and decides to become a whiny wittle baby herself. This judge sure was not willing to get along with the majority was she? This judge really didn’t have the majority of Wisconsin Tax-payers on her mind when making her decision. Did this fair-minded judge decide peace was best for Wisconsin? No! What’s really disgusting is that this dirty judge is not ruling against Walker’s bill because it is some horrendously evil, anti-human, anti-breathing tax bill. This dirty judge simply did not like how the bill was passed. Once again, another (bad) example of a liberal judge not only ignoring the votes of the majority, but also taking it upon herself to tell the legislative branch of government how to do their job!

People, it is things like these which clearly show why all humans will never get along. There are many of us who are not afraid to call murdering religious zealots evil. And then there are those who believe these type of people are good people. There are many of us who recognize people like Nero, Adolf Hitler, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Carl Marx, Joseph Stalin, etc. are evil. And then there are those who loved these men. They speak well of them in their universities. There are those of us who appreciate the soldier who is willing to give it all so I and others can be free. And then there are those who hate the soldier for what he does. Yes, there are definitely people, on planet earth that I will never get along with.

There are too many of us who care more about doing what’s best for everyone, and not just doing what’s best to get a vote. There are too many of us who plainly see that socialism never works—no matter how good the intentions. There are many of us who believe it’s wrong to throw babies in the garbage can like a piece of rotten meat. There are many of us who see right is good and bad is wrong. There are many of us who walk in the light trying to expose the deeds of darkness. I thank God that He created both good and evil—light and dark. And I thank God more that He gave us humans the freewill to choose what side we want to be on. Lord help us all to stay strong in the Light; the darkness is getting stronger.

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