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As far as a common sense true American Patriot and successful businessman goes, possible 2012 Presidential candidate Herman Cain has to be near top of the true conservative voters wish list. According to Mr. Cain’s website, he has now formed a Presidential exploratory committee.

Personal Information


(from answers.com*)

Born Herman Cain, December 13, 1945, in Memphis, TN; son of Luther and Lenora Cain; married Gloria Cain; children: Melanie and Vincent.
Education: Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA, B.S., 1967; Purdue University, Lafayette, IN, M.A., computer science, 1971.
Memberships: Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 1992; president, National Restaurant Association, 1994-95; board member, Creighton University, 1989-; board member, Super Valu, Inc., 1990-; board member, Utilicorp United Inc., 1992-; board member, Whirlpool Corp., 1992; member, Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission established by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole.

The Pillsbury Company, Minneapolis, MN, vice president/corporate systems and services, 1977-82; Burger King Corporation, Philadelphia, PA, regional vice president, 1982-86; Godfather’s Pizza Inc., Omaha, NE, president, 1986-88, president/CEO, 1988–.

Conservative credentials or liberal RINO?

Back in the 90’s when Cain ran for the U. S. Senate, he was quoted by several groups at spofga.org** where we see the following things:

Herman Cain. He has served as the CEO of Godfather Pizza. He also has been endorsed by Georgia Right to Life. Herman Cain has identified himself with conservative causes. As a speaker, he articulates conservative values very well. Herman Cain has also made the cause of civil rights a major issue. Herman Cain favors Federal Government intervention in the work place on the behalf of blacks and minorities. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herman Cain issued a glowing statement commemorating the Civil Rights Act of 1964, read it on his web site www.cainforussenate.org.

Government intervention in the workplace for blacks and minorities is proving to be unfair and problematic to businesses today, and is being used mainly by liberals to enhance their voting base.  This could explain why Cain tries to avoid showing his true colors on social issues so far.

From the same article referencing Cain’s lack of conservative creds in the late 90’s** we see this troubling statement:

“He wasn’t in favor of doing away with affirmative-action programs that treat one class of people special and discriminate against another class of people, so what WOULD happen if a bill was introduced in Congress on that issue? Hmmmmmm..”

Mr. Cain wanted  to run against GWB in 1999, and when his own run against Bush fizzled, Cain endorsed Steve Forbes, who was (and, likely, still is) known to be quite moderate on the abortion issue and continued his anti-Bush campaign, saying that by electing Bush, Republicans will have “shortchanged ourselves as a party.” (Source: Conservative News Service, July 1, 1999) Statements like these could show Cain to be kind of a renegade against the old guard GOP of today, which could enhance his Teaparty creds, but at what expense would this come to towards his GOP creds in looking for any RNC support? For a person who has been very politically active and worked in various positions with such GOP heavyweights as Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole, Mr. Cain has never won an election in his life. He failed in a 2004 Senate run back in Georgia in his only real campaign.  When people try to separate the fiscal conservative issues from the social issues, as Cain does, they are basically in denial of the fact that social issues can have a  dramatic effect on fiscal issues. For example, welfare will cost us over $10 trillion dollars under Obama’s tenure. ***   That is the cost of producing a nanny state, directly the result of Liberals and GOP Rino’s irresponsibility. No wonder Mr. Cain avoids discussing the social issues today.

Mr. Cain has an interesting, seemingly libertarian, anti-governmental view on energy with this recent statement:  ” We have a path to energy independence in this country and it just baffles me as to why the leadership of either party in Congress or the White House doesn’t pursue it,” said Cain. “We simply need to remove the regulatory barriers and stop overreacting to the concerns of the environmentalists.”  That could also qualify as a decent conservative view, if it was further explained as to exactly how we would completely remove the government from our energy sector.

Mr. Cain presents a confusing collage of ideologies, part Libertarian, part liberal, part Conservative. While his views on energy independence and government regulation shade him towards the Libertarian and Conservative platforms, his thoughts on government intrusion in matters of social justice put him firmly at odds with both Libertarians and Conservatives. Perhaps these are some of the reasons Mr. Cain has yet to win any election he’s run in. Mr. Cain is a very natural speaker, who uses a decent platform of delivering the coveted smaller government message to the grassroots movement of the Teaparty. His lack of political experience seems to be considered both a plus by the Teaparty and a huge negative by the longtime GOP operatives that think they know how to win elections. Take note that the GOP failed miserably against a Jr. Senator from the far left with zero credibility in any area of politics or business, one  Barack Hussein Obama.

Mr. Cain would certainly make  some great media clips if he follows through with a Presidential primary campaign in 2012, and you can sure bet that many of the establishment, big name, big spending Rinos in the GOP  do not want to square off against Cain in any Primary debates.In the end, I look for Cain to drop out early, after accepting a deal to support another candidate for *further considerations or appointments*. Using my own formula of common sense, plus political research, conservative rating system, I give Mr. Cain a 46% rating.

On The Web
Official Herman Cain Campaign Website
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April 4th, 2011
Exclusive Newsmax interview with Herman Cain  here:
Mr. Cain has moved up in some recent polls for the 2012 elections, and here we can see why, as he articulates why America needs a ” proven problem solver ” instead of just another GOP career politician to lead America.

Cain has officially announced his candidacy:
Herman Cain Announces Presidential Run in Atlanta


* Answers.com
** Spofga.org
*** Heritage.org

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  1. Unfortunately it’s hard for me to find a candidate that is aligned with all my views and if I did that candidate would probably be unelectable. I’d like to hear more about what you think Herman Cain’s liberal leanings are exactly.

  2. Hello Again Andi, nice to see you here.

    His liberal leanings are printed right in the article above.

    “He wasn’t in favor of doing away with affirmative-action programs that treat one class of people special and discriminate against another class of people, so what WOULD happen if a bill was introduced in Congress on that issue? Hmmmmmm..” That is my block quote, and is further explained in the article.

    IMO NO candidate is unelectable, just look at OBAMA That is all misperception. I shall get behind the best conservative candidate that I see , and then I will settle for the conservative who wins the Primaries.The hell with the socialist agenda of the looney leftists. This isn’t Europe or Africa here it is America the land of the free, give me someone who is a true blue American first off. Someone who has actually accomplished things in life besides politics. I like Cain, BTW, but anyone with a hint of scoial justic scam ideology of preferential treatment for one race of people over another will NEVER get my vote for nothing. At the basis of Socialism/Marxism is wealth redistribution- to one group of people from another. Everyone should get off their asses and work for a living, teach your kids personal responsibility from the get go, and do away with the pathetic welfare nanny state mentality totally. Actions have consequences, and if people are lazy all their lives sitting around collecting welfare, then they deserve to live in poverty, period.Our work force is shrinking and the folks on the government dole of one kind or another have increased tremendously in the last 5 years- 4 of Dem rule in Congress and 2 years of the Marxist-Socialism pimp in the Whitehouse.

    I am to the point where I will write in a candidate before I will EVER vote for someone with liberal leanings like the Social Justice fraud mantra of today that is ruining America. Right now? Tim Pawlenty is my choice, whether the propagandists call him unelectable or not. I am an independant thinker, I do my research and make informed decisions the best as I can. Cain’s libertarian leanings are also explained here. I agree with him to get gov’t the hell out of our energy sector, 100%.
    Thanks again Andi

  3. You are never going to find a candidate that you will agree with on all the issues 100% of the time.
    Supporting Affirmative Action is a liberal ideology? SInce when?
    You can disagree with AA or agree with it-i don’t know how this proves Mr Cain is a liberal.
    Sorry,Herman Cain is the best candidate i’ve seen in a long time and he can beat Obama.He’s got my vote.
    Lame article.

    1. My how nice and civil of you to call an article lame when it is 100% fact-based with direct quotes from Mr. Cain himself. What part of conservatism or constitional law supports the government favoring one race of people over another? It doesn’t period. All people treated equal is what true conservatives demand, not racial preferences.

      Yet, if you were a true Conservative you would understand that wouldn’t you? BTW I like Cain, but he isn’t even in the top 10 of true conservatives. Why do I say that? Because HE HAS NEVER WON AN ELECTION IN HIS LIFE !

      He has liberal social policies at his political core in dealing with monorities. He admits this in his own words quoted above.If you do not like that being exposed for whatever reasons, take it up with Cain himself, and demand he explain it, instead of acting like a five-year old trolling around bashing solid articles written to inform people of all aspects of a candidates core ideology.

      FYI – – the postives written here outweigh the negatives by 7 to 1 margin. The truth is hard to accept many times in life but to try to label it as lame shows your true ignorance.That kind of denial of reality is how we have the most Anti-American person in our history destroying our country right now, because some folks can’t handle the truth.

      Writing about all the Presidential candidates means including the good and the bad points, so people can make an informed decision, instead of voting for undefined Hope and Change Marxist propaganda like in 2008.

      Clear enough? Next time try refuting the facts not just crying out your simple-,minded opinion. This is a serious issue to be discussed and sifted through by adults concerned for America’s future, not close-minded children.

  4. So far, I have searched and have yet to find out exactly what Herman Cains liberal leanings are? Was it his glowing statement commemorating the Civil Rights Acts of 64? Or the fact that he would like for the Fed to step in on behalf of minorities who may be paid unfairly or suffereing from hiring discrimination. I am conservative as they come, but even I realize that there is true ignorance and evil in this world, and in this country. There are still ignorant dumbasses out there who will judge everything, including employment opportunities, solely based off of the color of someone’s skin. These people are just as responsible for the destruction of our country as the embarassment in chief that we have in office now, because these people caused the need to government intervention in the first place. As far as the article, I am going to have to agree that it was quite lame. While it seems to start out potraying facts, it becomes quite derogatory and insulting, saying that Cain has ” tried to avoid showing his true colors on social issues so far” and that he presents ” A confusing collage of ideologies” then predicting that he will drop out early for “after accepting a deal to support another candidate for *further considerations or appointments” which turned this into a puff opinion piece in the end.

    1. Hi Jason, Thanks for sharing your thoughts here at CDN,

      The liberal leanings are documented quite well in this article.
      “He wasn’t in favor of doing away with affirmative-action programs that treat one class of people special and discriminate against another class of people, so what WOULD happen if a bill was introduced in Congress on that issue? Hmmmmmm..”

      This is not fluff writing, it is quoting the man, and anyone who believes our government has the right to favor one race over another and give preferrential treatment to a certain group of people is living in Social Justice fraud of the Liberal left. I have the distinct feeling that certain people want to turn this into another race-based election, where people vote for a candidate based on race instead of qualifications. That happened in 2008 and what do we have for it? 14.2 triliion in debt. As I stated before, if ya don’t like the truth, deal with it in an adult way here. Ask Cain what his views are on government intervention in hiring practices in the private and public sector. While you are at it, understand that hiring based on race is still illegal in this country. (supposed to be) Then show me where in our constitution it says it is the government’s right to give preferrential treatment to any one race of people.

      I would like to see John Boehner propose a bill in the House that says the government must start giving equal treatment to caucasions in the work force and government jobs. Make it be done by proportion, since whites make up almost 80% of the population then they should have quotas that say 80% of all workers should be white according to Cain and AA’s Social justice fraud. How would that go over today? Every company with 100% black people working in it should be made to have 80% white people there also. How would that go over? This is the hypocricy of AA and the Social Justice fraud of today that liberal ideology promotes .

      Let a conservative run on a platform of real justice for ALL people, with NO prefferential treatment for ANY RACE.Demand whites get equal treatment to stop the reverse discrimination so rampant today. How will that go over?
      You would see every rabble rousing racist bigot and hypocrite, such as Al Sharpton screaming and crying about equal treatment, yet if true equal treatment was called for all the preferrential treatment for blacks would have to be stopped. This is the fraud we get from flaming liberals, and does not constitute any part of conservatism.

      As I said, this is an article backed up by Herman Cain’s own quotes. If ya dont like what he says take it up with him. I will never vote for anyone pushing for the social justic fraud of preferrential treatment for one race over another. It is also illegal to do so, but this fraud is rampant today because of politicians begging for the vote of one race or the other.

      Hiring minorities even when they are not qualified is how we get a government that takes 8 people to do the job of one person today. That increases labor costs 800%, and is a big reason why our government now employs over 2 million people. Do you think the country should go bankrupt just to satisfy unjustified social justice fraud? It sure appears so. Cain will not get my vote, and I could give 2 shits less if he is black, green or blue. I want the best candidate possible.The whole country knows we have to cut the fat off the big government hiring machine if we are ever to balance our budget. I can just see it now, President Cain: “we must cut out the non-essential, redundant employees in our government….. Just not the black ones. because they had a relative 150 years ago that wasn’t treated well, no matter how incompetent of unqualified they may have proven to be.” Oh yes that will really improve our government effeciency there.

      Herman Cain will never win the primary, period. Now let’s see how many so-called conservatives start crying racism when voters do not vote for someone that wants the social justice fraud to continue today. It will happen, as some people cannot get beyond the race issue , and instead refuse to look at the truth behind a candidate’s core ideology.

      Affirmative Action is a fraud and so is anyone supporting it to enrich themselves.

      When any policy can only be defended by lies and duplicity, there is something fundamentally wrong with that policy. Virtually every argument in favor of affirmative action is demonstrably false. It is the grand fraud of our time.


      1. Daniel,
        Thank you for confirming my thoughts that this was biased writing from the beginning. Objective writers would not make statements such as ” Herman Cain will never win a primary. Period” As far as the original article, there is not a single actual quote in there from Herman Cain. Just accusations that he has made them. Stick to whichever RINO you think will win, and I will stick the the real game changer, who have the business expertise to actually correct this countrys problems.

        1. Jason,

          What are you 5 years old here? Right from the first quote block in this article:

          Herman Cain. He has served as the CEO of Godfather Pizza. He also has been endorsed by Georgia Right to Life. Herman Cain has identified himself with conservative causes. As a speaker, he articulates conservative values very well. Herman Cain has also made the cause of civil rights a major issue. Herman Cain favors Federal Government intervention in the work place on the behalf of blacks and minorities. Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herman Cain issued a glowing statement commemorating the Civil Rights Act of 1964, read it on his web site http://www.cainforussenate.org

          cainforussenate.org is a clickable link that has the quotes referred to. Right from his own campaign website. That isnt my bias, it is his own words. Either learn how to completely read an article or stick to comic books. Your lack of education and/or reading comprehension is not my problem, nor does it make the article less credible, period.

          1. Daniel,
            I clicked the link, which does not bring up a Herman Cain site, but apparently something written in Korean. I have searched the Internet for any quotes from Herman Cain supporting affirmtive action and have yet to find any. As far as calling people who disagree with your writing 5 yr olds, don’t worry, I can tell you don’t have that many readers to offend anyways. I’ll go over to the Huffington post, they are far less biased over there.

  5. I’ve seen these websites you post and they are smear pieces. I have found a couple of articles that say he’s anti-affirmative action but this one is written by Herman Cain himself and his position in 2004 is still the same as his position in 2011.

    Sorry he does not support Affirmative Action the Quotas version – everybody should be evaluated on their merits and not their race. Shame on you.

  6. He is irrelevant and people that would consider a failed politician turned talk show host is a prime example of the misinformation out there.

  7. Herman Cain doesn’t even lite a candle next to Congressman (Lt Col) Allen West. The only person that can beat Obama is Congressman West. I say a West/Bachmann ticket. Go to: http://www.allenwest2012.ning.com
    and you will see what I mean. This is a man that really loves his country.

  8. 90% of my article here is very positive about Mr. Cain’s conservartive creds, yet some folks want to label it biased to point out that he supported Affirmative Action during his Senate run. I have asked him to explain this stance today several times. He has yet to denounce it.Also until I wrote this article, his old Senate web site was up for all to see, yet after the article came out the site was pulled off the net. I like his Patriotism and most of his views on how to get America back on track today.

    I personally would vote today for Herman Cain over Mitt Romney- PERIOD. It is a long way until Nov 2012, and these types of “discussions” need to be had in order to sort out the best candidate. I provided my sources at the time of writing. The Southern Party of Georgia, however did NOT take down their site, that also confirms Cain’s stances on AA here-


    That link has ALWAYS been at the bottom of my article- thus when I found it, I felt it was important to let people read it and make their own decisions. Supporting AA is a Liberal pillar, for those who want to argue the point- it sure as hell isnt a part of true Conservative ideology to HAVE THE GOVERNMENT TELLING PRIVATE BUSINESS OWNERS WHO TO HIRE AND WHO NOT TO HIRE, (especially based on race- that is NOT the function of our government, no matter what flaky Liberals say) CLEAR ENOUGH?

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