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Donald trump running for presidentThe 2012 Republican nominee for President of the United States must be one who can defeat Barack Hussein Obama in the general election. This individual must be a political figure who may or may not be the one with the academic, professional, and personal qualities needed to guide this country away from bankruptcy and toward financial stability. Will the eventual nominee be capable of leading or will that individual just play the same old political games?

Based upon my fears of the future of my country, I am not secure in believing that The Republican Party currently in Washington, DC will work for the country and not self-interest. The energy and hopefulness following the 2010 midterms has disappeared. A true leader is defined as those with the courage to stand up with what is in the best interest of America. Continuing resolutions passed on a short term basis is not leadership. Flip flopping on the debt ceiling and welfare reform is not leadership.

Donald Trump is an American success story regardless of the complete agreement with his beliefs or business practices. The “skeletons in his closet” are not hidden and his flaws have been exposed. Social issues are his potential downfall with GOP voters but as we move into the important stage in America, economic and foreign policies must be the deciding factor. He has a net worth of at least $2.7 billion as of 2011 and this is a measurement of success in a capitalist society. (Forbes Magazine).

Although there is no debate as to his success, Donald Trump can be a polarizing figure. I would support him if he were to run. The key question in 2012 is what kind of country we want to become. The dialogue must be opened and honest as we move into the election cycle. Isn’t it time to get rid of political correctness and the politics that George Washington warned about during his Farewell Address? Join me as we move toward the 2012 Presidential campaign and decide upon the future of the country we love and respect.


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Rich Mitchell

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  1. You will definitely have our vote if you run. We heard you on the Fox news channel and agree with everything you said. It’s time we have someone with enough backbone to take a stand for the principles this great country was built on before it is to late. There is so much dishonesty and corruption in the Government, it makes me sick. We need some body that will consider the best enterest of the American people and instead of playing politics and bowing to foreign dictators. From the Donsons in Ohio

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