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Tea Party Candidate Upsets the Establishment and Other Primary Results

Tea Party Candidates upset GOP in September PrimariesChristine O’Donnell defeated Mike Castle in the Delaware primary and as politico reported, the Republican party could not be more unhappy.

“I’m sad to say the Delaware primary results tonight are straight out of Harry Reid’s dream journal,” said prominent Republican strategist Mike Murphy of the O’Donnell win.

Washington Post opinion author, Ruth Marcus was so distressed by O’Donnell’s win she threw this post together last night.

The Delaware result might be good news for both Tea Partyers and Democrats. It is not good news for the cause of good government.

An ungracious Castle will not be giving his endorsement to O’Donnell as The Hill reported:

A Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) campaign source confirmed to The Hill late Tuesday that the longtime congressman will not be endorsing Christine O’Donnell.

Doesn’t the Grand Old Party get it?  Apparently not.  Last night Karl Rove just came right out and said it on Sean Hannity’s show last night.  In this video he flat out calls her unelectable and says that he “.. met her and frankly wasn’t impressed”.

Finally, this afternoon .. things changed.  The GOP finally realized that O’Donnell is not only a primary winner, but a good candidate for that Senate seat.  Independents are NOT going to go left of the middle .. not after the intrusive, over-spending, reckless policies of the Obama administration.  After Infighting, GOP Establishment Pledges to Back O’Donnell

Another Conservative vs. GOP race was held in the N.Y. Gubernatorial primary.  Rick Lazio (R) was defeated by the Tea Party’s candidate, Carl Paladino – handing yet another loss to the establishment.

In New Hampshire, as CNN reported, not everything went the Tea Party’s way.

..conservative candidate Ovide Lamontagne saw an early lead vanish in his bid to upset former state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, the candidate favored by establishment Republicans. The winner will run in November to succeed retiring Republican Sen. Judd Gregg.

Lamontagne did hold an early lead and finished with a respectable 37.4% of the vote as compared to Ayotte’s 38.2% which demonstrates the Tea Party’s strength even in a loss.

Charles Rangel managed to pull more than 50% of the vote in his bid for re-election in New York’s 15th district primary.  Apparently, corruption re-elects and absolute corruption re-elects absolutely.

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