Pelosi, Reid and Obama – Not the Real Problem

For months, I have researched the information, cited the articles, and interpreted what has been occurring in the American political arena.  While my readership has grown by leaps and bounds, I did not feel that I was affecting anyone in a real way.  I took the last 5 days away from writing to understand how I could present the information in a different or better way.  I wanted to know how I could do what I was doing better.  In truth, I can’ t.  I realized that I need to do what I was doing, but different.

Pulling punches on Pelosi, dragging Reid through the mud, pointing out liberal shortcomings (I know, too easy), and  putting a spotlight on Obama’s plan to “transform” our country is just not what matters.  It might be comforting for my readers to see how someone else is fundamentally undoing the framework upon which our nation was built, but it wasn’t effective in preventing it.  I am not hot air, drudge, or any other Conservative re-newser.  I want to correct the problem, not just remind my readers of it.

I now understand that the politicians are not our problem.  We are.  We need to be standing at the front of a room full of entitlementaholics declaring that we have a problem.  Blaming politicians has been our denial and it’s time to take step one – admitting we have a problem.

I did not start this web site to make money.  I did it to inspire thought, provide information,educate and incite change.  I wanted us to figure out what we wanted America to be, because people with much more power and money than I are doing just that.

I will be re-shaping the site so that it is much less newsy and much more educational.  News is reporting what has happened, I want to demonstrate what is happening.  I think we need to be much more aware of what is coming and we must be ready to make tremendous sacrifices to make sure it occurs the way we desire.

I could have done numerous pieces over the last few days about Obama showing his ass to the world while bending over to the Japanese Emperor.  It would have been easy to write a 200 word article on the Chinese questioning the health care costs of Obamacare.  Continuing to show how health care reform will hurt Americans by exposing the suggested limiting of mammography or telling young women that breast self-exam is worthless.  The continued purposeful weakening of the dollar has already been fully written-about on Conservative Daily News so another article discussing the willful destruction of the U.S. currency would be pointless.  These are the things that the rest of the media is doing, and it’s numbing all of us.  It’s lulling us into an area of comfort with an uncomfortable idea.

All of those things are terrible, utterly destructive, and obviously not in the interest of protecting our Constitution.  What I figured out in my mental vacation is that these things are only parts.  They are cogs in the wheel of a greater machine.  I went back a re-read many articles on CDN and took some of the research deeper.  These “parts” are not any more dangerous than any action by Carter, Roosevelt, Hoover, Bush and so on.  The difference is that all those presidents had overall agendas that were not dangerous, just certain actions.  This President is showing that his actions and those of Congress are part of a whole.  A strategic and concerted attempt to change our country.  They are not just out for bigger government, they are out for a NEW government.

To stay on point, it’s our fault.  We let it happen and, in fact, we asked them to do it.  We got confused about our priorities.  We lost our way.  We forgot how to say no.   Now we need to fix it.  We need to start at home, change our mindset and right the ship.  I am hoping that we can become willing to do whatever it takes.  The alternative is a destroyed currency, hundreds of Americans living equally – as equal as … Central America – every one of us.. except the government elite.

While each constituent, each state voted for things they thought small and harmless – a tax cut for a factory here, a federally-funded airport there… none of us were individually evil.  It is only when we view each of these small actions as a small mistake in the time line of the whole that we see that our little part is adding up to a country that is quickly becoming unsalvageable.

I will be breaking-down how bad it’s gotten and the tough choices we must all face to fix it.  It’s not about each of us, it’s about all of us and our children.  Do we want to be the generation that ruined the American dream?  Look into your childrens’ eyes and ask yourself – do I want to provide to them the opportunities I had or should I just sit back and let them deal with them mess I helped to create?  They won’t be able to deal with this mess… they will be left in squalor, debt, and the real inability to make a life for themselves.  I hope we can all decide that we have to do something.  We should change things.  We should fix this.  We can fix this.

Join me.  Keep sending me your emails, submitting ideas for articles and being part of the solution.  We can fix this, but we must be willing to give up something.  The choices will be hard, but they must be made.  Are you a true American?  That answer to that question will get harder as things continue declining.

It is easy to be a patriot when others are at fault and all that is required is to point out the anti-patriotic acts of others.  It is time to become the difficult patriot.  Are you ready?  Start by sending this article to your friends and end by being the teacher to your family, friends and co-workers.  Be the expert to their newspaper-reading simpleton.  Know more so that we must do less.

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Rich Mitchell

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