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Michael Steele’s Transformation of the GOP Failing

Michael Steele has done everything he can to show that he is attempting to pull the GOP to the middle, as if it needed any help.  Steele has joined other GOP leadership in courting left-leaning candidates, supporting big-tent policies and otherwise ignoring the Conservative activist movement.

Most-recently, Steele has stated that white people are scared of him, more succinctly that, “some white Republicans are scared” of him.  If he thinks they are scared of him because they think he is worthless, powerless, and useless… yeah, they’re terrified of him.

Steele has been caught on occasion showing his middling intentions.  In a GQ interview, Steele said, “I think that’s an individual choice” when asked about a woman’s right to abort her child.  If capturing the minority caucus comes at these costs, are Conservatives ready to sell-out their principles for a few votes?  Or is Steele trying the bait-and-switch on minorities.

Back in July Steele was trying to show how the GOP should be attractive to minorities by saying, “Come along.. I’ve got the fried chicken and potato salad”.  While most minorities would probably agree with the GOP platform, the problem is that all they see are these condescending methods to cheaply entice them into a Republican vote.

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Many minorities would gladly vote for a more-transparent party.  They just see the GOP as the same ole – same ole of yesteryear.  Steele isn’t helping with his comments.

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