Liberals Hate Entrepreneurs – They Just Aren’t Sure Why

Capitalism posterCapitalism is the new “ism”. It is the thing we are all being told to hate, abhor, avoid, and destroy. It’s the “c-word”.  The centrist, elitist mobs are trying to show that capitalism has failed by singling-out CEOs?  What about the hundreds of thousands of small-to-medium sized business owners that are true entrepreneurs.  The liberals just don’t get it, but they will.

If people want to fight corruption, they should. If they want to fight injustice, please do.  Fighting against capitalism does neither and promotes both.  The problem with capitalism isn’t greed, it’s the government.

Two entirely-flawed arguments against a free-market system are in-play.  The failure of the free-market system to keep health care costs down, and the recession in which we currently find ourselves.

First, our health care sector does not function as a free-market system.  When was the last time that you as a consumer tried to figure out whether one doctor’s office charges were less than another (not the co-pay, the actual charge).  When a doctor recommends a certain procedure, we will most-likely just have the work done, or at-best ask for a second opinion.  No one is going to go shopping for the best “value” for that procedure.  The actual costs in health care are hidden from the average consumer so we don’t evaluate them [link]That is why costs are spiraling.  Not greed, not some intrinsic free-market cruelty, it’s simply that if we don’t know what it costs, no one has to care.  Oddly-enough this insulation mechanism also puts many people into debt with credit cards… it’s not real money so it doesn’t really hurt to spend it.

Secondly, the financial collapse last year was not due to the greed of CEOs as the left-wing media would have us believe.  It was actually the power-gobbling, money sucking, worthless crowd in Congress.  By pushing the banks and institutions to loan money to people that did not have the ability to repay it, the government put banks in jeopardy.  To try and deal with the risk that they were forced at gunpoint to take (Community Re-investment Act anyone?), they tried re-packaging the loans into mortgage-backed securities.  Unfortunately, when the loans started going into default, now unwitting investors were in as deep as the banks.  Thanks Barney Frank, brilliant job.  What’s worse is that Frank perpetrated the biggest scam of them all, he pushed off his greed and ineptitude onto “greedy CEOs”.  That’s the only smart thing he did and it benefited no one but Barney.

Liberals are now taking up the call of Pelosi, Dodd, and Frank.  Down with capitalism, down with CEOs, down with entrepreneurs!  I say, it’s time to fight back.  Small-to-medium-sized businesses account for more than 42% of all jobs in the U.S. – almost half.  Maybe that 42% doesn’t need to be open to anti-capitalists.  Heck, maybe they can get a union job somewhere, because of course there’s no top-end greed in the union shop.  Where do those idiots think the rest of us real people are going to find jobs if there is no free-market system?  In the government?  Wait, the government doesn’t make anything, it’s only method of bringing in money is taxes, but without the market… who will they tax?

When they’re bashing capitalism, they are bashing small business owners.  They are bashing success.  They are bashing well-rewarded hard work.  They are bashing everything this country was founded upon.  I submit to you that they do these things, because they don’t understand business, work, or rewards.  they think that everyone deserves a piece of the pie, no matter how little they contribute to the making of it.

In Europe, the tide is turning.  One-after-another, the socialist candidates are being thrown out of office and replaced by free-market leaders.  Even England’s Brown is seeing his poll numbers drop into the chasm.  The era of big government is ending and being replaced by the era of big entrepreneurship.

Vote out liberalism in 2010: Take Back America!

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Pelosi, Reid and Frank are millionaires. Who are they to try and stop others from achieving the same success. Its obvious they want everyone to have not and themselves to have everything.
    These three amigos need to be voted out in 2010!

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