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ZoNATION: Shoot a hole in liberal logic


Do you think that political correctness and secularism leads to a peaceful society? If you do, you might be a liberal – and you might be the target of Alfonzo Rachel’s comments for today. In case you’re wondering, yes he is hitting back with some truth when it comes to important issues like mass shootings, and liberal propaganda.

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ZoNATION: Alec Baldwin is gonna help MSNBC…Be Worse


If you like Alec Baldwin, do not watch what Alfonzo Rachel has to say about him here. If not, enjoy this lovely little piece of entertainment that highlights exactly how desperate MSNBC is now that they’ve recruited this pillar of the community to be on their airwaves.

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ZoNATION: The Black N.R.A.? More like the Fake N.R.-eh?


Alfonzo Rachel and the member of his band, “20 lb sledge”, cut to the chase on yet another case of liberal racism. Isn’t it about time that conservatives stop letting that word, “racist”, have as much control as it does in society? Liberals use it all the time to silence conservatives, while engaging in real racism daily, enforcing segregation through ...

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ZoNATION: Cultural A.D.D.: Why Look at the Flamboyant?


Fed up with the garbage in pop culture? Think it is the ruination of our nation, and the direct cause of our downward spiral into secularism? Well, take some advice from Alfonzo Rachel, and stop complaining about it! Figure out a way to offer your values in an interesting way, or promote people that already are!

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ZoNATION: False Concern: Missing the Racism Forest for the Trees


There’s been quite a lot of talk about racism lately, and if you’re looking for a quick and honest assessment of how to recognize it, Alfonzo Rachel shows you here. And no, it’s not likely any liberals are going to like this one!

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Strengths and Weaknesses: Hillary Will Overrun GOP in 2016


You think you understand the political landscape today? Alfonzo Rachel explains how the GOP is doing it wrong, and catering to its own demise. The first rule of any successful political campaign is to neutralize the strengths of the opposition. On this episode of ZoNation, the strengths of the GOP are explored, and it is explained how the left is ...

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ZoNATION: Hillary-ous Feminism


Think Hillary Clinton should be considered a hero by feminists? Alfonzo Rachel certainly doesn’t, and for the big reasons that most liberals seem to ignore. What is so empowering about a woman that “stands by her man” in spite of his publicly humiliating her with his extra-marital dalliances while literally in the Oval Office? But, like all the other hypocrisies ...

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ZoNATION: Time to Manhandle Anthony Weiner and Piers Morgan


Alfonzo Rachel takes on the Briton that constantly begs for ridicule. If you’re looking for anything remotely close to politically correct on Piers Morgan or Anthony Weiner, you won’t find it here!

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PJTV: White People & the Curse of Racism


Alfonzo Rachel lays it on the line, pointing out how white liberals continue to engage in delusional behavior when it comes to the true history of blacks and racism. Conservatives aren’t left out of this one either, because they are often guilty of ignoring the problem, instead of combating it.

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PJTV: The Government Stole Zo’s Money


Alphonzo Rachel explains clearly how the government has been stealing his money, and preventing him from giving money to charities. Of course, he also explains how the government views him, as a black conservative.

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