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Zimmerman: Not Guilty But Also Innocent

We all know that in the justice system when someone is found not guilty, that does not necessarily mean that they are innocent, many found not guilty were guilty of the crimes that they committed. However, in the case of George Zimmerman he is both not guilty and more importantly, innocent as well. There is no doubt that this case should never have been brought to trial, after a month of investigating the authorities of Sanford Florida found it to be a clear cut case of self defense, so what happened?

At a press conference Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara said, “George Zimmerman was victimized by a publicity campaign to smear him, to call him a racist when he wasn’t, and to call him a murderer when he wasn’t.” O’Hara also said, “Two systems went against George Zimmerman that he can’t understand: you guys, the media. He was like a patient in an operating table where a mad scientists were committing experiments on him and he had no anesthesia.” He went on to say, “Then he comes into a system that he trusts — let’s not forget, six voluntary statements, voluntary surrender — and he believes in a system that he really wanted to be a part of, right? And then he gets prosecutors that charge him with a crime that they could never, ever, prove. … So those two systems failed him.”

I agree 100% with Mr. O’Mara, the press and the so-called civil rights leaders who do nothing but divide the country, are solely responsible, they were so determined to demonize George Zimmerman that they ignored to look into the background of the dead teen. Trayvon Martin was no angel, he was a troubled kid, suspended from school, a drug user, had gotten into fights, and had pictures of himself taken with a gun, also pictures of a bed full of jewelry. Trayvon Martin was the aggressor that night, he picked on George Zimmerman the “creepy-ass cracker” because he thought he was an easy mark.

There are no winners in a situation like this, a teen is dead, his parents are devastated and George Zimmerman has to live in fear for his life, a tragic situation for all involved. Will the news media learn a lesson from this, I think not, they will continue to distort the truth and lie, just so they can sell newspapers and get better ratings on their television shows, this is the same press, which is supposed to deliver the truth to the American people, the press and the media have become a joke.

Then you have the people like Sharpton, Jackson and Chris Matthews who will continue to beat the drum of racial divide, these are the true racists of the country, the ones who make their money from stirring up racial problems where there are none.

Many countries around the world have laws that prevent any mention of crimes to the public, until after the trial is over. Maybe we should start thinking about a law like that in this country, look at all the trouble it would prevent.

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