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If You Like The VA, You’ll Love Obama-Care

It is said that every cloud has a silver lining, we are all outraged about all the recent stories about how our veterans are being treated by the Veterans Administration, another outrageous scandal the Obama administration can claim as their own. But this scandal is different, like all the other scandals, Obama found out about it while watching the news, or so he says, which just proves how inept this president actually is, he has no clue what is going on around him.

But what this VA scandal is showing us, is what all Americans are in for when Obama-Care is fully implemented, (The silver lining I was talking about). Everything that the Republicans were warning us about Obama-Care is unfolding before us at the VA. Putting a government bureaucracy in charge of one’s health is a gamble likely to end badly. Yet, if Obama-Care stands, that is precisely the gamble every American eventually will take. Sarah Palin was ridiculed when she talked about “death panels,” but that is exactly what we are looking at in the VA system, some government bureaucrat deciding who will get treatment and when.

Obama-Care is simply the VA on Steroids. Whatever the problems are with the VA, they will be multiplied a thousand times under Obama-Care. The long lines for health care because of doctor shortages will be an everyday occurrence, people waiting months for an appointment, rationing of care and medicine, reduced service is everything the Republicans said would happen, but the Liberal, Progressive, Democrats turned a deaf ear to reality.

The Democrats own Obama-Care, they all voted for it and they will be taken down because of it, maybe if they took the time to read the 2,700 page bill, they would have realized what a dangerous and disastrous bill it actually was. It’s too late for the Democrats, they voted for it, they defended it, they own it, it is up to we the people to make sure it gets repealed.

There is no doubt that the Democrats want government run health care, but all you have to do is look around the world at countries that already have Socialized Health-Care, like England. Here is a few clips from an English newspaper.

“My wife had treatment at this hospital and it was beyond belief. Staff tried to get my wife to believe she had already been given her tablets when they hadn’t; later admitting they ran out and did not want to call out the Pharmacy! People were screaming for the toilet as their requests for assistance went unheeded.” Mick, Stafford

“My mother in law died at a hospital where her ‘care’ was almost non-existant. She died screaming in pain because nobody could be found to replace her morphine pump.” Claire, Norfolk

“When my father was in hospital for months, he lay in a bed with dirty, torn blankets and grubby sheets. I asked to see the Hospital Manager and was walked through the most plush of offices. I was sickened and told her so.” Sammy, UK

“My sister recently qualified as a nurse. During her training a fellow student commented to a manager that a doctor hadn’t bothered to change his scrubs after undertaking a minor operation on a patient and wore the same ones for his next operation. She was warned any whistle blowing of that sort would result in her being kicked out.” Jo, Middlesex




Make no mistake, if Obama and the Liberal-Progressives get their way, you will be reading storeis like this in our own papers. Obama-Care will turn this country into a two tier health-care system, where the top 10% will get the best health-care because they can afford to pay cash, while the rest of us will be writing stories, just like the ones in England to the newspapers. Where do you think Obama and all the Democrats that pushed the bill will fall into?

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