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AFP On The Ground In Wisconsin

Scott Walker Leads The Way

As the citizens of the badger state prepare to head to to polls June 5th to decide their state’s economic future, it cannot be denied that phone banks, neighborhood canvassing, and other forms of grassroots outreach are helping Gov. Scott Walker maintain his lead over his Democratic opponent Tom Barrett.  The folks at Americans for Prosperity have been on the ground fighting for Wisconsin’s economic freedom and, therefore, our own.  This recall election will vindicate and legitimize Gov. Walker’s agenda of fiscal reform.

Reforms that other Republican governors have strived to emulate where unionized labor and their bloated pension programs have run amok.  In some cases, like in New Jersey, it has incurred tens of billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities.  Upon seeing committed conservative organizations, like Americans for Prosperity, stand with Scott Walker, coupled with the positive poll numbers are good indicators that next Tuesday will be a good night for conservatives and Gov. Walker.  Here’s a clip of what AFP has been doing on the front lines.


Big Gov't Liberal Posing as a Republican in Wisconsin

Tommy Thompson poses with Obama HHS Sec. Sebilius and Daschle

  Former Governor Tommy Thompson, pictured at the left,  is running for the U.S. Senate in 2012 as a Republican, yet when we look at his more recent actions he looks like a big government liberal, as opposed to being any form of conservative Republican. According to Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund , we see just what this supposed Republican’s views actually are, as to what he feels the size and scope of the  U.S. government should be. The following truths epitomize the name RINO, or Republican In Name Only that we see used so often today to describe big government loving Republicans. Wisconsin conservatives would be well-served in heeding the following info-bytes from DeMint’s SCF, and vote for the true conservative in the Wisconsin U.S. Senate race in 2012, Mr. Mark Neumann  who will fight for the principles of freedom that make America great.

Mr. Neumann has solid conservative credentials, as opposed to Tommy Thompson apparent love for all things big government:

    •    Mark’s first job was working on a farm.  For 25 years he owned and operated a construction company that created hundreds of private sector jobs. Served in Congress from 1995 – 1999 and was rated Wisconsin’s  most conservative member of congress of the last 30 years. Mr. Neumann also taught math in Wisconsin’s public schools and Co-founded three Christian Choice schools.   Demint’s SCF serves up the truth about Tommy Thompson as follows:

When asked earlier this week if he agreed with conservative Gov. Scott Walker’s decision to reject $810 million in federal money to create a high-speed rail line, Thompson said he would have taken the money even though the state cannot afford the operating expenses.
Then, when asked about his views on Gov. Walker’s fight against public-sector collective bargaining, Thompson said he wasn’t sure if he would have stood up to the unions that are bankrupting the state.
Even worse, Thompson said he would oppose right-to-work  legislation in Wisconsin, which would secure the right of workers to decide for themselves whether or not to join and financially support a union.

The 2012 U.S. Senate races are a vital piece of the conservative mission of turning back the Liberal/Socialist agenda of Barack Obama, Nancy , and Harry Reid.  Not only must we remove Liberal Democrats at every chance we get in the 2012 elections across America, but we must also be cognizant of big government Liberals like Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, that are posing as conservatives, when we go to the polls in Nov. 2012.

Why 2012 May Be Decided in Wisconsin

Big Labor’s top target in 2012 isn’t Mitt Romney, it’s Governor Scott Walker.

A coalition of powerful unions has invested tens of millions behind a total war campaign to recall conservative Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker. Yesterday, these unions submitted an astounding 1 million recall signatures, making the recall this May official.

And the union money is paying off. A poll shows about 50% of voters support recalling Gov. Walker.

The good news – we’ve been waiting.

The Wisconsin Recall Action Fund was formed to save Governor Walker by taking the fight to the unions. Your support of our organization will fund:

  • Targeted TV ads
  • 100,000 mail pieces
  • Volunteer phone calls and door knocks
  • Statewide radio commercials

For government labor unions, this election is do or die. Gov. Walker’s historic legislation ending collective bargaining will cause a massive exodus of union members and their money.

This is why unions all over America are pouring tens of millions into Wisconsin in advance of the recall election this June.

Conservatives across America know how much Scott Walker has done for the cause. This is your opportunity to actually do something. Invest in the Wisconsin Recall Action Fund to make a difference on the ground.

Government unions have held taxpayers hostage for 50 years. We pay higher taxes so they can enjoy outrageous benefits and work fewer hours than we do.

Join us today. Let’s starve the Democrats’ bread basket. Without the backing of powerful government unions, Republicans will have a better chance to take back the White House and the U.S. Senate.

In fact, the 2012 elections could be decided in Wisconsin if we win. Labor unions will have exhausted their war chest, and Republicans will be positioned for big victories in November!

Entitlements – The Effects of Big Government

While the Democratic party continues to find ways to spend money, and the president is off golfing, taking vacations, or just out campaign trail hoping for an addional four year term – the country is falling into a deeper recession. Whether people agree or disagree, democrat or republican, it doesn’t matter; just look at how much the cost of goods and services have gone up in the past few weeks. Although this presidents spending has well exceeded that of his predecessors, he alone is not responsible for the debt crisis, nor the creation of the entitlement state, or a welfare society that currently exists. No,  the creation of big government began sometime ago, its effects are just beginning to catch up to us now. The sad part is, there are so many on the Hill who what to make the government even bigger, they fail to recognize the warning signs they are getting from those in Europe who are seeing the errors of their ways.

The spending in Washington that has been going on for decades is at the root of the problem.  However, the lack of clarity on how true job creation actually occurs – which is not by raising taxes or extending unemployment benefits as suggested by democrats.  The self-righteous attitudes of those on the hill, whose own self-interests seem to come first,  are just a few examples of what is at the crux of the problem. The reality is we live in a welfare society where people truly believe government entitlements are their God-given right.  These same people fail to recognize making government bigger than what it already is, is not the answer.

What is happening in Athens, London, and other parts of the world, and is beginning to happen here in the United States is just the beginning of waht happend to economys that cannot sustain government spending. The flash mobs, threats, violence, and so on that occurred in Madison, Wisconsin as well as other parts of the country, are the just beginning of what happens in a welfare society driven by people who have visons whichh are not founded in a realistic way.  The issues with Wisconsin employees are just one example of what is spreading across the nation.  These people are beginning to feel the end result of what happens to people who rely on entitlements simply because they were promised by a government whose spending well exceeds its income. This is what they were promised and this is what they truly believe they are entitled to at any cost, they don’t care.

There is a common theme that exists: even when times are rough, and government clearly cannot fulfill their expectations, and cuts are necessary, these flash mobs are proof that people demand what government has promised. Regardless if it bankrupts the state they are living in, they truly believe they are entitled to things such as pension plans they did not pay into, early retirement at age 53 or earlier, free medical benefits, welfare checks, food stamps, and the never-ending unemployment checks. The violence is just beginning. In addition, union officials are sending people to states to fight against anyone who tries to put an end to the entitlements. People are being threatened; their businesses are risk, if they don’t comply with the threats. One person in Kenosha, WI who was suppose to hold a tea party meeting was threatened and forced to hold the meeting elsewhere; scared by union goons.

What we are seeing in London is just the beginning of the end of years of government entitlements. Generations of people who have spent their entire lives living on government handouts and stimulus – the reality of government outspending always catches up; it is just a matter of time.  The people of London, for example, that time is now. The same thing is happening here and people are reacting the same way – fighting, picketing, rioting because they have a big government mentality. They believe that they have a right to the all the free stuff government has been providing.   Remember: As government keeps getting bigger people and business keep getting smaller – how do you create jobs from that? How do you like the end result? Think about that next time you go to vote or contact your congress man or woman.

Wisconsin Speaks, Public Unions Lose…Again

Last night was Wisconsin’s “Super Recall Tuesday” and the whole country watched with baited breath.  Six Republicans faced Democrat challengers in race to control the state Senate.  Public employee unions and other Democrat voters had hoped to win at least three seats, flip the Senate and wrest control away from the GOP with the ultimate goal of blocking Governor Scott Walker’s controversial budget slashing efforts.  Of the six Republicans up for recall, four survived their challenges: Sens.Rob Cowles of Allouez , Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls, and Luther Olsen of Ripon.  Senator Alberta Darling of River Hills won over Rep.Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish) in a tight race that was originally called by the press for Pasch, but had to be amended as late night returns came in from traditional Republican strongholds.

With unions reportedly spending over $30,000,000 on the recall efforts, many in Wisconsin and around the country were concerned that the grassroots efforts that began in that state in 2010 – and ultimately made WI one of the more prosperous states in the union, currently – would be overturned, and the state might return to its fiscally unsustainable ways.  However, the voters were undeterred.  In one county, more voters turned out for the recall than did the Governor’s election.  Moral, financial, and new media support poured in from all areas of the country.  Americans seemed to realize that as Wisconsin goes, so may the rest of the Republic.

The battle for the Wisconsin senate has captured the entire country.  It has become a symbol of the national battle between big government and individualism – a battle that many fear has consequences that will spell doom or success for the very future of the nation.  With four of the six seats by the GOP, Wisconsin has officially beaten back this latest challenge to democracy.  Next Tuesday brings another recall election, however the incumbents are Democrats.  The results at that time will have no affect on control of Senate, but do represent an opportunity for Republicans to recover their losses from last night.  Sources report polling is close and it could be another tight race.

Wisconsinites and others around the country are breathing a sigh of relief today, but the battle is most certainly not over yet.  The amount of money and labor that poured in to Democrats from outside public employee unions and groups, including President Obama’s Organizing for America, is a sure sign that public employee unions are committed whole-heartedly to maintaining the status quo in the fiscal health of this nation.  There are still challenges and accusations to be made, and even if Wisconsin finally puts this latest round of political maneuvering behind them, the front will only move to other states who are facing the same situations.  Vigilance is key.  The battle for Wisconsin may be coming to a close, but the war for the future of America rages on.

Democrats Force Elections in Wisconsin .. and Lose

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker(R) was elected on the idea that he would take care of the taxpayer’s money. In short, he would balance the state’s budget without asking the taxpayers to come up with more cash. He did it.

One of the casualties of frugality was the unions. They would no longer have a dictatorship-like ability to force workers to pay into their coffers and no longer could government workers collectively bargain with the very people that would want their support in future elections – an obvious quid-pro-quo situation.

Union leaders went after the seats of the six Republican senators eligible for recall – an early re-election vote – and failed. As The Washington Post put it:

If these results stand, its an undeniable defeat for labor and for progressive activists.

Democrats and their allies are arguing taking down two incumbents is itself a victory, given that recalling an official is in­cred­ibly difficult and rare. But they invested very heavily in taking back the state senate and fell short.

Despite tens of millions of dollars being spent by special interest groups on the left, Republicans maintained control in the Senate by losing only the two most-vulnerable seats – and three Democrats will have their recall elections in coming weeks which could mean a net gain for Republicans should the Democrats be defeated.

The vulnerable Republicans were Senator Robert Cowles, Senator Alberta Darling, Senator Sheila Harsdorf, Senator Randy Hopper, Senator Dan Kapanke, Senator Luther Olsen. Only Kapanke and Hopper lost their seats while the remaining four Republicans held firmly to their positions in the state senate.

The message of the recall should be clear: Americans oddly want politicians that will take care of their money, not spend it like it’s lottery winnings.

Since the heavily union-financed effort has failed, it is likely that similar efforts in other states will also be met with the reason of fiscal sanity.

Predictably, big-labor funded Democrats are crying foul. While no specific accusations were made nor evidence produced, Wisconsin Democratic Party chairman Mike Tate accused Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus of “once again tampering with the results of a consequential election” and that a “dark cloud hangs over these important results.” That will mean more expenses for Wisconsin taxpayers as left-wing special interest groups demand that the results be dragged into court.

Progressives have been claiming that they would also be recalling Gov. Walker as soon as the law allows. It remains to be seen if their funding partners, big labor, have the stomach to throw millions more of their members’ dues at another possible loss.


Wisconsin Battle Rages On

The battle for Wisconsin is still raging, nearly 6 months after a historic battle between unions, Democrats & Republicans that included Democrat representatives fleeing the state to avoid voting on a collective bargaining bill and budget cuts, and union protesters flooding the state capital for days, leaving behind millions of dollars in damages.   The budget bill did pass, and despite fears of critics, it has turned out as well for Wisconsin as Governor Walker had hoped.

The Weekly Standard reported that the bill saved teachers’ jobs (just as Walker had hoped it would) by allowing school districts to fine tune benefits packages without being subject to brutal union negotiations.  The “fine tuning” included measures such as requiring teachers to contribute 5.8% of their salary into their own pension plans, and provide doctor’s co pays of $10 (up from nothing).  These small changes allowed one district to save a million dollars and prevented 27 teachers from being laid off.  In the month of June only 18,000 private sector jobs were created nationwide.  Of those jobs, 9,500 were created in Wisconsin alone.  Since January, under Walker’s governorship, Wisconsin has added over 39,300 private sector jobs.  Clearly, Walker’s and his Republican co-workers’ strategy is working.

Despite the evidence, unions mounted an unsuccessful challenge of Justice David Prosser of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Union representatives tried to replace known conservative Prosser with liberal activist judge JoAnne Kloppenburg, in hopes of having the offending legislation overturned in the courts.  Prosser ultimately won the contested battle.

Now the Democrats and their union supporters are concentrating on the recall of six Republican senators for their votes on the budget bill.  With Republicans holding a slim 19-14 edge in the Senate, Democrats are hoping to take back 3 seats and work to block the bill and others like it in the Senate, ultimately pushing for a recall of Governor Walker.  In response, the GOP has targeted 3 Democrats for recall for fleeing the state and shirking their duties during the original budget battles.

As expected, accusations of fraud are being hurled from both sides of the political fence.  The Wisconsin Democrat Party has filed a complaint regarding suspicious mailers by the GOP in Democrat districts.  These mailers allegedly encourage citizens to vote, but give the wrong date for the recall elections.

The Republicans are also concerned with fraud.  They have filed complaints against Wisconsin Jobs Now, a liberal group that staged a series of BBQ events where they bussed in constituents, served free food and drinks and then asked them to fill out absentee ballots for the recall elections.  Wisconsin election law clearly prohibits any exchange of goods or services for voting information and registration.  A state official has already confirmed the BBQ is clearly a violation.

There are also concerns about the funding coming in to the Democrat challengers.  Investigative website Big Government has already run several pieces exposing the funding stream, calling it “high dollar thuggery”.  Here is the Wisconsin PAC money trail, as shown on the Big Government website.

The Associated Press has also reported that Obama’s political arm of the DNC, Organizing for America, has already landed in Wisconsin and is providing volunteers and other support in favor of Democrat challengers.  This raises serious questions of the appropriateness and constitutionality of the President becoming directly involved in state issues.

The next round of recalls is scheduled to happen on August 9, when six Republicans will square off against Democrat challengers.  The following elections will happen on August 16, and Republicans see that date as the best chance to replace Democrat incumbents Jim Holperin and Bob Wirch.  Democrat Dave Hansen easily defended his senate seat in July against troubled, second-pick GOP candidate David Vanderleest.

Wisconsin is flyover country for many people, but it represents a larger, more important battle on a national scale – the battle to regain control over reckless, dangerous, runaway government spending.  Public employee unions are a huge drain on spending and are notoriously self-interested.  The proof is in the pudding.  Although Walker’s policies have so far been nothing but provably beneficial to the sate of Wisconsin, actually saving union jobs, unions still whole-heartedly support a recall of those who fought for those jobs.  They are throwing precious resources and union dues behind their candidates of choice, in an effort to throw out the very legislation that has managed to turn Wisconsin into one of the most successful states in the union for business growth in a mere 7 months.  Clearly, for the unions, this has little to do with fairness and shared sacrifice, and everything to do with keeping union dues flowing.

You can find an up to date list of candidates and election results here.  Support those who are working to defend sound policies.  Send money, volunteer or encourage your relatives and friends in Wisconsin to get out and vote.  Keep that state on the right track to success.  As the saying doesn’t go yet, but just might in the near future “As Wisconsin goes, so goes the rest of the country”.

Wisconsin Dem. Caught on Tape

Wisconsin Democrat Fred Clark was performing some canvassing calls earlier this week in his bid to unseat Republican Luther Olsen. His campaign is part of the recall elections being held in that state.

When the voter referred to his election bid as “a crime” and hung up, he said, “OK. I feel like calling her back and smackin’ her around.” What Clark didn’t realize .. was that the answering machine hadn’t hung up yet.

Civil Rights Protests/Union Protests: Apples and Oranges!

I read an article today about a black man who marched for civil rights in the days of Martin Luther King. You know, back in the days when American citizens were not only protesting to get real workers’ rights, but also ‘fighting’ for their constitutional civil rights; back in the day when people were being killed simply for demanding that the government recognize their constitutional rights. This man’s name was Herbert. In this article Herbert compared the protesting in Wisconsin with the civil rights protesting of the sixties. In this story Herbert mentioned about how important it was for “the people” to “stick together.” (I ask, “Who are the people he is talking about?”) Then Herbert mentioned that “we need to become strong.” (Again I ask; “Who is the ‘we’ Herbert speaks of?”) Then Herbert mentioned that if “We don’t become strong we will lose our rights.” (Herbert, what do you mean if we don’t become strong? What do you mean if we don’t stick together?)

Well, I need to help Herbert get a little perspective. First of all I am saddened by how black people were treated in America for many years. I did not grow up in a prejudiced home, or a prejudiced society. The people I hung with as a teen-ager and young adult treated everyone the same. It still tears my heart out to know that there was a day when one race of Americans could hate another race of Americans simply because their skin was a different color. Those were issues that once split this nation in half. Well for the most part, those days are over. (Unfortunately prejudices of all types still exist in this world. You can’t fix stupid!) Black Americans today have the opportunity to walk the dream of Martin Luther King. The American dream is open to anyone who willing to work for it. The ultimate example of that is our own American President!

Herbert, the budget battle going on in Wisconsin these days is not between “we the people” and the Governor of Wisconsin. The protestors are not protesting against the ‘evils’ of Big Business. The protestors in Wisconsin are not protesting the right to vote, the right to work wherever they want, or the right to buy a home. They are protesting the ability to keep their union privileges. (Notice I said privileges not rights!) They are protesting to such a point that they would rather have these union privileges than help our state survive economically. Herbert, you were right about one thing in your story. People do need to stick together. In this situation the people of Wisconsin need to stick together in order to help their state. And the people in Wisconsin should also be sticking together as they work to remove the vermin who are striving to destroy this state. The budget crisis in Wisconsin is genuine. The only way “we the people” are going to solve this crisis is if we all stick together and do what is best for all the people of the state, not just public union people. The protesting in Wisconsin is not between abused, over-worked, underpaid minority workers and greedy corporate owners. The protesting in Wisconsin is not between poorly treated workers who want safer working conditions and better benefits and big business. The protesting in Wisconsin is not between the poor, oppressed working man and the filthy rich business owners. The vast majority of workers protesting in Wisconsin involves middle to upper class public union employees; citizens who already enjoy incredible union perks. Most of these ‘poor’ ‘woe-is-me’ protestors are union people with two to three cars in the driveway of their $200,000+ homes. The protesting that is going on in Wisconsin today is by people who want to do what is best for their wallets or for their unions before doing what is best for Wisconsin.

Herbert, I too am a union member; have been for thirty-five years. So even though I am a private union employee I need to let you know that I am not part of your “we the people” who must “stick together” to save our union privileges at any cost! I definitely believe I need to help this state because that will help everyone in the state and not just a few. I am simply a tax-paying Wisconsin union-member who is sick and tired of paying for both my benefits and someone else’s! I am a union member who cares more about helping all the people in this state, and the state itself. Herbert, contrary to what the big AFL-CIO tells you, if the state is not economically healthy, the businesses which provide jobs will not be healthy. And again, contrary to what the big AFL-CIO tells you, raising taxes to pay for higher and higher public union employees’ wages and benefits will not attract more businesses to our state.

It really saddens my heart when I read articles written by black people who foolishly compare the public union protesting (i.e., whining) that is going on in Wisconsin to the seriously denied civil rights protesters of the sixties. It is so disingenuous to see people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton showing up to help highly-paid, luxuriously benefited public union workers. These men know what worthy, honorable protesting is all about. Jesse and Al are similar to old hippies who show up at protests hoping to re-kindle the days of old when they protested the Vietnam War. (These boys also like seeing their faces on the nightly news.)

Herbert, don’t bring shame on yourself by comparing what real suffering black workers had to endure in the sixties to what is going on amongst the well-paid, lavishly benefited public union employees of today! You lessen what black people did in the sixties if you continue to compare the legitimate protesting that the black people had to endure to get their civil rights enforced, to the whiny protesting of rich, spoiled public union workers.

SIDE NOTE: I constantly hear these public union people whining about being fed up. Fed up with what? Public union bus driver, what are you fed up about? You made over $100,000 last year! And union teacher Joan, what is your beef?  You work a few hours a day, nine months a year and you still make more money than what a vast majority of Americans make. Mr. and Mrs. Public Union Employee, you make more on your check and in benefits than most private union sector workers make. So again, what are you fed up about?

If you public union employees need something to be fed up about, be fed up with something genuine. If you want something to protest, protest something that benefits all Americans. Protest the high taxes that most Americans are paying! Protest how your taxes are being used for useless pork barrel projects. Protest the billions of dollars in ‘aid’ that we send to countries that don’t even like us. We could use that money to help our own people! If you want to unite people to a righteous cause, unite people to protest elected politicians who are ‘owned’ by unions; politicians who no longer do the bidding of the majority but instead are led by union thugs. If public union employees want to protest their ‘difficulties’ they have that constitutional right to do so—just so long as they do it legally. I say, these public union protestors should use all their energy and use their vast numbers to protest the illegal aliens who come into this country and steal jobs from Americans and receive a fortune worth of tax-payer funded ‘freebies’! There, go protest that!

Today there is another group out there who wants to try to control a free people. The very thing that was once wrong—terribly wrong—with this nation. There was a time when many in this nation once believed they were a better race of people. They believed they had the right to treat fellow citizens with contempt. These arrogant people believed they were above the law of the land. They actually believed they were the law. This race of people got too powerful. They saw nothing wrong with abusing the constitutional rights of others. They got so powerful they even tried to control the ability of a free people to think and act for themselves. Many unions and union people today have become that prejudiced, unlawful people. Many of these unions have decided that they should be deciding what is best for all Americans–just as they decide what is best for their members.

So again Mr. Herbert, I encourage you – do not cheapen the difficult, sincere civil rights protests of the sixties by comparing them with the selfish, whiny worker protests that are going on in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin April Election: I am taking it Personal

I am taking this upcoming April election personal! There are mean-spirited, foreign entities coming into my state intending to do my state much harm. These saboteurs have absolutely no concern for the well-being of the majority of taxpayers in my state. These repugnant economic terrorists would rather see a few get rich(er), even if this results in the financial failure of my state. And what is really sad is that there are traitors in this state—traitors are citizens who sellout their own people—who are eagerly seeking to help these terrorists accomplish their goals! (Does the name Benedict Arnold ring a bell?) And what is the main reason that some of our own are selling us out? Money! Like they don’t have enough already? Power! The power to decide what they think is best for Wisconsin  instead of a majority of the taxpayers. These traitors are a lower form of life than even drug dealers. Even drug dealers aren’t traitors—though they are another type of evil.

Again, I consider the outside repulsive foreign leaders economic terrorists. They might not have literal bombs, but they are more than willing to inflict monetary harm on my state. These foreign terrorists say their main agenda is to do whatever it takes to help the “rights” of the working man—NOT! What they are really concerned about is keeping their pockets lined with union dues and the power that enables them to control people’s votes. These foreign intruders are more concerned about feeding their egos and their totalitarian philosophies then they are on really helping workers. Most of these foreign economic thugs are pushing their public union members (my fellow citizens) to wreak economic havoc on my state. (This is why you caring Wisconsin public union employees need to break free from union bonds. As long as they are tied into or yoked to these selfish, self-centered anti-state unions they are not free citizens.) They are owned persons.) Some of these foreign terrorists are here simply for selfish, public prestige reasons. Let us be honest here! How many of you ‘average Joe’ public union employees from Wisconsin really believe Jesse Jackson is here to help you? Jesse is just another type of economic terrorist. He just does it for the attention he gets. As long as his picture is on the local news channels he’s more than willing to bring economic chaos to this state. (Reverend J thinks he’s back in the sixties helping real poor people with real civil right issues.) I do not want Jesse Jackson nor any other outside thug or manipulator coming into my state and trying to tell me that I need to do things their way…or else!

Some of these Wisconsin traitors are now being told by their foreign leaders to bully private business owners — fellow Wisconsinites — into promoting the public unions…or else. Or else what? Who really knows how far these foreign influences are willing to go to use our state traitors to accomplish their goals? I believe these terrorists are willing to use whatever tactics they need to use to economically sabotage my state. It is already obvious that these foreign saboteurs and our own state traitors have no convictions about using dirty judges, union-owned politicians, false political advertisements, and even their own family members to financially ruin my state.

So if for no other reason than eliminating or silencing these foreign bullies — and to silence our own in-state traitors, I am going to make sure I vote April 5th. And not just in April — which is very important — but in every upcoming election. These foreign saboteurs are not going to go down easily. They know they are fighting for their very existence. They know that if they lose this fight their power (i.e., monies, crooked politicians and numbers of followers) will fade away.

What is really sad is that these foreign terrorists know that what Governor Walker is attempting to do is what is best for all Wisconsinites.

Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

They know that private, public union and non-union employees will economically benefit from what Governor Walker is trying to do. But these foreign thugs don’t care about that— even though they say they do. The bottom line for these foreign terrorists is that they know that if Wisconsin’s citizens unite, to do what is best for the state; these foreigners will lose their grip on even their own members. That is why these foreign miscreants use lies and half-truths to pit taxpayer against taxpayer. A confused people are a defeated people. When a united majority of Wisconsin’s taxpayers show through their votes that they, too, do not want these despicable foreign elements coming into their state telling them what to do, these foreign thugs will move on to another country/state. They will take their economic terrorist agenda to a different state; a state where the people might not stand up for its law-abiding citizens. A state where her citizens might not have each other’s back. A state where the majority of patriotic tax-payers might not be united for the good of the state. So I’m voting in April because I take this foreign intrusion personal! They are on my turf! They are in my neighborhood! They are pushing their economic agenda on citizens in my state. I want them out — now! I want to eliminate these vermin right now. I want the stench of these foreign terrorists out of my state! And as for the in-house traitors — I say love her or leave her! Stand up for what is good for all Wisconsinites, or move out.

Another Wisconsin Soldier Died Today

Sadly, another ‘soldier’ died in Wisconsin this week. This ‘soldier’ died in the line of duty — in Wisconsin. He did not die at the hands of a foreign terrorist. He was not killed by a bomb hidden in a nearby garbage pail. He was ambushed by one of his own. This ‘soldier’ thought he was in friendly territory – he was mistaken.

It was great to see so many fellow ‘soldiers’ come to honor one of their own, but he was also one of ours. More Wisconsinites should have been there to honor him on this, his day of rest. When any responsible, dedicated Wisconsin law-enforcement officer dies in the line of duty, all Wisconsinites should be sad. He was one of our boys.

Dedicated, responsible Wisconsin law-enforcement officers are Wisconsin’s soldiers. They are the ones we must trust to uphold the Laws of the land. They are the ones in the trenches doing the fighting. We always expect them to do the right thing. We always expect them to look out for the good of the citizenry. We should honor what they do for us when they pay the ultimate price.

Craig Birkholz, I salute you for giving .. everything. I know you didn’t want to do that. I know you didn’t want to leave behind a young wife, family and friends. Unfortunately, the scenarios of Craig’s situation are quite common in a law officer’s line of work. I don‘t know the whole story behind the killing, but Craig should not have even been shot at—especially by one of his fellow citizens. I believe the coward who killed Craig (and wounded another officer) did the right thing by taking his own life. It is not always a ‘bad thing’ to know that a life ended—especially in the case of this slime-ball. He must have known that he was a turn-coat. He knew he had killed one of his own; a fellow Wisconsinite; an innocent man. This killer’s death means there’s one less person out there that law-enforcement officers have to be concerned about helping at the possible cost of injury or life.

Unfortunately, many in this state (and in this nation) have lost their respect for law-enforcement authorities. I believe there are a few reasons why:

  • Some people have lost their respect for law-enforcement officials simply because these criminals are wicked, worthless individuals. (Even the Bible calls some people worthless. No time for theology message right now.) These rebellious, arrogant, worthless people are the kind of people who have no respect for life–anyone’s life; they don’t care about authority; and they have no fear of the ‘system’ (even if they do get ‘caught.’) Some wicked, worthless people have come to like the cushy three hot meals and a cot ‘program’ that’s going on in most America’s prisons these days. After all, they know that they’ll only be behind bars for a short while. And they know they’ll get great (free) medical help and can even get a college degree if they so choose. (If we’re not going to ‘hang’ (guilty) people who murder and rape innocent, law-abiding human beings–especially the law-enforcement-like people who put their life on the line each day, we are a dying society where anarchy will one day ‘run the system’. (P.S. I know of many law-abiding citizens who would volunteer (in a heart-beat) to be part of the building crew for the hangman’s gallows.)
  • Some of us have lost their respect for law-enforcement people because they see hypocrisy in their line-of-duty. Some of us see police officers who have more concern for political ‘buddies’ than they do for others. Political or racial favoritism is not a good ‘quality’ in a cop. Especially when we see law-enforcement people ‘favoring’ evil over good or wrong over right. It’s a concerning thing when any Wisconsinite sees law-enforcement officials ‘over-looking’ or worse yet, ‘encouraging’ ‘division’ among its citizens. (P.S. Don’t ‘sign up’ if you can’t keep your political bent or racist prejudices to yourself.  I want to know that you’re going to (really) be there to help those who don’t wear the union label. I want to be reminded (through your ‘fair’ arresting) that there are ‘slime-balls’ of all colors out there in the world.)
  • A lot of this ‘disrespect’ for law officers is a result of a ‘soft on crime’ mentality. Some human beings (usually ‘tree-huggers’ and ‘girly-men’) foolishly think we can ‘love’ all criminals back to being responsible citizens. Some people (usually ‘tree-huggers’ and ‘girly-men’) see good, decent, dedicated law-enforcement people as being too tough on crime. Their wrong! (Pretty soon America will be handing out squirt guns to our officers.) Some criminal punks need to be ‘roughed up.’ The great philosopher Forrest Gump got it right, ‘Stupid is as stupid does.” Simply informing a criminal (that what they’re doing is wrong and against the law) will not make the criminal more responsible. Many criminals simply don’t care about the wrong they do. A little bit of ‘hippie love’ is not going to change that. Some criminals simply need a little ‘whooping’ in order to overcome the ‘errors of their ways.’ Others need to be ‘removed’ from the role-call. P.S. No matter how much you want a wild African lion or wild Alaskan Grizzly Bear to love you, they’ll ‘eat you up’ the first chance they get. (Just read about Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend; they ‘loved’ Grizzly Bears to death.)
  • Another reason many people don’t respect law-enforcement officials is that some have become desensitized to what exactly is right and wrong; good or evil; honest and fair. We have a whole generation of kids who have ‘grown up’ ‘robbing, kidnapping, raping and murdering people’ with computer games. (Don’t even try telling me that these violent computer games (and violent, anti-authority movies and songs) have no real bearing on a young person’s life.)  I can’t even legally write (in this story) some of the words that are in today’s music, movies and computer games. There are actually ‘games’ out there which will ‘allow’ a person to rape another human being–and they’re being sold in American stores. Shame on us! P.S. Mom and Dad. If you let ‘society’ ‘teach’ your children that all they are is another (type of) animal (in the evolutionary process) don’t be shocked when they begin to live like one. After all, in the animal world it is survival of the fittest!

Law-enforcement officials must continue to be committed to protecting all law-abiding citizens in exactly the same way. I do not ask you, I do not expect you to put your life on the line to ‘protect’ slime-balls. Unfortunately, in your line of work, you don’t always find out about the worthless form of life punk who wants to harm until it’s too late.  Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your service to a people who don’t always honor you.

General Letter to Wisconsin Citizens

Dear Fellow Wisconsin Citizens,

Praise God for those majority elected or minority unelected politicians who have unwavering support for their leader when he or she strives to do what’s best for the entire State of Wisconsin – and not only for a small subset of the population.

It is totally irrelevant that past governors, regardless of party, left a budget deficit for their successors to deal with. What matters now, is that there is an elected majority of officials who are attempting to do what’s absolutely, financially necessary for this state – in spite of the opposition minority; whining, union bought and owned, politicians (and their out of state union ‘masters’.)

  • It’s not better for Wisconsin when a minority of public union employees have more privileges than Wisconsin tax-payers.
  • It’s not better for ALL Wisconsinites that the state has to significantly raise property taxes to support union perks over Wisconsin tax-payers’ needs.
  • It’s not better for Wisconsin to raise the rate of business taxes so communities can continue to build Taj Mahal-like schools.
  • It’s not best for ALL Wisconsinites that a few get better pay and unreasonable ‘perks’ at the cost of other public employee jobs. Where’s the ‘love’ of fellow union ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ in this selfish reasoning?
  • It’s not better for Wisconsin that this state be controlled by a rebellious minority group of  politicians and union thugs who are more concerned about votes, fat wallets and ‘their own’ causes than the well-being of this great state.

It’s never better for ANY part of the Federal or State governmental/judicial system when the few ‘decide’ for the many.  As evidenced in our own states’ liberal judicial system. Wisconsinites have to put up with a lone judge, functioning as a dictator, who is deciding what is ‘best’ (for all) even when she knows the majority of voters disagree with her decision.

If the majority of people in Wisconsin now decide to turn their backs on the very politicians they voted into office in November, by recalling them – shame on them. Those flip-flopping voters falsely elected politicians that they did not agree with. Those flip-flopping voters misled the politicians they voted into office into believing that they really did want an economically righteous change in Wisconsin –when they really did not! If this flip-flop vote happens, it will show that a majority of Wisconsin voters really are more concerned about the union privileges of a few, rather than what’s right for the State.

On the other hand, if the majority of law-abiding Wisconsin tax-payers really do believe that the majority of the politicians that they voted into office must do what’s best for Wisconsin – ALL of Wisconsin – they had better show it at the upcoming April elections. They had better show it when these selfish, self-centered, ‘union owned’ liberal voters get these recalls started or even implemented.

Here’s what fiscally responsible conservatives need to do:

FIRST: let those selfish, self-centered, liberal recall leaders or instigators know that you are not in favor of recalling a politician who was simply trying to do what they were elected to do by a majority. Talk to those anti-Wisconsin invaders in-person; call or email them.

SECOND: fiscally conservative, law-abiding, tax-paying Wisconsinites better show up at the polls and show that they’re really serious about getting this great State of Wisconsin back on financial track.

And as much as I love this state, I do not have to live in it. If a majority of Wisconsinites decide they want to substantially raise property and business taxes, I’ll move to a state where its citizens care more about the good of that state then they do for the good of a few. If a majority of ‘flip-flopping’ Wisconsin voters decide that they want to continue to make this a ‘tax-hell’ state for retired people, business owners and people who are wealthy, I will move. I will move to a state where the majority of the people in that state encourage retired people to reside in that state because it’s ‘tax-friendly’ to those older people who’ve been faithfully paying their fair share of taxes all their lives. I’ll move to a state that encourages businesses to flock to that state because of great tax breaks and/or tax incentives. If Wisconsin becomes a state where the majority of its voters decide that the law-abiding wealthy business owners of Wisconsin need to be excessively taxed (simply) because they’re wealthy, I’ll move. I’ll move to a state that encourages wealthy business owners to come to their state; use America’s great system of free-market capitalism and make as much money as you want; we won’t ‘hammer tax’ you in our state.

There was a time when this great country was once split over the rights of an individual to own people and the constitutional rights of a man to be free. Imagine it; American citizens willing to kill fellow citizens just so they could have the ‘right’ to own a person. This country was so divided over this issue that one family member was willing to kill another family member for each other’s rights. (Very similar to today’s union/non-union ‘rights’ split.) The problem with America’s Civil War was that one side was wrong. Greed ‘drove’ people ‘over the edge.’ Selfish, self-interests ‘pushed’ the hidden ‘dark side’ (a side we all have) to the surface in America’s Civil War. Personal, self-centered desires drove every-day Americans to the point that they were willing to destroy this nation before they would give up their (unconstitutional) ‘rights’ to own fellow human beings. So you tell me which ‘side’ was wrong?

Now I know that not all union people are selfish, self-centered, union owned sheep. Some union people do think and act for themselves.  Now is the time for ALL Wisconsinites to ‘stand up’ for citizens rights—– not union perks. As I go through my daily life I going to remind people that I would be willing to give it all for the America, with all her wonderful freedoms and liberties.  I am also going to remind people that I would have been willing to fight and die to protect the constitutional rights of Black American citizens. Citizens held against their will. Citizens who were even being told how to think and act! But I’m also going to remind people that I would not be willing to fight or give my life for a labor union. I am not willing to destroy this state so that public workers can continue to live a life of pomp. I find it kind of ironic though that labor unions do ‘deny’ free human beings the freedom to think and act for themselves, and ‘hold’ (some) of their people against their will. You would think an intelligent free people would not once again allow themselves to be ‘owned.’

Wisconsin citizens, you need to see that the budget ‘war’ going on today in Wisconsin is not the ‘people’ against the governor. It’s a ‘war’ between a small, selfish minority of lawless tax-payers, and a majority of selfless tax-payers who care about the economic well-being of this state more than their jobs. (I find it sad that wise, intelligent union people and union leaders can’t see that what’s best for all Wisconsinites: good jobs, good family environments, and low taxes, is the very things Governor Walker is proposing.)  What’s going on right now in our state is a ‘war’ between Wisconsin tax-payers who care more about this state then they do about the collective bargaining ‘rights’ of a few.

Fellow Americans, we need to wake up. We need to see how far our fellow citizens were once willing to go to ‘feed’ their selfish, evil, self-satisfying desires. We best not make that mistake again. We must squelch this anti-American, anti-State, anti ‘what’s best for all’ movement before these people become like ‘rabid’ dogs—–a people out of even their own-control.

Progressives Target Wisconsin Republican Randy Hopper with Smear Campaign

Apparently Mr. Bowers over at Daily Kos is on another misadventure. Unable to affect the outcome of the Scott Walker repair bill, Chris has decided to craft a  political ad that will run in Randy Hopper’s district in the hopes that it will end up in Mr. Hopper’s recall. I was forwarded this email from a reader:

Wisconsin Republicans say the state is too broke to pay for teachers, but they just gave the 26-year-old mistress of a union-busting Republican Senator a state job with a fat raise. It’s a classic Republican scandal filled with hypocrisy, cronyism, and their special version of “family values.”

Here’s the story. Last year, Wisconsin Republican state Senator Randy Hopper left his wife to live with a young Republican political operative. Last month, as Governor Scott Walker unveiled legislation calling for deep cuts in state workers’ salaries and collective bargaining rights, Hopper’s mistress was hired by the state on the advice of Scott Walker’s cabinet as a “communications liaison.” Further, her salary is 35% higher than her predecessor’s.

Randy Hopper is now facing recall. At Daily Kos, by using something called Google Surge, we can make sure that when anyone in Hopper’s district goes online for almost an entire week they will see an ad about the scandal.

It will cost us $12,128 for us to do this. Can you contribute $12 to Daily Kos help make it happen?

Randy Hopper is one of the most vulnerable Republicans facing recall. He is a freshman, and only won his seat by 163 votes. A poll conducted by Daily Kos and PPP shows Hopper losing to a generic Democrat 49%-44%.

You can see the ad we’re going to run on the right-hand side of this email. When it runs, it will link to a local Wisconsin news story verifying all the details. Since we are using Google Surge, any voter in Hopper’s district who goes online will see the ad multiple times.

With Randy Hopper already teetering on the brink of defeat, it’s hard to imagine how he could win a recall election after an ad campaign like this. Please, contribute $12 to Daily Kos and make sure every voter in Randy Hopper’s district knows about this scandal.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

Daily Kos is a union puppet theater. The big-labor union bosses could not be more perturbed that duly elected representatives are tearing apart their incestuously-gained, impossible to support contracts. Progressives and Unions are co-dependent – without each other, they both whither away. These tactics are nothing new for progressives. Dig into someone’s private life, invent a bit if need-be, then smear. Don’t confront the issue, destroy the person. Saul Alinsky taught them well.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. – Saul Alinsky


Wisconsin Judge Puts New Union Law on Hold

Judge Temporarily Blocks Wisconsin’s New Labor Law- FoxNews.com*

Judge Maryann Sumi listens to arguments during a hearing Friday, March 18, 2011 in Dane County Curcuit Court in Madison, Wis. (AP)

Published March 18, 2011 - Milwakee Journal Sentinel

Judge Maryann Sumi, a Dane County Judge in Wisconsin listens to arguments during a hearing Friday, March 18, 2011 in Dane County Curcuit Court in Madison, Wis. (AP)

judge issued a temporary restraining order Friday blocking the state’s new and contentious collective bargaining law from taking effect, a measure that drew thousands of Union organized thuggish protesters to trash the state Capitol building and sent some Democrats fleeing to Illinois in an illegal attempt to block a vote on it.  Judge Sumi has now scheduled hearings on this ruling for March 29th. In the meantime, the recent law limiting Union bargaining power in the State of Wisconsin will be temporarily put on hold. I find this action to be very hypocritical and to be nothing short of  ludicrous posturing and Liberal denial of true democracy in action. Where was this reportedly far far left Judge, while the Wisconsin Democratic Senators blocked the state legislative process from being implemented while hiding out in Chicago like spanked children running away from their responsibilities? Elections have consequences, and when Democrats lose, ( see Al Gore in the 200 elections) they refuse to accept the election results time and time again.

This is the exact same Union vote-buying sucker-puppet, pay for play Liberal Judge, that refused to order the Madison School District’s Union schoolteachers back to work last month, while ignoring the fact that said Union teacher’s de-facto strike was against Wisconsin law. Here you have hundreds of Union teachers refusing to show up for work for weeks because they do not like what the winning party in the 2010 elections are doing, and this far left *Judge* ( I use that term for her quite loosely) doesn’t call it a strike ?  That is ludicrous!

I also do not agree with Fox News reporting that this will be a “major setback”  for Republicans in Wisconsin. The rule of law will prevail, and to emphasise that point, there should be a recall petition to remove this far left Judge Sumi immediately. It has become very obvious that this Judge has delusions of grandeur concerning the stated authority she holds in her very shameful attempts here in interpreting Wisconsin State laws as she feels fit, instead of as they are written. This Judges misguided ruling will be proven to be a waste of time and money in the end, leaving her exposed as a Union puppet unworthy of sitting on a bench in any courtroom in America, period.

Judge Sumi ruled on this at the request of another Union owned Democratic puppet, District Attorney Ismael Ozane. In another note of irony here,  Wisc. State Senator Erpenbach,  (D) the winner of the CDN Jackass of the Week award** put his hypocritical two-cents in here by stating:  “I would hope the Republicans would take this as an opportunity to sit down with Democrats and negotiate a proposal we could all get behind,”  Oh really? Just how does Democracy work in a state legislature when every single childish Democratic Senator is hiding in a hotel in Chicago ?  It is kind of late to start talking that game, and it is pretty nothing short of ludicrous to mention working together, when you hid out for weeks on end to block Democracy for being implemented in the first place.

Stay tuned, this is far from over, and we will see this self-important Judge and her Democratic co-conspirators made to answer for these kinds of childish, Democracy-ignoring actions. Start the recall petition for this far left Union puppet Judge today, send them a message.


The State Journal reports:  Amid uncertainty about a state law that sharply curtails collective bargaining, Madison officials on Friday announced tentative contract extensions with more labor unions and promised a special City Council meeting to approve them next week  The city announced an agreement with its biggest union AFSCME Local 60, on Tuesday, and on Friday announced deals with other AFSCME bargaining units, bus drivers and mechanics, Streets Division and other laborers, stagehands, building and trades and fire supervisors.  The unions ratified the contracts this week.
   BINGO ! Play for pay UNION Judge delaying the law so UNIONS can suck more from the taxpayers.
Update2 Shes baaaack! Union puppet Judge Sumi puts law on hold again!

* http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/03/18/judge-temporarily-blocks-wisconsins-new-labor-law/

** http://conservativedailynews.com/2011/02/wisconsin-protest-jackass-of-the-week-award/

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