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Why Is The Left So Afraid Of Ted Cruz

You can always tell when the left is concerned about a person or a policy, they start demonizing the policy or person. Just as they went full force against the Tea Party, they are releasing their heavy hitters on Senator Ted Cruz.

The left will do anything to make Obama look good and spare him of being blamed for anything, even if he is responsible. Now the left is blaming the poor jobs numbers on Ted Cruz, they have taken it upon themselves to call them Cruz Numbers, as if it is his fault the economy is a wreck, God forbid Obama should be blamed for anything that goes wrong.

Glenn Beck said recently on his radio show, They are now calling the jobs numbers ‘Cruz numbers.’ They are blaming now a lackluster number in job creation on Ted Cruz. Can we just think about the lack of personal responsibility here? This president has never taken responsibility for anything a day in his life,” Glenn said exasperatedly. “And so now they are blaming the job numbers on Ted Cruz. Why are they so afraid of Ted Cruz? You don’t spend your time, your treasure to take apart somebody that isn’t making an impact.” They are terrified of Ted Cruz, terrified, because every Saul Alinsky tactic is coming out, every single one.”

Recently on the Chris Matthews show, the Liberal we love to hate, he seemed to sum it up for us why the left is so afraid of Ted Cruz. Matthews said, “You are witnessing the biggest threat to modern progressivism, and liberals, and reasonable conservatives.” There you are in his own words, the left fears Ted Cruz because he is a threat to progressivism and liberalism. As far as reasonable Conservatives, I really don’t know what he meant by that, there is no way if you are a Conservative, that you are going to agree with Chris Matthews and disagree with Ted Cruz.

There is no doubt that Ted Cruz is a fighter and truly believes in the Constitution, we, without a doubt need more like him. It seems that the Republicans who were blamed for the Government shutdown might start to look like heroes when Obama is forced to postpone his Obama-Care mandate because of the catastrophe of the roll out of Obama-Care.

I hope the Republicans take full advantage of the situation. With Democrats abandoning the President and joining the Republicans with pushing for a postponement in the mandate, America will start asking, why Obama did not just agree to it in the first place and prevent the Government shutdown.

If the Republicans play their cards right, the blame will shift where it should have been in the first place, on the President and the Democrats, I would love to see Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi take the fall.

Maybe Ted Cruz will put a little spine back in the Republican Party, he is a man who fights on principle. Only time will tell if he changes Washington, or Washington changes him.

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