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U.S. Chamber Expands Veterans Hiring Program

WASHINGTON , Feb. 17, 2012  — The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes announced today that it will expand its program from 100 hiring fairs nationwide in its first year to 400 fairs in its second year. Kevin Schmiegel, executive director of the Chamber’s Hiring Our Heroes veterans initiative, made the announcement in an exclusive interview this morning on NBC’s Today Show.

Hiring Our Heroes also welcomes today Capital One’s partnership in executing this effort.  Capital One, a company with a long record of supporting veterans and their families both in hiring and transition support, joins with the Chamber and dozens of companies from every major industry and sector to support Hiring Our Heroes and to fund local, free hiring fairs for veterans and military spouses.

“We began this program with the mission to connect our heroes and their spouses with new career and job opportunities,” said Schmiegel.  “Capital One is the perfect example of a company that gets it.  With their assistance, we have the opportunity to connect hundreds of thousands of veterans this year with thousands of companies across the nation.  Without Capital One and all of our corporate partners stepping forward, this program would not be possible.”

In March 2011, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched its Hiring Our Heroes program, a nationwide effort to help veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment. The Chamber started the program to improve public-private sector coordination in local communities, where veterans and their families are returning every day. Working with our extensive network of state and local chambers and public, private, and non-profit partners, we will do a better job of matching veteran and military spouse talent with career opportunities in the private sector.

Since the launch of our program in March 2011, the Chamber has hosted 91 hiring fairs in 44 states and have dozens more scheduled before the end of March 2012. Thus far, the Chamber hiring fairs have hosted more than 90,000 veterans and military spouses and given them the opportunity to meet with over 4,600 different employers. As a result, the Chamber has helped more than 8,000 veterans and military spouses find employment. Our efforts have only one measure of success: jobs for America’s veterans and military spouses.

“Capital One is privileged and honored to have veterans of every branch of service as colleagues, team members and leaders throughout our company,” said Jory Berson, Capital One’s Chief Human Resources Officer.  “The tremendous problem-solving and leadership skills that are central to so many military careers apply exceptionally well to the private sector. We hope that through this partnership we can help more companies put these skills and talents to work.”

Through Capital One and all of the Chamber’s corporate partners, Hiring Our Heroes will continue to grow beyond its 400 hiring fairs in the coming year.  On March 28, the initiative will mark its 1st anniversary with hiring fairs in New York, Chicago, Fort Hood, and Stuttgart, Germany (via a virtual online hiring fair).  At the fair aboard the USS Intrepid in New York City, Hiring Our Heroes will make another significant veterans hiring announcement.

Mrs. Class Warfare Booed at Nascar Finale

Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images for NASCAR

NASCAR racing may be the most patriotic sport in America. The U.S. flag being towed around Homestead raceway before the start of the Ford 400 this past weekend is but proof (image left).

NASCAR also has a longstanding tradition of including prayers before each and every race, and is the only American sport to continue to do so in recognizing the importance of our Christian beliefs that have been a mainstay in America since our founding. We are a Christian nation, and will remain so despite the current anti-American, leftist agenda to dismantle our Christianity that is becoming so prevalent in parts of our society today.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden appeared at the final NASCAR race of the year as part of the (supposed) White House  initiative, Joining Forces. Joining Forces is all about joining together to support our nation’s military families, as the above-linked taxpayer-funded website tells us. Here is an info-byte for the Obama administration: America’s businesses and citizenry have faithfully supported our brave military families since our troops started coming back from WWI. Veterans have been given preferences in hiring long before Obama took office. This is nothing new, but to hear Obama tell it today, Americans are nothing but lazy, troop-disrespecting capitalists, especially Republicans, so vote Liberal in 2012. This whole charade of leftists expressing sudden concern for out military is nothing more than vote-pandering in it’s ugliest form. Obama and the Democrats are desperate to remain in power, and it shows.

Have we forgotten how our brave troops were constantly called murderers and war criminals by Liberals posing as Democrats upon their return from the Vietnam war? Liberal activists were doing exactly that ( calling our military war criminals) as recently as last week at the Obama-approved anti-capitalism Occupy Wall Street class warfare project being run by the DNC, Obama’s Union bed-pals and Marxist-Anarchists that was created in the very same mold as Obama’s lifelong mentor, domestic terrorist and murderer Bill Ayers and documented in his domestic terrorist/community organizing training manual, Prairie Fire.

The headlines today will speak more of the booing of Michelle Obama as opposed to actually reporting on the miraculous, dogged comeback of Tony Stewart to win the championship by winning the last Sprint Cup Chase race of the year by beating second place finisher Carl Edwards. Keep in mind that NASCAR racing receives very little coverage by the mainstream media, and is only reported upon by sports channels such as ESPN. Today, that will change.

Expect to see Chris Mathews and company over at MSNBC calling NASCAR fans racists, disrespectful and a whole slew of nasty adjectives because they booed Michelle Obama’s husband’s heavy-handed far left radical policy agenda. The leftists posing as reporters will not only play the class warfare-inducing race card, but they will also play the victim card heavily, as Michelle Obama also used children as stage props once again at this ceremony. When the NASCAR fans booed Michelle Obama, the children were conveniently front and center so the left can falsely claim the nasty NASCAR fans were booing the children.

FACT: NASCAR is a family sport, championing the family values that have been at the root of America’s greatness for over 200 years, while Liberals champion things like abortion. Liberals love those stage props that they constantly use to inject their Socialistic agenda upon America, especially when they are desperately vote-begging to remain in power. If it isn’t the “Oh the poor children” it’s the ‘Oh those poor blacks and minorities” horse manure they use to further their agenda constantly. Throw into that mix the Hispanic vote-begging scheme of Democrats making statements like “Illegals are not illegal” and it isn’t hard to see through their desperate vote-pandering to the military to remain in power in 2013. NOTE: It was in fact, Obama’s very own Illinois Democrats that denied the counting of military votes in the 2010 elections.

Again, America’s citizenry and businesses have faithfully supported our military families and veterans ever since we went to war against the British to declare out independence. We do not need a billion-dollar taxpayer funded arm of the DNC to tell us to do this, thank you very much. There are currently hundreds of programs designed to help our brave troops and military families, the majority of them run by honest private citizens and ex-military with no political agenda. The last thing we need is for citizens to start giving their hard earned money and time to the DNC arm of our government for their vote-begging scheme just because Michelle Obama wants to get her husband reelected. (by acting like they actually care about our troops) Here is a simple fact: Barack and Michelle Obama have never shown support for our military in their entire lives before his reelection campaign of 2012 came along. Zero, nada, no support, not one statement, not one plug nickel donated to the help the military programs cross America, EVER. Believing in the Obama’s sudden discovery of their long-lost love for our military (sarc) is about as ignorant as seniors believing that Liberals and Barack Obama are now their best friends after they stole $500 billion dollars of their medicare funding to fund Obama’s Socialistic healthcare reform.

Hiding from the truth: The booing of Michelle Obama was the result of we the people of the United States being ignored while her husband and their political operatives ram their socialistic agenda down our throats while also hiding from the very people they are supposed to serve to avoid hearing the truth: They do not like the direction this country is going today. Obama runs around the country in perpetual campaign fund-raising mode, while denying the people the chance to speak out against him in public. He insulates himself from the public by making sure his blind sheep followers are the only ones that get near him in public. When is the last time anyone heard our President answer direct, unprepared questions asked by the citizenry? The last time that happened was when Joe the plumber exposed Obama’s wealth redistributive agenda back 2008. The Marxist-in-Chief running for reelection is not about to let that happen again. So the public expressed their displeasure with the Obama agenda of the past three years by booing Michelle Obama at a NASCAR race. Good for them!

2012 just can’t get here fast enough !

FREE CONCERT In Redding, CA September 3, 2011





Chris McCandless and the Back To Basics Band

Saturday, September 3
Library Park behind Lady Lorenz Downtown Redding
(Same place where Market Fest was held)

Bring your lawn chairs * No Alcohol Please

Special Guest:
Joe Nunes singing hits from the Frank Sinatra era
Brianne Hicks singing the National Anthem and other hit songs

Visit Chris McCandless’ website

Celebrating The Life Of An Iraq War Hero

Sergeant James Hackemer- photo courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk

There is a song that that hit the charts in 1982 that became quite popular during that time, titled “War is Hell (On the Homefront Too)” . It was written by Curly Putman, Bucky Jones and Dan Wilson, and was recorded by T.G. Sheppard in 1982.

The song does not necessarily depict the life of the war hero this article is about, but the title, which is the chorus of the song, could depict the tragic way his life ended. However, from all reported accounts, this young man would not have said that.

Sergeant James Hackemer’s life ended yesterday when he fell from a roller coaster at a theme park in Syracuse, New York. Seartgeant Hackemer was enjoying an outing at the theme park with his daughters, sisters and other members of the family. His nephew was on the ride with him when the tragedy occurred.

Sergeant Hackemer’s mother, Nancy Hackemer, said:
‘It’s going to help a little bit that he was happy. We shouldn’t have had him for these last three years and four months. After he was hit by the IED, he died once in the field and once on the operating table.’

When discussing the theme park ride, Mrs. Hackemer said:

‘He was assisted on to the ride. He was doing what he wanted to do.’

Mrs. Hackemer also said that the family members are planning a ‘Celebration of Life’ for Sergeant Hackemer.

Reading his mother’s last statement really hit home for me. She did not say the family was planning a funeral for this young hero. She said they are planning a “Celebration of Life”.

I did not personally know this young hero who sacrificed his time and service for my freedoms, but I am saddened that his life ended while he was having a fun outing with his family and friends. He made it through the war- yes, with many adversities along the way, but he made it home alive, only to die while having fun. So as I sit, lamenting this young man’s life with a chorus about war being hell on the home front too, I can imagine that he would prefer we sing something along the lines of, “Life’s A Dance”.

It is quite obvious that this young hero did not allow his great loss to stop him from getting out in the world and having fun. In fact, he died… having fun.

I think we could all take a hint from Sergeant Hackemer life, and death. He is a hero in many ways. Yes, he was a brave soldier that fought for our freedoms. But he lived his life to the fullest until the day he died. He never allowed his adversities to hold him back.

May you rest in peace, Sergeant Hackemer. This nation needs many more people with your tenacity. Thank you for your service. It was not in vain!

Oh Say Can You See

I remember several years ago while looking to buy a house the realtor kept bring up properties that had HOA’s (Home Owners Association). I told her don’t even worry about pulling the files on the properties. I knew then that it would just cause grief and trouble if someone tried to tell me what I could do on the property I paid for.

In a single day I read two separate news reports where an HOA is being tyrannical and downright un-American. In one case the HOA is demanding that Fred Quigley- a veteran who fought in Korea and Vietnam- take down his flag pole. Mr. Quigley  proudly flies the flag that he so honorably served, the flag of The United States of America, on this pole.

In the other case, the HOA has halted construction on the home that was to be built by Homes for Our Troops for Sgt. 1st Class Sean Gittens who was paralyzed by an IED.

The HOA in Macedonia, Ohio told Mr. Quigley (I am sorry I could not find out the rank he attained or I would address him as such) he could fly his flag from a stanchion from his home but Mr. Quigley would not hear of it. In a statement concerning the matter, he stated:

“To me, a flagpole is a thing of boldness and is substantial. Putting a flag on your house is like putting a wreath on your door. It doesn’t mean as much.”

The HOA even stated that “landscapers have to work around it” and it would require electricity to be ran to the pole for illumination. OH MY GOSH! A landscaper would have to do what he is paid to do and run a line to the pole for a light. I was actually surprised that the HOA knew that flag etiquette deems that the flag be illuminated in the event it is flown at night.

I am proud to say that Mr. Quigley’s community have rallied around him. Many of his supporters gathered together with him as The American Legion performed a Flag Raising Ceremony at Mr. Quigley’s flag pole.

Sgt. Gittens and his family have been up against a very determined HOA. The HOA in the Evans, Georgia neighborhood have stated that because the Gittenses’ house would be smaller than most of the houses in the area, it would bring down property values even though the house exceeds the minimum square footage. The HOA even had the audacity to request that they build a second story on the house. REALLY?! A disabled veteran who is bound to a wheelchair or bed at all times should be required to build a second story?! The Gittens Family decided to build their new home elsewhere to end the conflict. Homes For Our Troops will now be able to build a home for the good Sgt. And his family without having to battle the HOA the entire time.

John Gonsalves, president and founder of Homes for Our Troops, made a statement saying:

“This home is about freedom and independence adapted to the Gittenses’ needs, but it’s also about roots. Luckily we can enjoy the [American] dream because of people like Sgt. Gittens. So who deserves it more than him?”

I would personally like to take these HOA presidents behind the woodshed and give them a few lessons on how to honor our veterans and OUR flag. There should be no other held in higher regards than those who have put his/her life on the line to defend our great nation and/or do her bidding. It is because of these individuals that we have the freedoms we have today. All of our freedoms have been bought and paid for with the literal blood, sweat, tears of our great men and women who make up our great military. Many have even given their very lives so that you might be free today.

July 4 Update: Ohio Veteran Wins Fight To Fly American Flag On Pole Outside His House


For those of you that own firearms, train hard and well and teach those that do not know how.
Be good stewards of the right to bear arms, for we are the last line of defense against tyranny.

-Benjamin Wallace



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