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Christian Ministry Leaves “Christ” Behind

After sixty years of ministry, one of the most recognized Christian ministries is dropping Christ from their name.

Campus Crusade for Christ International announced that it will change the name of its U.S. Operations to “Cru” early next year.

Steve Sellers, the vice president for Campus Crusade for Christ, said:

“We felt like our name was getting in the way of accomplishing our mission.”

He added that the ministry will still be committed to “proclaiming Christ around the world.”

According to Mr. Sellers, researchers found that 9 percent of Christians and 20 percent of non-Christians were alienated by the name Campus Crusade for Christ.

In 1951, Bill and Vonette Bright founded the organization which has grown to a staff of 25,000 members in 191 countries. Bill Bright died in 2003, but Mrs. Bright posted a video online giving her support of the name change.

Mr. Sellers stated:

“When Bill Bright started the organization, he told his wife that someday they would have to change the name. As early as the late ’70s and ’80s he was looking at making the name change.”

Mr. Sellers said there are several reasons for the name change, one of which is overseas sensitivities, specifically to the word “crusade”

“Our name was becoming more and more of a hindrance. It’s reverted back to some of its meaning related to the Middle Ages – forcing Christianity on different parts of the world.”

That addresses one part of the name change, but what about the part where they remove the name of Christ from the organization name? The Campus Crusade for Christ website states:

“We were not trying to eliminate the word Christ from our name. We were looking for a name that would most effectively serve our mission and help us take the gospel to the world. Our mission has not changed. Cru enables us to have discussions about Christ with people who might initially be turned off by a more overtly Christian name. We believe that our interaction and our communication with the world will be what ultimately honors and glorifies Christ.”

But that decision has not set well with many evangelical Christians. Many Christians are standing up and voicing their disgust with the organization for giving in to political correctness.

But Mr. Sellers defends the removal of Christ’s name from the organizations name, and denied that they are giving in to political correctness, saying:

“It has nothing to do with political correctness.  It has everything to do with how we can be effective at what God has called us to do. Most churches don’t have Christ in their name. Hardly any other Christian organization has Christ in their name. People are making an issue out of something that isn’t the intent at all.”

He added that it is “more important that the organization is effective at proclaiming Jesus than it is important to have the name of Jesus in the name of the organization.”

He also emphasized the fact that the mission of the organization has not changed, saying:

“We are an evangelistic organization that is committed and has been committed and will be committed to proclaiming Christ around the world.”

Cru, the new name of the organization, has been a nickname for the organization on university campuses. Sellers said of this:

“Much like lots of brand names they don’t necessarily have meaning in and of themselves. It is a name we intend to give meaning so that when people hear it they know that it’s a caring group of Christians who are passionate about lifting up the name of Jesus.”

The Bible states things a bit differently.

Matthew 10:33 says:

“…but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.”

Mr. Sellers may be fooling himself, but he is not fooling God, nor anyone else who stands on the Word of God. Jesus made it very clear- if you deny me, I will deny you! A “caring group of Christians who are passionate about lifting up the name of Jesus” is what Mr. Sellers intends to portray with the new name, but the organization has taken out the name of the person he is supposedly passionate about lifting up.

2 Timothy 2:12 says,

“if we endure, we shall also reign with him; if we deny him, he also will deny us.”

Mr. Sellers and the organization would not endure. They gave in to political correctness whether they want to admit it or not.

Luke 21:17 says:

“You will be hated by all for my name’s sake.”

God specifically tells us that we will be hated for proclaiming His name. It is very doubtful He will accept the explanation of Mr. Sellers and the organization. If Mr. Sellers is correct, and Mr. Bright “knew” that one day they would have to change the name of the organization, many questions come to mind about the true mission of the organization. Do they now, and did Mr. Bright just want to be accepted by the world? If the mission of the organization is “proclaiming Christ around the world”, taking the name of Christ out of the organization is an oxy-moron.

Mr. Sellers said:

Cru enables us to have discussions about Christ with people who might initially be turned off by a more overtly Christian name.

If someone is “turned off” by the name of Christ, the name Cru is not going to magically open their eyes to the grace and love of Christ. This explanation is an obvious attempt to appease, but does nothing more than show the true intent behind the name change. In Mr. Seller’s own words:

“Our name was becoming more and more of a hindrance.”

In Mr. Seller’s explanation, he says that the name “Crusade” reminds people of the Middle Ages when people were forced into the practices of Christianity. If that were true, they would have kept the name of Christ, and only dropped “Crusade” from the name.

Mr. Sellers said:

“We believe that our interaction and our communication with the world will be what ultimately honors and glorifies Christ.”

The question that should be asked of Mr. Sellers is how can you glorify and honor Christ when you take His name out of your work?

Texas Allows Students to Defend Themselves

Texas FlagThe Guardian.uk reported a story on Texas’ allowing students to defend themselves from thugs, rapists and psychos like the one that killed 32 students at Virginia Tech. Imagine if just one of those students had a self-defense weapon.

University administrators strongly opposed the measure that the Texas State House passed. It is likely that they fought against it not out of concern for the safety of their students, but instead to defend the liberal stance that no one needs weapons – except criminals – an important voting block of the democratic party.

In an ironic turn, the Republican Senate is expected to pass the measure as part of the funding bill for colleges and universities. Once it passes, holders of concealed handgun licences will be allowed to carry weapons into public building on college campuses and  in the rest of the state of Texas.

According to the Guadrian.uk article, “The senate’s 12 Democrats had mostly worked together to block the measure but were powerless to stop it on Monday when a majority in the 31-member chamber got it added to the spending bill as an amendment.”

Although supporters rightly point out that this is a self-defense and guns rights issue, elitists such as the UT System chancellor, Francisco Cigarroa, wrote to politicians and Governor Rick Perry voicing concerns that the measure will lead to more campus crime and suicides – a blatant attempt to continue using scare tactics that are entirely based in mis-truths.

If someone is going to commit a crime or contemplate suicide, a gun is not the enabler. Someone considering committing a crime among a population of possibly armed victims – will consider finding some lesser-defended targets. That’s the beauty of defending oneself combined with concealed carry – the criminals have no idea who might just pull out a gun and end their illustrious career.

If you grew up in Texas, as I did, guns aren’t scary. We’ve known for a good long time that the only hands that gun laws keep guns out of .. are victims. Criminals will go wherever and do whatever to get them or will use other methods. Gun control is just that – yet another control mechanism.

To accentuation the validity of the arguments being made against gun ownership, the Guadian.uk had this nugget of wisdom to share:

Concealed handgun licence holders in Texas are allowed to skip metal detectors in the state capitol. Perry made headlines for shooting a coyote on a morning jog last year.

I didn’t even have to edit that together. Those two sentences were butt-to-butt in the same paragraph. Is going through a metal detector with a concealed handgun getting coyote’s killed or enabling Perry in some way?  Who knows?

Texas’ Governor Perry has said he supports the campus guns measure and is expected to sign it into law if it reaches his desk.


Taxpayers are paying People Millions to Teach Stupidity

I have absolutely come to believe that I live in a nation where millions of American citizens must be voluntarily taking stupid pills. There can be no other explanation for the allowance of all the stupid ideas and idiotic practices that are being tolerated or, worse yet, accepted by many American taxpayers. From this country’s liberal political arena, to many of this country’s “places of higher learning” (i.e., colleges and high schools) stupid is being tolerated on unprecedented levels.

In what is supposed to be our Nation’s hallowed halls of Congress, politicians are doing anything but what is hallowed—and many people in this country have no problem with that! Now I understand that this nation has always had some “loony-tunes” in the political arena. And I also understand that there have always been a few citizens on the fringe who have supported these political weirdoes. The problem we are having today in this nation is that there are a lot of people who are blindly supporting the liberal ideologies that have permeated many aspects of American life.

In many of our nation’s colleges and high schools professors/teachers are allowed to teach (i.e., spew out) things that would have been considered “crazy-man talk” (by a vast majority of Americans) in days gone by. Some of the most ridiculous philosophies imaginable are being passed off as higher learning in many of America’s schools.

This nation has way too many socialistic college (and even high school) teachers pushing and forcing (not truthfully teaching) ridiculous political or philosophical babblings without being held accountable for their absurdity. We have literally thousands of professors in colleges who are promoting (not teaching) socialism, communism, fascism and even terrorism as though they are a good thing. A professor at a Brooklyn College was recently fired for promoting openly Palestinian bombers in his classroom.

A dentist or doctor who teaches, promotes or practices dangerously stupid medical ideas is arrested and has their medical license revoked. A semi-driver who teaches, promotes or practices dangerous driving procedures is stopped from being allowed to not only drive but liable for teaching or promoting unsafe driving practices. An airplane pilot who teaches and/or practices unsafe flying procedures soon loses his license, and is definitely not allowed to teach others in an educational environment. And yet we have a nation full of college professors who are not only teaching young, naïve, vulnerable college students many stupid (and sometimes dangerous) anti-American philosophies and ideologies, they are openly practicing them without really being held responsible. Occasionally you hear or read of some fruit-cake professor being fired for not be correct or factual for something they taught, but that is the exception rather than the rule.

True-blooded American Patriots need to put a stop to all this taxpayer supported “educational” foolishness. Just as we need to end taxpayer supported abortions, things done in the name of “art” and “public” (i.e., liberal) television and radio. Below is a partial list of the some of the idiotic things that we the taxpayer are “supporting” through our tax monies.

Literature and Language

These courses will help you learn to do a wide variety of things, from conversing with the elves of Lord of the Rings to analyzing the deeper meanings of zombies and vampires in popular literature.

  • Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular “Logic” on TV Judge Shows: Ever felt like the plaintiffs on TV judge shows have some pretty questionable logic? This class addresses that subject directly, allowing students to pull apart courtroom excuses just like Judge Judy. [University of California, Berkeley]
  • The Adultery Novel In and Out of Russia: Who doesn’t love a good tale of adultery? This class asks students to consider it as a literary theme, however racy or immoral it may be. [University of Pennsylvania]
  • The Vampire in Literature and Cinema: The growing popularity of vampires in popular media should make many students out there pretty jealous they can’t take this class focusing on the infamous bloodsuckers. [University of Wisconsin]
  • Invented Languages: Klingon and Beyond: You don’t have to be a sci-fi nerd to appreciate the subject matter in this course at the University of Texas focusing on the reasons, rules, and social realities of created languages. [University of Texas, Austin]This course was taught by the world’s foremost expert on this language, who was even a consultant to the makers of the films. While not practical, it certainly speaks to super fans of the series. [University of Wisconsin]
  • Harry Potter Lit: If you want to appreciate the Harry Potter novels as more than just a fun read, head to The Ohio State University to spend good money exploring the larger themes within the seven book series. [The Ohio State University]
  • Those Sexy Victorians: While sexy usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an era shocked by the sight of ankle, this course delves into the interest in sexual matters behind the prudish exterior during the Victorian era. [Ole Miss]
  • The Living and UnDead: An Inquiry into Zombies in Cinema and Literature: While you might often feel like a zombie stumbling to your early morning classes, this course takes a deeper look at what is so fascinating and horrifying about these brain-craving monsters. [Ole Miss]


Learn about the aspects of history that are often overlooked in these courses:

  • The Phallus: Explore the role this part of the male body has played in society from the early, often sexist, works of Freud to newer feminist theories. [Occidental College]
  • American Degenerates: Learn more about the relationship between writers and early Americans and their sense of personal identity in this course. [Brown University]
  • Comparative History of Organized Crime: While the streets may be education enough for real gangsters, this course aims to teach students about the history and culture of the mafia around the world. [Williams College]
  • European Witchcraft: While so-called witches are still around today, you can learn about the origins of what people thought were witches and the often extreme and illogical measures they took to get rid of them. [Oneonta College]
  • Sex, Rugs, Salt, & Coal: Not only does this course have a snappy name, it also is full of topics students find compelling, including sex, slavery, money, and more. [Cornell University]
  • Age of Piracy: Johnny Depp’s kooky but sexy Jack Sparrow has gotten many students interested in learning more about the pirating arts, and this course offers them the chance to take a look at the much less appealing, real-life lives of pirates. [Arizona State University]

Sociology, Psychology, and Anthropology

Gain a deeper understanding of social and cultural issues through these courses on often touchy subjects:

  • The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil: This course examines a question that many people ask themselves–how can good people do bad things? [Massachusetts Institute of Technology]
  • Border Crossings, Borderlands: Transnational Feminist Perspectives on Immigration: Here you can understand what feminists think about immigration. [University of Washington]
  • The American Vacation: Study your vacation time more closely with the knowledge this historical and social course offers. [University of Iowa]
  • Mail Order Brides? Understanding the Philippines in Southeast Asian Context: As off-putting as it sounds to most people, mail order brides are a real thing, and students at this prestigious university can learn why the phenomenon exists and is so prevalent in the Philippines through this course. [Johns Hopkins University]
  • Whiteness: The Other Side of Racism: This course teaches students about their role as white members of society and has been much criticized for promoting guilt about students’ race. [Mount Holyoke College]
  • Alien Sex: Explore the weird, wild and depraved aspects of sex between humans and monsters alike. [University of Rochester]
  • Daytime Serials: Family and Social Roles: Students in Wisconsin can take this course that explores the familial relationships of characters on soap operas–essential for those who just can’t get enough of their programs. [U of Wisconsin]
  • It’s the End of the World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine): While we all hope the world won’t be ending anytime soon, this course explores the variety of Armageddon scenarios out there and why we’re so obsessed with the end of it all. [Alfred University]
  • Purity and Porn in America: Through this course, students can learn about the role between sexuality and modesty–taking a hard look at the way it’s dealt with in modern society. [Alfred University]
  • UFOs in American Society: If you’re the Fox Mulder type, then you’ll be jealous of students at Temple University who get to learn more about the role of UFOs in popular culture in this course. [Temple University]
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Revolting: You might think you know what is revolting and what’s not, but this course offers to teach you what it really means to be disgusting, shameful, and pitiful–among other things. [Alfred University]


Make your science education a little more interesting with these courses that draw on sexuality, garbage, and fiction for inspiration:

  • The Science of Superheroes: While it might sound like fun and games, this course takes superheroes as a means to teach students real lessons about physics. [University of California, Irvine]
  • The Science of Harry Potter: Unicorns and magical spells might not be real, but this course addresses the magical happenings of the Harry Potter series through a scientific lens, applying physics to things like quidditch. [Frostberg State University]
  • Joy of Garbage: While it might sound like an ideal course for clutter bugs, this course is actually designed to teach students how to manage garbage and encourage them to make less waste and recycle more. [University of California, Berkeley]
  • “Far Side” Entomology: The much-beloved Far Side comics form the basis for this course that addresses the relationship between people and insects. [Oregon State University]
  • Facial Reconstruction: This course isn’t so much ridiculous as it is weird, being one of the few in the country that teaches students how to puzzle together the bones of the face to help figure out the identity of recovered remains. [University of Montana]
  • The Amazing World of Bubbles: No, this course isn’t about bubble baths or even bubble wrap. Instead, it explores the energy potential of the bubble. [California Institute of Technology]
  • Fem-Sex: Women of all ages and orientations enrolled in this course, teaching women about different definitions of sex, orgasms, sexual norms, and even taboos like incest. [Carleton College]

With all the ridiculous stuff that is being taught in many of America’s colleges these days it is absolutely the grace of God which has been keeping this country from becoming a hell-bent, hedonistic country. A hundred years ago these anti-American, anti-God, anti-morality college professors would have been arrested for treason. Two hundred years ago many of them would have been hunted down for promoting and practicing witchcraft-like philosophies. I truly believe that if the Founding Fathers had the ability to see the future there would have added an addendum to the Amendment dealing with freedom of speech which would have limited freedom of speech for anti-American, anti-constitutional liberals who teach, promote, or support the likes of communists, Marxists, fascists, socialists and even terrorists.

And what is really sad is the fact that not only do all these anti-capitalistic, anti-American (i.e., unpatriotic) pro-Marxist/fascist/communist/socialist professors and students spew out their political rhetoric in many college campuses paid for with Capitalistic (i.e., taxpayers) monies, many of these students are only in college because of the financial donations of big, rich capitalistic business owners.

Conservative American taxpayers not only need to put a stop to supporting all these anti-American, anti-constitutional college philosophies with their tax dollars, Americans must unite and simply put an end to these types of anti-American teachings all-together—especially if they are supported by the our tax money. Americans who love this country need to seriously start cleaning house. Instead of allowing logical truth and moral and political absolutes to determine right from wrong, we have allowed political correctness to determine right from wrong, and good from evil. I believe we need to start calling out these anti-American, anti-constitutional, tree hugging, whale saving, baby killing professors and teachers for what they are; people purposely trying to destroy the very moral fiber (God and His ways) that this country was founded on.

“The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.”
-John Quincy Adams 6th US President and son of John Adams



Garth Brooks to Obama: I’m Shameless

“I think he’s trying his heart out. I love him to death!”

This quote came from someone that I would have least expected it to come from, especially about the person that was being discussed.

The once legendary country music star Garth Brooks is the person who said these words. The person he spoke so highly of is President Barack Obama. When I heard this very recent interview, you could have knocked me over with a feather, I was so shocked! It appears as though Mr. Brooks “fully” supports the President.

I am sure many people reading this may wonder why I am so surprised that a celebrity would be so enamored with the President. Throughout the campaign most of Hollywood has stumbled over themselves to make sure the world knew of their undying love for him.

However, most country music stars are more Conservative in their political views. Yes, I did say most country music stars, because I do realize that there are some who have been in country music who are far from Conservative. Oh, let me think- one group that comes to mind is The Dixie Chicks. I do find it interesting that with the exception of a couple of compilation albums of the “Greatest Hits” re-released, the Dixie Chicks have pretty much fallen off the face of the earth. Could it be because most country music fans tend to be more Conservative in their views, and when Natalie Mains went on her condemning rant of President George W. Bush many of their fans refused to support them any longer?

Now, I must admit, as a lady who absolutely loves country music, I was a Garth Brooks fan for many years. Notice I said was a Garth Brooks fan! I find his past behavior a bit neurotic- retiring, coming out of retirement, releases an album with an alias identity, going back into retirement, and now evidently he is back out of retirement and doing shows in Las Vegas. Maybe there is a reason for all of his confusion and indecisiveness.

It seems that maybe his confusion was caused by something none of us could have ever imagined. It appears to have been a very well-kept secret up until this point. But it appears as though the true object of his deep, soulful crooning from the very depths of his heart have been finally revealed. Strangely, it’s actually all beginning to make sense now!

Garth Brooks loves President Obama- to death! Wow! That is a very deep and soulful admission, Mr. Brooks!

While I supported President George W. Bush in a lot of his policies, there were many I did not. One thing I do love about President Bush- I never once doubted his love for this country and his commitment to keep her safe. Did I always agree with everything he did and every decision he made? Absolutely not! And I most certainly have never said, “I love him to death!”

So, in thinking about this latest interview with Mr. Brooks, I really began to think long and hard about some of his song lyrics! The song that comes to mind that seems to speak the true feelings of Garth Brooks’ heart is his seventh Number 1 hit “Shameless”, which was on his album Ropin’ The Wind. The song itself was released on September 10, 2001.

Things are starting to actually make a lot of sense now! Billy Joel is actually the one who wrote the lyrics of “Shameless”.  And it has been no secret at all that Billy Joel is a very strong supporter of Barack Obama!

Barack Obama graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991. He then returned to Chicago, where that same year, he accepted a two-year teaching position as Visiting Law and Government Fellow at the University of Chicago Law School.

One can only assume, now that Garth Brooks’ true feelings for Mr. Obama have been revealed, that maybe the fateful crossing of their paths happened when Garth Brooks was touring around the country giving concerts and promoting his albums to sell out crowds. Who would’ve known?! The name Barack Obama was not known to many people at all, outside of his circle of questionable friends.

So, in light of this recent interview, the lyrics of the song “Shameless” most definitely shed new light to the situation.

“Well I’m shameless when it comes to loving you”
Garth Brooks most certainly showed no shame at all in his love and support of President Obama. While many of those who previously supported him in his campaign have recently come out to say they no longer support him, Garth Brooks says he “loves him to death!” I certainly do not hear any shame in his words or voice with that statement!

“And I’m standing here for all the world to see”
Garth Brooks most certainly stood for all the world to see his undying love for the President that many have referred to as “the worst President in the history of this nation”.  It most certainly makes you wonder about the judgment of a man who “fully supports” a President who has made countless poor decisions- or, should I say indecisions in his still ongoing presidency.

“And I’m changing, swore I’d never compromise”
Garth Brooks… or is it Chris Gaines... certainly knows a lot about changing!  He’s retiring. He’s not retiring. He is no longer Garth Brooks. He’s Chris Gaines. Oh, wait! No! He is Garth Brooks! But, now Garth Brooks is retiring. Again. Oh, but wait! Now Garth Brooks is coming out of retirement yet again and now taking his show to Vegas!

“I’ve never had so much to lose
Oh, I’m shameless.

Well, Mr. Brooks, you do have a lot of fans to lose! I can assure you that most country music fans are hard-working, tax-paying citizens of a country they love! They are watching a man who calls himself the leader of the free world do nothing but work to put this nation into bondage and slavery! And you “fully support him”? You “love him to death”? You may be shameless, but I am most assuredly ashamed of you! You had an opportunity to be the voice of your fans and let the President know that he is destroying the working men and women of this nation! Unemployment is unsightly! He places a moratorium on our off-shore drilling, thereby taking away even more jobs; yet, he goes to Brazil and does everything he can to boost their off-shore drilling! Yes, Mr. Brooks, I am deeply ashamed of you, and for you!

“You know it should be easy for a man who’s strong
To say he’s sorry or admit when he’s wrong

Mr. Brooks, will you admit that you are wrong in this? I highly doubt it! How unfortunate! Maybe your next career should be politics! You will fit right in with the elitism, hypocrisy and butt-kissing! Because it will surprise me if you are able to sell enough tickets in Vegas to say you even have a career after your shameful statements!

“Oh, I’m shameless, shameless as a man can be
You make a total fool of me
I just wanted to you to know.”

No… Mr. Obama did not make a fool of you, Mr. Brooks. YOU did that all by yourself! I hope it was worth just wanting to let him know so all the world could see!

Yes, Mr. Garth Brooks… you are indeed shameless! To quote another song that was not written by you, but one that you ended many of your concerts with…..

“A long, long time ago…
I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile.”

I will try to smile when I remember the Garth Brooks I knew and loved once before… a long, long time ago. Your music did most certainly make me smile! Now, it will only make me sad to wonder if you ever believed in the people who supported you and your music career- the hard-working American people! Because if you truly believed in us you would know for certain that we do not fully support the decisions of Barack Obama! He is destroying this nation and everything she stands for! Your “words of undying love and encouragement” only spur him on more! Thanks for nothing!

“But something touched me deep inside
The day the music died.
So bye-bye,
Ms. American Pie…”
Yes, something has touched me deep inside- deep down inside my heart that aches for this nation! She is becoming a mere shadow of what I grew up knowing and loving! When I heard you “stand for all the world to see” how much you supported the man who has called the God-fearing citizens of this country his enemies I am ashamed to say I ever supported you!

Bye, bye, Ms. American Pie! This country as we have known is disappearing! And bye, bye, Garth Brooks! I can no longer support you! You have sold me out, as well as the rest of my fellow citizens who are fighting so diligently for this country we love so dearly! Every day we are standing up and exposing the atrocities from our government- from both sides! You are doing nothing but selling us down the river! You have gained your fame and fortune on the backs of the hard working American citizens who bought your albums and bought very expensive concert tickets to see you perform! I wonder if you will still be shameless when this is all said and done!

Obama - Shameless