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Banding Together Despite Our Differences

Binding Together with One Common Goal

For my friends who’s views and hopes differ,
Here we are, backing multiple candidates for the presidency while attacking our brother’s favorite.
Or attacking the President himself.

We all feel very strongly about our nation.
We are all patriotic, and love freedom and one another.
If we don’t come to a place, where we learn to meet in the middle and compromise, this ship will go down.

I just keep picturing the crew of a big ship bickering among one another while it’s literally thrown from wave to wave in a storm, sails tattered, rain and lightening adding to the chaos and confusion.
The only hope in a situation like that is for clear thought and one clear goal to unite the crew amidst the turmoil.
The goal – SURVIVAL.

We must share political facts and opinions in such a way that we have no regrets.

We can never regret sharing truth, but even truth must be given with a gentle voice and love, or the reader will be distracted by their wounded heart, and ignore the message while trying to recover from the bruise.

What kind of fellow crewmate wounds their brother?♥
We need to be sorry if we caused moments of pain for others, repent of such petty behavior, and mature a little.

I weep for my nation.
Oh yes, I weep even now as I type, from the depths of my heart, because America is in a downward spiral.

The most recent decision of our president to block the Keystone Pipeline progress is so grievous.
Energy independence and twenty-thousand jobs.
Fact: it would have been good for twenty thousand families to have work again.
Fact: it would have been good to send a message to the Middle East; “We don’t need to nurse from your breast for energy.”

But there are more things going on behind the scenes that threaten the health of this nation and we need an amazing leader to pull us out of – not a ditch – but a whirlpool.
We are spinning down down down…on the verge of drowning.

If we have President Obama for four more years, pray that he learn to lean on God for his decisions. Pray he be able to bear his burden with grace, and pray that his goal mirror ours.

If we have another President, pray that he also be humble enough to bow the knee, knowing in his heart that he cannot do the job on his own.

Pray that he be the kind of man that – instead of pointing out our differences – will focus on the things that make us ONE nation under God, and will teach us to work as a team.

A team is made of the best of the best.
Many strong entities that come together with their similar talents to do a great thing.

This country must remain a refuge for those seeking freedom from oppression.

How are we going to band together to accomplish that?

Not by attacking eachother’s favorite political players.
But by uniting behind the common goal and working hard to achieve it while being loving, and polite to one another.

It’s a work in progress.
But it is not a work that should be abandoned.
If we abandon the work, then we abandon one another.
To abandon one another, is to abandon our country.
If we abandon our country, what refuge for brotherhood is left?

No refuge.
And now we’ve abandoned orphans, widows, and men without a country who were seeking …

Is that the country you want?

A team is made of the best of the best.
Many strong entities that come together with their similar talents to do a great thing.
So let’s do it.
Stop the bickering, and save the ship.


My idea of the perfect dog is one that will protect my family. One that will be vigilant over my kids while they play in the yard. One that will die protecting us as members of its pack.

A little more than a week ago, we saw a sign for German shepherd puppies at Wal-Mart. Perfect. We called the people and went to the house to see the dogs. My son is 4 years old and has never really spent a lot of time around animals, so he was a little nervous seeing all the puppies.

The people who owned the dogs had the adults put away, but they went to get the female to give us an idea of what the puppies would look like as grown-ups. The dame came out and, immediately alerted with the strangers near her pups, she barked and half charged and was doing a double take because of the owners yelling at her.

My son was screaming, which just added to the melee. I scooped him up and extended my arm toward the dog in a “Halt!” gesture. Tommy had his arms and legs wrapped around me tighter than ever before in fear.

By now the owners had the dog headed back inside, but to my boy all he could say was “She had big teeth.” In his little view of it, all he knew was that a large set of teeth were coming at him.

All the puppies were inside a large shelter with straw on the floor. Tommy and I walked in there, and the puppies, being what they are, swarmed all over him. He asked me, “Are they going to eat me?” I said, “Of course not. They want to play.”

I thought it was funny hearing him ask that. It cracked me up. But now, more than a week later, I’ve had some time to think about that. There was my son, who I love more than anything, walking into a den of strange, big-toothed animals that scared him, and he thought he was going to be eaten and die in so much as he could comprehend such acts, and yet he trusted me enough to brave it anyway and stand his ground. He trusted that I would protect him and preserve his life. He believed his father would keep him from any harm.

We got one of the puppies, a fine mellow animal, and we are molding her into a member of our pack. We have to teach her the rules of the house and how to behave. We have to reward and punish her behavior.

Now I put this into the context of what is going on with illegal immigration. We are trusting our government to protect us from the big teethy problems that are coming at our nation from all sides. It is impossible to comprehend that the government would not protect the lives of its citizens any more than my son thinking I would not protect him. I will never abuse that trust, as the people in Washington, D.C., should never abuse ours. Our leaders should be stepping over themselves to protect this nation, to secure our lives and ensure that we are not having our throats ripped out.

Unfortunately, they have been on autopilot in D.C., too busy doing polls and making PowerPoint slide shows to get out on the ground and actually solve any problems. They have the mentality of, “If we make a law, it will be OK.” But without enforcement of the law, it is meaningless.

Too much attention is put on the fuzzy helpful worker that came here to make some money and have a better life. But let’s not forget about all those who have the teeth and are here to cause harm, to destroy lives and take what they can – with no regard of being a part of the pack.