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Scott Brown Needs You

Lest we forget, Scott Brown is still running against Elizabeth Warren – she-with-the-questionable-native-family-roots. Thanks to an agreement to exclude SuperPAC ads in this campaign, the wolves are being held salivating at the gates on this one. So what does this mean? Scott Brown needs you!

Of course, ABC decided to pontificate on the pros and cons of a SuperPAC-free campaign. Personally, I see it as an opportunity to place real issues center-stage. Special interest groups tend to focus on their own little corners of the political world, and spend their money accordingly. Brown can control the narrative of his campaign, and has a relatively free hand to prevent it from degenerating into a pissing contest centered on Warren’s collective nonsense.

There was much screaming from the left over the Citizens United ruling that allowed the rise of the SuperPAC in the first place. And even though it hasn’t been that long, the GOP seems to have become far too dependent on corporate participation in campaigns. The Brown campaign offers us the opportunity to show everyone once and for all that we can still win without the help of the big bucks and special interest advertising. This can be an ideological campaign, and it can win on the merit of what Brown wants to do for Massachusetts.

That is how you win a campaign on conservative values, pure and simple. But, in order to do this, he needs money to get that message to his constituents. No SuperPAC advertising means that everything is on the Brown campaign. And while out-of-state organizations may not participate in this campaign, out-of-state individuals may contribute (within the limits permitted, of course.) So….

Please Contribute to Scott Brown 2012

On a personal note, I used to write for a liberal editor from Massachusetts. We still keep in touch from time to time. Please, don’t give him the opportunity to pick on me about Scott Brown losing in November!! I really don’t like it when the few liberal friends I still have can do that sort of thing! Thanks!

Big Gov't Liberal Posing as a Republican in Wisconsin

Tommy Thompson poses with Obama HHS Sec. Sebilius and Daschle

  Former Governor Tommy Thompson, pictured at the left,  is running for the U.S. Senate in 2012 as a Republican, yet when we look at his more recent actions he looks like a big government liberal, as opposed to being any form of conservative Republican. According to Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund , we see just what this supposed Republican’s views actually are, as to what he feels the size and scope of the  U.S. government should be. The following truths epitomize the name RINO, or Republican In Name Only that we see used so often today to describe big government loving Republicans. Wisconsin conservatives would be well-served in heeding the following info-bytes from DeMint’s SCF, and vote for the true conservative in the Wisconsin U.S. Senate race in 2012, Mr. Mark Neumann  who will fight for the principles of freedom that make America great.

Mr. Neumann has solid conservative credentials, as opposed to Tommy Thompson apparent love for all things big government:

    •    Mark’s first job was working on a farm.  For 25 years he owned and operated a construction company that created hundreds of private sector jobs. Served in Congress from 1995 – 1999 and was rated Wisconsin’s  most conservative member of congress of the last 30 years. Mr. Neumann also taught math in Wisconsin’s public schools and Co-founded three Christian Choice schools.   Demint’s SCF serves up the truth about Tommy Thompson as follows:

When asked earlier this week if he agreed with conservative Gov. Scott Walker’s decision to reject $810 million in federal money to create a high-speed rail line, Thompson said he would have taken the money even though the state cannot afford the operating expenses.
Then, when asked about his views on Gov. Walker’s fight against public-sector collective bargaining, Thompson said he wasn’t sure if he would have stood up to the unions that are bankrupting the state.
Even worse, Thompson said he would oppose right-to-work  legislation in Wisconsin, which would secure the right of workers to decide for themselves whether or not to join and financially support a union.

The 2012 U.S. Senate races are a vital piece of the conservative mission of turning back the Liberal/Socialist agenda of Barack Obama, Nancy , and Harry Reid.  Not only must we remove Liberal Democrats at every chance we get in the 2012 elections across America, but we must also be cognizant of big government Liberals like Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, that are posing as conservatives, when we go to the polls in Nov. 2012.