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Just For The Record, I’m Liking “The Donald”

It’s too early to predict which of the many Republican candidates will survive the campaigning task that’s ahead of them, and one never knows which candidates one will like after some extended exposure, but too many pundits have asked how the public feels about Trump at this point considering the bad press he’s gotten, so with full humility, and speaking only as one of the great unwashed masses out here in fly-over country, I want to share with the world that Donald Trump is looking good to me at this point.  He takes it to the liberals and tells them exactly what he thinks of any situation that arises, and so far his remarks have been on-the-mark and exactly what needs to be said to the party of Obama and the Clintons.  And probably the most favorable things I’ve seen are that he won’t wilt when the liberals come down hard on him, and political correctness is not something he seems to be familiar with.

There are many excellent candidates on the Republican roster this time around (one fears possibly too many to keep track of) but the attacks on Trump by the press, NBC, New York City’s mayor, Macy’s, Univision and even by some conservatives who worry too much about being liked, show how much they fear a conservative who will lash out at America’s political enemies and show no fear under fire.  We probably all wish that Sarah Palin had been able to withstand the attacks she sustained a few years back because she was an excellent candidate, attacks that proved how afraid of her the libs are.  But now we have a plain-speaking candidate in Trump and I find it refreshing and encouraging. Plus, Trump is fun to watch.  He’s bigger than life, and richer, too, and his bombastic approach is constantly entertaining. I hope he sticks around for a while.

'The Donald' Won't Rule Out Running against 'The One'

Billionaire Donald Trump is promoting his new book:

‘Time To Get Tough: Making America #1 Again’

(Great Title, btw)

In the book he reveals that he was/is so serious about challenging Barack Obama for the Presidency that he had the Financial Disclosure documents required to make that run prepared. He is worth an estimated $7 Billion which is much more than most people would have thought, Trump is routinely believed to have inflated his net worth in the past. $3 Billion of his net worth is the ‘Trump’ Brand itself.

Good for him, as a New Yorker would say, He’s done well for himself, I’m happy for him.

Now as to him running, presumably 3rd Party, and ensuring Barack Obama’s Re-Election…

I’ve long said that if Trump runs I will found, manage, spearhead and crush him with a Grass Roots Campaign that I will call:

4/11 Barbers for Truth

I’ve selected the color of 4/11 Barbers for Truth to approximate the odd color of Mr. Trumps variegated locks.

4/11 Barbers for Truth will, once and for all, get to the truth about Mr. Trump’s hairline(s).

  1. Where do they truly begin?
  2. How many of them are there?
  3. Has Melania ever seen him after a shower?
  4. How much of the Federal Budget will be dedicated to Hair Products?
  5. How has he managed to avoid the wind all these years?

I promise you that is only the beginning of the questions we will pursue as vigorously as he avoids windy, rainy days.

Personally, I think he’s just doing what ‘The Donald’ does best; Pimping the Trump Brand.

But it is possible that he thinks a Run for the White House would Burnish the Brand even more. If he runs he will find out that 4/11 Barbers for Truth will be more cutting on his reputation than he can imagine… Edward Scissorhands ain’t got nothin’ on us.

I implore Mr. Trump not to force our hand.