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A Tale of Two Families



If ever you experience a sliver of doubt that leftism is an evil cancer that must be excised as thoroughly as possible for the very survival of our society as a whole, consider these two California families.




The Nikolayev Family

baby takenAnna Nikolayev and her husband Alex watched helplessly as police literally ripped their five month old baby from her arms.  “I’m going to grab your baby and don’t resist and don’t fight me, okay?” one of the officers told her. The reason this family was torn apart was simply because the parents decided to seek a second opinion for their son before subjecting him to open heart surgery. They were not getting adequate care or answers from the doctors, they felt, and so they decided to find better care. As it turns out, the parents were correct. The second doctor confirmed their suspicion that open heart surgery was not an appropriate course of action for this infant. Eager to defend his poor judgement, the original doctor vindictively embroiled this family in a battle for their parental rights that they must continue to fight.

The Morneo/Lobel Family

lesbian parentsPauline Morneo and Debra Lobel are the lesbian parents of eleven year old Thomas, who now goes by the name “Tammy”. When this little boy was three, the mothers taught him sign language because he had a speech impediment. According to Debra and Pauline, Thomas’ first sign told them, “I’m a girl”. Upon making the wildly irrational decision that a three year old has the capacity to determine his “gender identity”, they began raising him as a girl and have now gone so far as to put him on hormones to stop his puberty. Apparently the sign language at age three coupled with the fact that this boy seemed to prefer headbands to baseball caps was enough to prompt these women to seek out doctors willing to implant a hormone suppressant in his arm so he will not experience puberty. Child Protective Services is not involved.

Up is down. Black is white. The world makes no sense. Parents who behave as parents should, like the Nikolayevs, are punished severely, even though they were right all along. Parents who are motivated by a bizarre far leftist agenda and push their son into a lifestyle he has no true concept of and medicate him with drugs that will permanently alter his brain chemistry when he has absolutely no ability to weigh the consequences or consent to such a thing are lauded by their community as “progressive” “heroes”. Yesterday I asked the question “where are we going and why are we in this hand basket?” and indeed, we are not just slouching toward Gomorrah but happily skipping headlong toward its very heart.

We are rationalizing the irrational, punishing what should be celebrated and celebrating what should be punished. We are abandoning facts in favor of feelings. Is it any wonder our families, our children, our freedoms, and our very way of life is slipping away from us? We are facing so many challenges as a country right now, and those who expect to solve them without focusing on our huge moral crisis need a wakeup call. When we decide as a society that morality is not black and white, that the truth is subjective, that values are fluid and ever changing, we cannot expect to reap anything but the disaster we’ve sown.

Middle schoolers learn lesbian kissing, slut identification

Middle schoolers learn lesbian kissing, slut identification

There appears to be some fierce competition among school districts to offer the most morally offensive, age-inappropriate lessons imaginable.
A presentation, ostensibly focused on bullying, at Linden Avenue Middle School in New York included some unbelievable instruction that understandably outraged many parents.
With boys and girls in separate classes, the program revolved around gender and sexual identification. Some of the more egregious examples found in the curriculum included prompting girls to ask each other for same-sex kisses and instructing boys in the art of spotting sluts.
“I am her parent,” one concerned parent said. “Where does anyone get the right to tell her that it’s okay for her to have sex?”
Furthermore, she said college students who “were not licensed” taught the class and wondered why they were allowed to handle such delicate subjects with the impressionable middle schoolers.
District superintendent Paul Finch said the course and others like it are part of the school’s adherence to New York’s Dignity for All Students Act. Still, many individuals are shocked they were not made aware of the potentially disturbing subject matter being presented.
“The school is overstepping its bounds in not notifying parents first and giving us the choice,” another parent added. “I thought it was very inappropriate. That kind of instruction is best left up to the parents.”
Yet another parent said her 13-year-old son was advised by the class’ instructor to always keep a condom in his wallet and to identify women as sluts by, among other factors, their wardrobe.
“We don’t judge people like that in our family,” she said.
In their zeal to wage war on student bullying, instructors and administrators themselves become de facto bullies. Their targets are those young people being raised by traditional parents trying to instill in them a morality the left finds reprehensible and hopelessly outdated.
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If Bill Clinton is “Father of the Year,” Roman Polanski Should Receive “Baby-Sitter of the Century” Award

Bill ClintonIt’s official: Accused rapist, serial philanderer, and law-breaking impeached President Bill Clinton is “Father of the Year.”

Now all America needs to do is give Roman Polanski America’s “Baby-Sitting” award of the century!


For reasons that can only be deemed a-love-of-all-things-immoral-and-licentious, Americans have come to idolize rapists, molesters, murderers, and thugs of every sort.

If you raise your children to be decent, law-abiding people, discipline them with love, teach them that God is real and God loves them, tell them they must achieve what they dream through hard work, don’t expect Americans to hold you in high regard. Morals and values are for old-fashioned idiots.

Case in point: The Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council Inc. declares:

The Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council, Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-commercial, all volunteer association. Our mission is to promote the celebration, observation, and preservation of the holidays Mother’s Day and Father’s Day by focusing on the value of good sound parenting.

I’ve no doubt Bill Clinton loves his daughter, but doesn’t sound parenting and being a good father include fidelity?  Apparently not.


Bill and Monica

Bill hugs Monica

America no longer values traditional values that create functional, well-rounded citizens. Adultery and fathering children by as many women as possible—while living under the same roof with all those women a man sleeps with—is now considered the utmost in upstanding morals.

The left is gushing over their favorite serial molester—after rapist Roman Polanski of course—Bill Clinton, who is receiving the  “Father of the Year” award.  Huffington Post noted that “National Father’s Day Committee chairman Dan Orwig commended the politician and philanthropist.”

USA Today said Orwig gave Clinton the award for his:

profound generosity, leadership and tireless dedication to both his public office and many philanthropic organizations, President Clinton exemplifies the attributes that we celebrate through the Father of the Year award.

Cheating on your wife, being accused of rape, losing your law license after lying under oath, and being impeached is what The Father’s Day Mother’s Day Council considers exemplary characteristics for fathers? No wonder reality TV is promoting single fatherhood and motherhood (16 and Pregnant), as well as fathering as many children as (All My Babies Mama’s) possible, by as many women a man can have sex with, as normal.

Forget traditional fathers and happily married devoted husbands like father of five and grandfather of 15, presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney: That man is over-populating the country! And heaven forbid we award the happily married Catholic Senator Rick Santorum! That father of seven children is a creationist, who supports the War on Terror, is against abortion and gay marriage, demands religious freedom for Christians, and home schools his seven children!

Men like Romney and Santorum are ruining America’s new-found ideology of  “do whatever makes you happy.” We need to look to the scumbags and morons of Hollywood if we want our children to have role models they can look up to.

For instance: Drug-addicted, alcoholic, wife beater Charlie Sheen, who was fired from his TV show “Two and a Half Men,” only to become a national hero by displaying his outlandish and debauched life-style in TV interviews. That led to Americans following Sheen by the tens of thousands on Twitter. It also gave Sheen TV commercials where Sheen makes fun of himself, and now, a new and highly rated TV show “Anger Management,” devoting constant innuendos to Sheen’s real life. Charlie Sheen is an icon to today’s young America.

Next: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who committed adultery together when Pitt was married to actress Jennifer Aniston. Pitt dumped Aniston for mistress Jolie, whom he refuses to marry, but continues to get pregnant, until gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. Pitt and Jolie’s lives are idolized by Americans.

Next we have reality TV’s superstar foul-mouth: The un-wed “Jersey Shore” mother Snooki, who is famous for doing nothing but drinking, partying, brawling, cussing on TV, and excessive tanning and shopping sprees spent on New Jersey taxpayer’s dime. None of this matters to America’s younger generation, who aspire to be more like Snooki (as well as her drunken, party-boy male co-stars), than well-educated leaders like Governor Sarah Palin and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West and Senator Marco Rubio.

America’s youth look up to the likes of rappers, whose songs glorify rape and cop killing, as well as mass murderer Charles Manson, who, over the years, has become an icon to music celebrities and their fans.

So, is it any wonder the man accused of rape, who had sex in the oval office, lied about the affair under oath, was impeached and lost his law license as a result, ignored Osama bin Laden, disqualifying bin Laden as a threat when Clinton had the chance to take the terrorist into custody years before 9/11, is awarded “Father of the Year?”

If rap singers, who shoot people, are glorified, but not condemned by the government gunning for guns, and drug addicts and alcoholics are praised as kool, and adulterers are looked upon as people to aspire to, why on earth aren’t we handing Roman Polanski an award for “Baby-Sitter of the Century?”



To condense into a short essay the reason I’m a conservative is no mean feat. From my perspective In order to represent my reasoning I need to address not only what it is about conservatism that first captured my attention, but also how I believe that the principles of conservatism best suit humankind’s natural inclinations and that of society as a whole.

My initial introduction to what conservatism embodies was through Russell Kirk’s magnum opus “The Conservative Mind”. Kirk’s rendering of conservatism’s legacy fascinated me primarily because I found it to be such a noble heritage and I was intrigued by conservatism’s persistent quest for seeking the high moral ground. Kirk’s book was consistent with other works on conservatism I read in their respect for virtue, humility, tradition, and piety grounded in the natural laws of Judeo-Christian beliefs. I found it interesting how those wonderful values are also very much rooted in the formation of local communities that serve as the building blocks for the world’s greatest civilizations, epitomized by America’s founding. I also came to appreciate that conservatism’s respect for ancestral wisdom has served as a guiding principle for leaders from Burke, Washington, Disraeli, and Lincoln to Churchill, Thatcher and Reagan.

However in keeping with the conservative’s propensity for prudence I’ll do my best to refrain from pontificating too much on conservatism’s rich historical heritage or hazard excluding essential elements. I’ll defer to the more capable writings of doyens such as Kirk or George Nash to impart conservatism’s legacy, or recommend the musings of Hawthorne, Chesterton, Tolkien, Orwell or O’Conner or any of the other many brilliant writers with conservative leanings to express the merits of a conservative mindset through life’s lessons.

I’ve mentioned the influences that led me to conservatism, but it’s more challenging to express how I actually became a conservative. To read about a philosophy and admire its principles is one thing, but it is altogether different to actually embrace it as a beacon for how one conducts their life. So I feel the best vehicle for articulating that thought is through the metaphor of sports. Now I was never what one would characterize as a magnificent athlete, but I certainly wasn’t a “spaz”. I wasn’t gifted enough to play on any of my high school squads (for the record I vied with 2,500 other boys for spots on the squads), but I played basketball, football and baseball in pickup games on sandlots and playgrounds with passion and verve, savoring the thrills and tribulations of each stretched out triple, missed layup or Hail Mary reception.

It always appeared to me that athletics represent a microcosm of the qualities necessary to subsist in life. Athletes must develop and hone their skills, be prepared for sacrifice, dedication, self-discipline and exhibit a competitive spirit. Sports also have a communal quality. Coaches, trainers, teammates, family, friends, fans, and even fellow competitors are part of the athlete’s overall community, support system and sphere of influence. Most sports also have time-honored traditions, rules, modes of behavior and conduct that the participants and officials hold in high esteem and are maintained as much as possible in consideration of changing times and events.

The athlete also has a sense of humility and piety. They realize their gifts are special and more often than not express an appreciation to a higher power for their unique talent. And of course the ultimate goal of any athletic endeavor is the sweet sensation of victory. How many times have we heard the star player humbly declare that they would forego individual accolades for a team championship? This is the attitude of the dedicated competitor who places their team above personal gain, and their individual accomplishments are only fulfilled if their team earns the admiration of their peers as the best in class.

The attributes of sports are analogous to the values of conservatism on many levels. If we dedicate ourselves to our missions in life, take advantage of our God given talents, respect our fellow man’s person and place, appreciate our obligations to those truly in need, contribute to our community, have a sense of humility, pride and piety, learn lessons from our own decisions and those of other’s, and in the course of life’s journey accumulate some property then, whether we know it or not, we’ve led a life of conservative values. Conservatism, like sports, is the anti-entitlement philosophy. We are only entitled to the spoils of that which we have earned, and respectful of those who endeavor toward greatness.

Russell Kirk once characterized the conservative life as that which strives to live a life of grace. He wrote, “A poor man, if he has dignity, honesty, the respect of his neighbors, a realization of his duties, a love of the wisdom of his ancestors, and possibly some taste for knowledge or beauty, is rich in the unbought grace of life.” Although I may not always hit Kirk’s marks in how I conduct my own life, I couldn’t craft a better testament as to why I am a conservative.

Should Cleveland Boy Scouts cave In to United Way gay rights agenda

United Way of Greater Cleveland strips Greater Cleveland Council of the Boy Scouts of America $97,251 funding

When President Obama decided to announce in May his embrace of gay marriage he opened the gate for his political sideline gay supporters and liberal like-minded non-profit funders to weed out organizations that support traditional family values. They zeroed their targets on the Boy Scouts, because of its refusal to cave in to the demands of liberals and gay activists to change their traditional values and biblically-based beliefs.

This was not unique for the organization to stand firm on its 100 plus year-old legacy. In fact it took a June 28th, 2000 “Boy Scouts of America et al. v. Dale” decision from the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the Boy Scouts of America’s right of freedom of association . The decision sanctioned the group’s right to set its own standards for both membership as well as leadership.

But with a wink and a nod from President Obama’s embrace of gay marriage in May of this year, the liberal gay activists were emboldened to decimate the Boy Scouts’ legal Supreme Court constitutionally supported rights. They moved with all deliberate speed to defund organizations, and set their eyes on Cleveland, Ohio’s 100 year old plus organization.

On Tuesday, September 25th, the United Way of Greater Cleveland notified the Greater Cleveland Council of the Boy Scouts of America (GCC) that their $97,251 funding was going to be stripped. This vindictive action would affect 16,000 youth that are served in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties in the Cleveland area, according to the GCC.

Not only that, but, this defunding would critically and adversely, affect the lives of 1,500 at risk low income children in the City of Cleveland, admitted Boy Scout program aide Wardell Cooper, to WKYC-TV News, on Tuesday, September 25th. Cooper, himself, has increased Boy Scout participation in his area of Cleveland from 9 scouts to dozens. That translates into dozens of kids with new hope, who are off of the street and involved in constructive community activities.

The overriding mandated objective of the gay rights agenda is crystal clear to parents of boy scouts and to their supporters. To receive funding, the organization must both abandon their moral principles and adopt the new liberal order or the funder will decimate the children’s future… constitution or no constitution. So there you have it, As of June 30th, 2013, the United Way of Greater Cleveland will eliminate and potentially decimate the opportunity of children, and especially those in many Cleveland urban neighborhoods.

Where are the civil rights advocates from the churches and from the neighborhoods and from the state or the nation who will fight for the children who were engaged in decent law abiding activities? Certainly no support will be forthcoming from the NAACP.

The NAACP has already been bought and sold and peddled their credibility down the river. This summer the organization’s 64-member board adopted a resolution to support gay marriage and tie it to rights guaranteed blacks by the 14th Amendment. So as one can see, the children do not have an advocate in an organization that has sold the children’s future out for 30 pieces of silver from Obama and his gay rights supporters.

But this is the time for parents and advocates of constitutionally protected freedom of association to stand firm! They have to support not only these young boy scouts, but all children who are being forced to subjugate their rights for a political morally challenged purpose.

Ignore the president’s abandonment of the rule of law. Ignore the wails and the ridicule of the LGBT side which seeks to openly delegitimize your embrace of America’s tradition of marriage being between a man and a woman. This is one nation under God and not one nation under Obama!

Where do you draw the line for your family or your children’s future?

Do you draw it at the state border? Do you draw it at the city gate? Do you draw it at the neighborhood line? Do you draw it at your neighbor’s fence? Do you wait until your child no longer has a future? Founding father Benjamin Franklin said in 1759 “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Your children deserve better!

Cleveland’s Boy Scouts are not the first nor will they be the last group to come under the steel jack boot of gay rightist assaults. This should not be a fight to discriminate, rather it is a fight to support founding principles, and not be bullied, threatened, assaulted and stripped of your selfhood.

The red line in the sand is in Cleveland, and it is in any and every town where United Way non-profit funders and their like organizations work to tear down America’s traditional values. When they move to defund a Boy Scouts group, move to defund the funders. Withdraw from their automatic payroll deduction fundraising drives. Examine their big money donors and withdraw your support for their businesses, organizations and services.

When tyranny from any corner of this nation rears its head, it must be met with resistance and not apology, with strength and not appeasement, and with moral discipline and not abdication. This nation’s future is based upon protecting America’s national treasure: its youth.

The Cleveland Boy Scouts and similar Boy Scout organizations around the nation do not need sympathy nor do they need empathy; they need your financial support to continue to assist their stand on principle.

You can support the Greater Cleveland Council of Boy Scouts of America by going to www.gccbsa.org or make checks payable to Greater Cleveland Council, BSA, at 2241 Woodland Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44115.

This is not the end. Parents, you are the first line of defense for your children’s future. As President Abraham Lincoln said in his address to Congress, December 3, 1861, “The struggle of today is not altogether for today — it is for a vast future also. With a reliance on Providence, all the more firm and earnest, let us proceed in the great task which events have devolved upon us.”

Do not let these current events control your children’s future. Join the struggle to insure that there is a tomorrow for your children!

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Review for Last Ounce of Courage by Joseph Harris

Last Ounce of Courage lives up to the billing: A Story of Family, Faith and Freedom. I attended a preview screening of this film Tuesday, August 28 in Laurel hosted by executive producers and writers, Richard and Gina Headrick. Having been close friends with the Headricks for the past 18 years and working with them on various projects, and knowing the quality of their work, my expectations of the film were confirmed and surpassed. It is inspiring and entertaining, but most of all, it is a call to action for patriots to challenge the powers-that-be who would strip away our religious and civic freedoms.
The main character, Bob Revere, played by veteran actor Marshall Teague, is a pharmacist and the part time mayor of a small town which stopped displaying anything pertaining to Christmas years ago. Even the school’s Christmas play has become a winter play with the song Silent Night secularized. It all began years ago when a civil liberties organization forced a local mission to remove a cross from its building.
Bob is a Medal of Honor recipient, a real war hero who knows how to fight, but lost his will to stand after his son was killed in battle overseas. He has been alienated from his daughter-in-law and the son of his son who was killed, until they move back into town. His teen age grandson has questions about the father he never knew and Bob doesn’t want to talk about it. One day, when the topic of why the town no longer celebrates Christmas comes up, the grandson questions Bob and asks why no one will stand up for what’s right. This is the catalyst that gets Bob to thinking. Through a series of events, Bob finds his courage and realizes the importance of standing for what his son died for: freedom. He erects a Christmas tree and other Christmas displays, gets on the news and stirs up a firestorm. The villain in the movie is played by Fred Williamson and he is the representative of an organization like the ACLU and strikes terror in everyone’s heart, except for Bob, who challenges the “unconstitutionality” to celebrate Christmas or have any religious expression on public property.
Bob eventually replaces the cross on the mission and goes to jail, but the town is energized and stands by him to the end. There is a great surprise ending in two sections that no one will anticipate and it really closes out the film with a heart rending challenge to stand for God and liberty.
This film is endorsed by Dr. James Dobson, Chuck Norris, Governor Rick Perry, former Governor Mike Huckabee, and many others.
Pastor, promote this in your church and take a whole group. There is nothing in the film to embarrass you or your church. It is opening in over 1200 theaters nationwide September 14. There are a few exceptions where it is available earlier so go to www.standusa.com/lastounceofcourage for theater locations and ticket information. Joseph Harris