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"The TJ Thompson Show" on CDN Radio

“The TJ Thompson Show” on CDN Radio

When: Monday, May 20th, 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Where: CDN Radio – http://t-j.cc/13D3V4w What:  “The TJ Thompson Show” is an upfront, no-holds-barred program that delivers non-partisan commentary and opinion – no matter how ugly it may be. Tune in every Monday night on CDN Radio as host TJ Thompson delivers 100% honesty. To listen Tues-Fri, Click HERE Tonight:  TJ […]

TJ Thompson

The TJ Thompson Show – A New Era Of Talk Radio (3 Dec, 2012)

About:  With all the talk about the “The Fiscal Cliff”, I will answer many of the questions being asked about it.   What exactly is “The Fiscal Cliff”?  Who is responsible for it?  What will it do to the economy?  When Congress acts, how will that impact your wallet?  And more! . Experience a new […]

TJ Thompson

“The TJ Thompson Show”– Nov. 12th, 2012

“The TJ Thompson Show”–  Nov. 12th, 2012   When: Monday, November 12th @ 9pm ET/6pm PT Where: “The TJ Thompson Show” on CDN Radio Tonight: TJ was in a rude mood, and he Sounded Off about what has happened since election night.  If you missed his YouTube video late last week, increase the attitude by 8 factors of […]

TJ Thompson Electoral Map Prediction

Election 2012: Electoral Map Prediction

We are now just a mere 12 hours away from the polls opening for the election of 2012. See also: LIVE @ 9pm ET – “The TJ Thompson Show” We have trudged through what felt like 2,847 GOP Primary debates.  We’ve experienced Controversies from the Iowa primaries to John Boehner reading “the ‘ayes’ have it” from […]

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“The TJ Thompson Show”– Nov. 5th, 2012

“The TJ Thompson Show”–  Nov. 5th, 2012   When: Monday, November 5th @ 9pm ET/6pm PT Where: “The TJ Thompson Show” on CDN Radio Tonight: It is ELECTION DAY EVE!!   Tonight, TJ gives his predictions for how the election will turn out, which states will be the key states, and what the Senate will look like […]

The TJ Thompson Show – 10/8/2012

. When: Monday, October 8th, 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific Where: The TJ Thompson Show on Blog Talk Radio What: TJ Thompson brings you a combination of news, education, and commentary on politics and government. Tonight: Tonight, host TJ Thompson talks about the growing wealth gap between members of Congress and Average Americans, along with today’s headlines.     ___

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis

9/25/12   TJ Thompson steps in to guest host tonight. TJ is a contributor for Conservative Daily News,  a former US Congressional candidate and campaign adviser. His new show The Big Question, which examines legislative maneuvers and votes in the Senate debuts on the CDNews Network soon. I’ll be back next Sunday. Enjoy TJ as he […]