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TIME Person of the Year : Pope Francis

Pope_Francis_in_March_2013Why? Is He Changing the Church?

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Dec. 11, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — This morning TIME magazine named Pope Francis its person of the year, hailing the head of the Catholic Church as a new voice of global conscience since taking office in March. He is the first non-European pope in nearly 1,300 years, the first Latin American head of the Church and a leading voice for the dispossessed. TIME says he took on a Church beset by scandal and signs of deep internal dysfunction, but there are signs that his popularity is revitalizing it. TIME managing editor Nancy Gibbs said they chose Francis “for pulling the papacy out of the palace and into the streets, for committing the world’s largest church to confronting its deepest needs and for balancing judgment with mercy.”

But is this really new? Did Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict the XVI not care for the poor? Has Pope Francis changed any teachings of the Church? Al Kresta, President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio, host of a daily 2-hour talk show heard on over 250 stations nationwide, and author of the newly-released “Dangers to the Faith: Recognizing Catholicism’s 21st Century Opponents,” is available for interviews and comments on Pope Francis and the future of the Church.

Time Person of the Year – and the winner is….

Barack Obama, of course. That could be considered a minor improvement over romanticizing the stinking, rude, and destructive masses otherwise known as the Occupy Protesters last year. And in minor defense of the Time folks, at least this administration’s “Slut-in-Chief”, Sandra Fluke, didn’t make the short list.

TRF_Mr_Hyde (CC)

TRF_Mr_Hyde (CC)

Of course there were arguably better choices on the table at the end – most notably, Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl that was shot in the head by the Taliban for the terrible crime of suggesting that Muslim women should enjoy the benefits of education. At least 87% of those that bothered to chime in on the voting thought she deserved the recognition. I’d say that’s an indication that there is some degree of hope for humanity in the U.S., but I just have to watch a tag search on Twitter for #p2 for five minutes to realize the truth – this country is populated with liberal sheeple that simply can’t imagine living a life where they are actually responsible for anything.

Why this particular “honor” has remained even remotely close to relevant for all these years speaks volumes about the nature of our populace as well. Now that Barack Obama has gotten the nod twice for this, I think it’s fair to say that he is free game for being compared with previous recipients. So, if the Obama zombies want to celebrate this tiny accomplishment with some sort of twisted orgy, I say have at it! It’s not my problem if you think its a “good” thing to be directly compared with say Adolf Hitler – the Person of the Year in 1938.

Sandra Fluke: Too much for even the earth to bear

We are just days away from finding out who the 2012 TIME Person of the Year will be. You may be surprised to know that one of the 2012 “candidates” —  if chosen as Person of the Year — is literally “too much for even the earth to bear.”

The Person of The Year is considered the person who “most influenced the news this year for better or worse.”

Sandra Fluke, the now-infamous disgruntled Georgetown student who is outraged that the Catholic University “does not provide enough access to birth control pills for female students”, is a candidate for the title this year. Ms. Fluke is described by TIME Magazine as “the target of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s vicious rants.” The magazine goes on to say, “Conservatives painted Fluke as the epitome of liberal entitlement; to liberals, she was a victim of the right’s war on women.”

Victim? A more accurate description is that she is “the political prop” for “The War On Women’s Brains”.

You may be surprised that the real description of Sandra Fluke was written sometime between the 10th and 6th centuries B.C., when Agur, son of Jakeh wrote Proverbs 30.

“Three things are too much for even the earth to bear,
yes, four things shake its foundations—
when the janitor becomes the boss,
when a fool gets rich,
when a whore is voted “woman of the year,”
when a “girlfriend” replaces a faithful wife.”

Proverbs 30:20-23 (The Message)



When discussing her nomination as TIME Person of The Year, Ms. Fluke stated:

“I would do this again, because these issues are that important to me.”

This is not surprising:

 “A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.”  Proverbs 18:2

On December 14, we will know who this years most influential person is. Sandra Fluke most definitely influenced the news this year- for worse! Will the American people vote for her just as they did Barack Obama? If  Sandra Fluke is indeed voted the 2012 Person of The Year, she is sure to receive another phone call from Jamie Foxx’s “lord and savior” Barack Obama, congratulating her!

Kristen Walker Hatten said it quite eloquently:

“Sandra Fluke totally deserves to be TIME Magazine‘s Person of the Year!”

Sandra Fluke truly represents what America has become: a nation of blind, conceited, wicked fools who are making no attempt to turn from evil.  Sadly, “Sandra Fluke embodies the times’!

“Sin whispers to the wicked, deep within their hearts.
They have no fear of God at all.
In their blind conceit,
they cannot see how wicked they really are.
Everything they say is crooked and deceitful.
They refuse to act wisely or do good.
They lie awake at night, hatching sinful plots.
Their actions are never good.
They make no attempt to turn from evil.”
Psalm 36:1-4

Sandra Fluke As “Time’s Person Of The Year Finalist”~Is She A Whore?

Disgusting.  Deranged.  Denigrated. Disturbing.  I could go on with any letter of the alphabet, to describe “Sandra Fluke as Person of the Year”.   Not only is Fluke a paid shill,  she is represented by SKD Kinckerbocker, as O’Reilly uncovered last March

O’Reilly made his case by first detailing who has been booking Fluke with various media outlets — a mysterious man named “Mike.” Strangely enough, O’Reilly can’t track Mike down, and now, Fluke is being represented by someone from the progressive PR firm SKDKnickerbocker, where Anita Dunn — the former Obama communications director — is a managing director.

So, here is this “activist”who is launched to be a paid “actor” in the fake “War on Women”.  As you all remember, Fluke, a law student at Georgetown University, gave a mediocre “performance” testifying before the Democratic Steering Committee, headed by Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings.  She played the part of a “storyteller” about how women at Georgetown (a Catholic University by the way) could not obtain adequate birth control.  Sounds like a “plot” rife with unreasonable scripting—if it wasn’t “real life” no one would believe it!  Yet, that is how it went down.  Fluke, sometimes on the verge of tears, sometimes with mock “outrage” in her voice, gave an implausible speech, not worthy of even a “B” movie.  Sandy talked about how a friend had ovarian cysts, who couldn’t afford over 100 dollars a month out of pocket expense for Birth Control pills.   Sandy stating she was denied coverage, oh yea and she was gay, so Sandy thought herself the smart vixen, saying “I don’t think pregnancy was her reason for needing the BC pills”.  (Question- you can get it at the Walmart for 30 bucks a month, Sandy.  Was that not an option?) She continued to preach to her handlers, Pelosi and Cummings, in a ridiculous hearing, paid for by you and me.  All this to “launch” this fake “War on Women”, which sadly, did have quite an effect on single female voters.

We all recall their “game plan” then unfold.  This would be a major “talking point” for the Obama re-election Campaign.  Even though Sandy decided on Georgetown (I doubt anyone from the Vatican put a gun to Ms. Fluke’s head to attend Catholic Georgetown)  she must have known the Church isn’t a fan of Birth Control, yet that’s where Sandy decided to place her cap for her education.  Only to “kill two birds with one stone” attacking the Church and attacking insurances.  Brilliant.

She went on to infamy, highlighted by our President making a phone call to Sandy.  Yes, these memories are little nuggets of  gold which helped re-elect Barak Obama.  Obama, placed a much publicized phone call to Sandy, making sure “she was OK” after Rush Limbaugh referred to her as a whore in an on air diatribe.  Perfectly reasonable, for the President to make sure a 30 year old paid shill was “OK” after such a National incident as the Limbaugh diatribe.  Call Brian Terry’s family?  You know, Brian Terry, the Border Patrol agent who was gunned down by our weapons in the Fast & Furious debacle.  NO sir.  Why would he call them?  Sandy being called a whore, now there is a tragedy, worthy of a phone call.

Is Sandy a whore?  You betcha.  A whore for the Left, a paid shill.  A self promoted activist, who was in the right place at the right time. Just like a “working girl” on any urban corner, waiting for the right “John” to drive by.