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The Truth Finally Comes Out: But Not From Obama

Well it seems that I must be some kind of oracle or something, when Obama was first elected; my gut told me that he was a phony. As he went into his Presidency I said he was not only a phony, but also a liar and a hypocrite as well, now it appears that I was right, why didn’t anyone listen?

So many on the right warned America what kind of President they were getting, but America refused to listen, now we are paying the price. Obama’s policies, one after the other have been nothing but failures, from Cash for Clunkers to Obama-Care, utter failures. I cannot believe that there are still people out there that defend him and his policies.

“If you like your health-care plan, you can keep your health-care plan, period. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period. No one is going to take them away from you.” Obama said this year after year, even though he knew it was a lie. From here on, Obama will forever be known as The Liar In-Chief, although I have been calling him that for years.

We now know that when President Obama promised Americans that if they liked their health insurance plan, they could keep their health insurance plan, he wasn’t telling the truth. But based on an op-ed published in the New York Times on Sunday, the Times editorial board doesn’t agree, calling the President’s broken promises an “overblown controversy.” After all, we all know President Obama simply “misspoke” when he told us over and over again that we could keep our plans.

Many of the 15 million or so who are receiving cancellation notices, have been insured by companies accepted by the top 18 hospitals in the United States as complied by U.S. News and World Report. Now we learn that 11 of those top 18 hospitals have opted out of Obama-Care while the remaining 7 are only accepting 1 or 2 of the Obama-Care listed insurance carriers. Obama knew all these things and he has known them for years. The bill was passed in 2009, so you can’t tell me that after four years he never knew what he was saying was a lie.

I do not see how anyone can still defend this guy, whoever does, has to be just as corrupt, or maybe even more so. Every Democrat that voted to pass this law, I hope will pay the price for their blind loyalty. Will Obama play dumb again, like he has in the past, he seems to find out what is going on in his administration when he hears about it in the news, what kind of leader is this?

Well, I think Obama has finally come to the end of his rope, with such a blatant lie and his latest approval rate at 40% I think America is finally waking up to see what Obama really is, which is the biggest phony, incompetent who ever sat in the White House.

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