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Liberals Are Racist

I have danced around this issue, avoided it, felt guilty for saying nothing, and in general increased the probability that I will end up with a stomach ulcer. In 2008, we ended up with our first black President, and there was a slight promise that we would reach the point of being able to call ourselves a “post-racial” nation. Of ...

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The Live 405 Podcast – Interview with Kurt Schlichter

Follow Kurt Schlichter on Twitter? Or hang by his every word on Breitbart.com? Kurt talks about his new book “I Am a Liberal:A Conservative’s Guide to Dealing With Nature’s Most Irritating Mistake” Both Kurt’s books have made it to #1 in Political Humor on Amazon, so if you’re not reading them, you must be a liberal! Listen in as John ...

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The 405 Live Post-Debate Podcast

Miss the debates? Or looking for another post-debate analysis? Listen to Liz Harrison (@GoldwaterGal) from Goldwatergal.com and CDN, Mike (@lmelephantblog) from Loudmouthelephant.com, Amy Otto (@CAAmyO), and Benjamin Backer from benjaminbacker.com talk about the debate here.

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