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Mitchell & Ray September 22nd: GOP Debate, McCotter on Mitt, The Twist and More

When: Thursday, September 22nd, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Where: Streaming Internet Radio

What: We’ll discuss The Attack Waaaaatch video, Obama’s version of transparency, crony socialism and seeing recent democrat losses through blue-tinted glasses

Guests: Brandon Morse, CEO of Misfit Politics and Ezra Dulis the creator of the now viral video Ataaack Waaaatch!!

Show Recording: 9-22 Show Recording

Thad McCotter Drops Out, Endorses Romney

U.S. Representative Thad McCotter has abandoned his bid to become President of the United States after failing to meet the requirements to participate in tonight’s Fox News/Google GOP Debate.

The Congressman represents Michigan’s 11th district and said that he will focus on instilling his Conservative principles in his work in Congress.

McCotter decided to endorse Mitt Romney as he exited the race stating that Mitt Romney’s business background was a major reason for his support and that Romney is “the most electable candidate.”

Ames Straw Poll Results and Follow-Up

Days of news coverage of the Ames straw poll have come to conclusion – Michele Bachmann won, Ron Paul took second and Tim Pawlenty rounded out the top three.

First the detailed results. Out of 16,584 votes cast:

  1. Michele Bachmann 4,823 votes / 29.1%
  2. Ron Paul 4,671 / 28.2%
  3. Tim Pawlenty 2,293 / 13.8%
  4. Rick Santorum 1,567 / 9.4%
  5. Herman Cain 1,456 / 8.8%
  6. Rick Perry 718 as a write-in / 4.3%
  7. Mitt Romney 567 / 3.4%
  8. Newt Gingrich 385 / 2.3%
  9. Jon Huntsman 69 / .4%
  10. Thad McCotter 35 / .2%

Neither Mitt Romney nor Rick Perry participated in the event, but Rick Perry showed much stronger than the former Massachusetts governor.

While Michelle Bachmann is a daughter of Iowa, has strong social Conservative beliefs and was strong in the polls entering the Iowa event, another important detail can be gleaned from her win: she has the organization to win caucuses.

There has been much made about her only being able to win at the district level in her own state of Minnesota. To win the straw poll she had to overtake significant spending by Tim Pawlenty and an always strong Ron Paul Ames straw poll organization.

Tim Pawlenty being in the top three will likely keep him going in the 2012 election cycle despite lackluster numbers in nationwide polls. Pawlenty admitted so much saying that he needed a strong finish in Iowa to jump start his campaign. After the results came out, his campaign released a statement:

Congratulations to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for her victory in today’s straw poll. We made progress in moving from the back of the pack into a competitive position for the caucuses, but we have a lot more work to do. This is a long process to restore America — we are just beginning and I’m looking forward to a great campaign.

Gingrich, Huntsman, and McCotter showed poorly. Newt’s campaign has dealt with numerous defections, mis-steps with Conservatives, and it has run out of money. Huntsman is far too liberal to survive the nomination process and McCotter has image, money and name recognition problems to overcome. It is highly likely that 2 or 3 of these candidates will withdraw from the race in coming weeks.

Rick Perry will be in Waterloo, Iowa tomorrow to officially kick off his 2012 Iowa campaign. Perry represents what might be the biggest threat to Bachmann in Iowa and should top Mitt Romney in most other states.

We may be looking at a tight race between Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry as the presidential race moves across the nation.

Thad McCotter Receives Another American Conservative Union Ratings Award

Thad McCotterWashington, D.C. – For the seventh time, The American Conservative Union today named Representative Thaddeus G. McCotter (MI) a winner of the American Conservative Union Ratings Award for 2010, which requires an ACU rating of 80 or above for 2010; and recognizes recipients’ commitment to liberty, personal responsibility, traditional virtues, and national security.

“I thank the ACU for their award; and for all they do to preserve and promote Americans’ liberty, sovereignty, security, prosperity, and cherished way of life.”

The ACU scored Congress on 24 House votes in 2010, including health care reconciliation, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal, campaign finance disclosure, and financial regulatory overhaul.

Thad McCotter: 2012 Presidential Profile

July 1, 2011- Thad McCotter makes his run for President official

Personal Information

Thaddeus George “Thad” McCotter was born August 22, 1965 in Livonia,

Married- his wife is a nurse. They have three children.

Religious Beliefs
Roman Catholic


A Little Bit Of Trivia
Thad McCotter was once a member of a band name the New Flying Squirrels

He is the lead guitarist for the rock and country band, the Second Amendments, which consists of a bipartisan group of Congressmen. The band played for the United States troops stationed overseas during the 2005 holiday season. The Second Amendments also played at the 2006 Picnic on the White House lawn hosted by President Bush. It is said that President Bush referred to Mr. McCotter as, “That rock and roll dude”.

1983- Graduated from Detroit Catholic High School
1987- Received a B.A. from the University of Detroit
1990- Received a J.D. from the University of Detroit

Private Sector Career:
Had a private law practice

Elected Positions:
1992- Elected to the Wayne County Commission
In this position he had an intricate part in changing the county charter to require the approval of two-thirds of the County Commission and 60% of the voters before new taxes could be passed.

1998- Elected to the Michigan State Senate

2002-  Elected as the U.S. Representative to Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, where he still currently serves

U.S. House of Representatives Commissions
Committee on Financial Services
Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government-Sponsored Enterprises
Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit
Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy and Trade

Political Affiliations:
Republican Party

Party Leadership Positions
Chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee

Political Positions
Republican Main Street Partnership- a moderate group
Republican Study Committee- a conservative group

Positions On The Issues:
Thad McCotter is pro-life.

He has a 100% rating by the Christian Coalition, indicating he is strong on family issues.

He is a strong supporter of the Iraq War initiative.

His votes are strong in favor of government reform.

The NRA gives him an “A”, indicating he supports gun rights.

He has a strong military voting record.

He voted in favor of a border fence.

He was the first Republican in the House of Representatives to vote against the Paulson bailout, calling it “American socialism”.

He voted against ObamaCare.

In The Spotlight
Mr. McCotter has been a frequent guest panelist on the Fox News channel’s late night show, “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld”.

He has also been a frequent guest on the “Dennis Miller” radio show. Dennis Miller’s pet names for Mr. McCotter is “young Thad” and “T-Mac”.

Memorable Quotes

“Obviously we need to try to restore the image of the Republican Party; this quote-unquote ‘branding’ is more a message thing. In the end, you can call yourself whatever you want, but your deeds have to match your words. We need ideas.” (Washington Post– June 1, 2007)

“No good government denies God’s presence.” (Spoken in the House on November 7, 2007)

“I would remind the president of the United States that he is not the leader of a party or an ideology. He is the leader of our country. The most dangerous special interest is big government and president Obama is its lobbyist. America’s strength and salvation remains her free people, not a person. We the people do not work for government. The government works for us.” (House floor speech March 23,2010)

I must admit that I found Thad McCotter to be quite an interesting possible candidate for our next President.

When I started this candidate profile I did not know a single thing about this man. However, the more I researched the more intrigued I became.

I am very fascinated that President Bush called him the “rock-n-roll dude”. Call me old school if you will, but that intrigues me! Mr. McCotter does not strike me as the rocker kind of dude in the pictures I’ve seen of him, but there seems to be a real “down-to-earth” kind of guy behind the suit and tie.

When I began reviewing his voting record I found several issues that gave me pause. In the event Mr. McCotter does throw his hat in the ring to run for President, his voting record may come back to haunt him with conservatives on some of these issues. In the event that he does make an official bid for office I would like to have the opportunity to hold is feet to the fire, so to speak, on these issues that give me cause for concern. Some of these issues include:

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