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Congressman Louis Gohmert Torches Attorney General Holder in Fast & Furious Hearings

Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas interrupted the ritual thanking of Attorney General Eric Holder for his precious time; that is, when Holder’s not stonewalling or outright lying to the Hill. The former prosecutor and judge launched into a measured attack on the integrity of the current Department of Justice.

What set Gohmert off on his bout of righteous indignation? Holder’s revealing complaints about the political pressures he has to weigh while at the Justice department.

Watch the video below, via The Right Scoop.

This type of principled outrage should be routine in a Congress that has seen unconstitutional power grabs, unfettered spending, and serial insolence from a sitting president.

That is in addition to the absurd games played by Holder alone, like the claim that mentions of “Fast and Furious” in procured emails don’t actually refer to “Operation Fast and Furious.” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

At one point, Holder retorts to Rep. Jason Chaffetz that the words don’t actually mean what they say because he has “superior knowledge.” We’ll have to take his word for it, because he has currently released only 7,600 of the 140,000 requested by Congress.

When Eric Holder wasn’t being jocular and flippant with his interlocutors, he was giving them what could be referred to as “the Holder run-around.” Darrell Issa, for his part, blasted the Attorney General for not being a good witness, because “a good witness answers the question that was asked.”

The Republicans, for their part, put on a great show, but let’s hope that it’s more than just that — a show. We’ve all had more than enough kabuki theater the last three years when it comes to getting results.

No less than a Holder censure at this stage in the game will satisfy conservatives, and most I know actually want to see him in an orange prison jumpsuit.

Let’s hope these hearings are setting the tone for a campaign season whose negative tenor was spearheaded by Democrats reaching all the way to the top. The GOP should not be afraid to take Democrats to task for their shameful abuses of political office.

Sandra Fluke And The Three Thousand Dollar Lie

First and foremost, before I’m accused of slander, let me say that I “feel” like Miss Fluke is being dishonest with us.  I might even “believe” that she’s lied.  But what I’m going to officially say is that I think she’s testified before Congress with questionable facts.  Highly questionable facts… in fact.  Let me explain.

The “lie” (or questionable fact) happens at around the 2:12 mark of the video below.  She says that contraception, without insurance, can cost a woman “over $3000 during law school”.  Let me tell y’all something, folks.  Either she’s lying, or her friends are too stupid to be enrolled in Law School.  Now that’s a pretty nasty claim for me to make, so let me back it up.

I used a run-of-the-mill map application to locate Georgetown University (her school) on a map.  I then searched for pharmacies within close proximity to Georgetown.  I then called the first one that I saw and asked how much a month’s supply of Ortho Tri-Cyclen costs WITHOUT insurance.  The name brand was surprisingly pricey.  I was quoted a cost of just under 45 bucks.  That would equal about half of the amount Sandra Fluke told Congress it would cost.  I started to think that maybe she deserved some benefit of the doubt.  But then the pharmacist offered me another option (SANS INSURANCE).

I was told that if I paid $20 for the pharmacy’s club card, I could purchase a month’s supply of (generic) Ortho Tri-Cyclen for $12 a month.  And that’s from a pharmacy within walking distance from Georgetown University.  So instead of the proposed $1000 a year that Sandra Fluke told Congress that her friends spend on contraceptives, it was closer to $164 a year.  So instead of $3000+, we are now looking at $492 for three years worth of birth control.  I mean, maybe Miss Fluke is used to Congress accepting bogus budgets, but we should all be offended that she would try to be so dishonest with us.

Sandra Fluke Testifies Before Congress

The story known as “SlutGate” has been gathering more and more steam in the media.  It’s to the point that we spend more time talking about Sandra Fluke than we do about gas prices, national security, or even the unemployment rate.  As of this writing, The Huffington Post has an article on the front page with over 38,000 comments.  Folks, that’s a lot.

So whether you like it or not, this story is here to stay.  Another thing that may be here to stay is the progressive liberals’ new battle cry:  “The War On Women”.

So far, a lot of you may not have bothered to watch Sandra Fluke’s testimony before Congress.  Maybe you’ve relied on whatever analysis you’ve seen on this website, or even the news.

Given the increased gravity this story has been achieving, I would suggest you watch it for yourself.  The video is only 11 minutes long, and as you can see, Miss Fluke’s 15 minutes are not yet up.  So… Get to watching.