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Obama Sends Drones To Attack Ted Nugent

Obama Sends Drones To Attack Ted Nugent

Bobbing For People…. with the reality shows we have today, it would not be a surprise to see this as a REAL reality show in the near future!

Ted Nugent's Surprising Confession: "I’m Gay”

Ted Nugent’s Surprising Confession: “I’m Gay”

Ted Nugent makes a surprising confession to Joe Pags.

Celebrities support gun rights

Believe it or not! There are pro gun celebrities

While California is decidedly lost to the progressive left and Hollywood has been long thought to be 100% anti gun, there are real heroes in the celebrity elite. While most Conservatives could care less what celebs think about the constitution, we should. Why do you think liberals have pranced the unthinking stars and starlets out in […]

Ted Nugent: 'It's mine, you can't have it... and they're loaded!'

Ted Nugent: ‘It’s mine, you can’t have it… and they’re loaded!’

We The People better wake up! Ted Nugent Talks NRA, NY, Obama & Piers Morgan with

John Dummett or Mitt Romney: Freedom or Appeasement

John Dummett or Mitt Romney: Freedom or Appeasement

My opposition to Mitt Romney has drawn a great deal of criticism from a variety of people.  It seems my vote is the only one in the nation that actually counts.  While that is flattering in one respect I find it rather disingenuous in another respect.  Why is it that my refusal to vote for […]

Ted Nugent Offers Obama Job Advice

Ted Nugent calls in to Glenn Beck’s radio show and gives some career advice to Barack Obama

Homer Simpson Has The Right Idea: Ted Nugent For President

Homer Simpson makes a 3rd Party decision and votes: Ted Nugent for President! The video is restricted, and cannot be shown on CDN, but can be seen at this link.

2012 Dream

Have you ever had a dream that you would give just about anything to see come true? Do you ever analyze your dreams? I had one of those dreams recently that demanded I analyze it. You might ask what kind of dream would inspire me to actually write an article on it. My dream was […]