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Union Thug Attacks Conservative Without Provocation

I met Tabitha Hale at BlogCon, the Conservative blogger’s conference, last year. Charming, straight forward and obviously a hard worker for the Conservative cause. I was out with the family all day and missed this story until now (thank you @adreinneroyer for getting me straight).

Between Obama’s “civility” speeches and the “we’re not thugs” propaganda coming from union puppet masters, one would think that this would be the last thing that would have happened. Even according to homeland security Conservatives are the violent ones that all must be wary of.

Here, a loyal union member is doing what unions have always done – when your oppressive regime is threatened, start twisting arms and breaking legs – or in this case, hitting a woman.

“Civility” .. thanks Obama. You held Conservatives to a higher level than your own union puppet masters.

Hitting or pushing a woman, even if we don’t like her, is unthinkable. For liberals, unthinkable describes a typical day.