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Mitchell & Ray – 3/8 – Stupid Tuesday, What the Fluke & Whose Narrative?

When: Thursday, March 8th, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

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What: Join independent political commentators Rich Mitchell and Michelle Ray as they discuss issues impacting Americans.

Tonight: Stupid Tuesday, What the Fluke & Whose Narrative is it anyway?
Special Guest: Allan Bourdius (@allanbourdius)

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Romney’s Not So Conservative Environmental Position – Just So You Know

When Mitt Romney, currently candidate for the Republican nomination for president, was governor of Massachusetts, he appointed:

  • John Holdren, President Barack Hussein Obama’s Science Czar
  • Gina McCarthy, Obama’s EPA Assistant Administrator
  • James Connaughton, head of Bush’s Council of Environmental Quality, and a long time supporter of cap and trade
  • Edward Krenik, former Bush EPA member, and supporter of cap and trade
  • Alexander A. Karsner, Bush’s DOE assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy, which promoted “marketplace integration of renewable and environmentally sound energy technologies”

To be fair, Romney appointed Jeff Holmstead, who authored Alaska Senator Lisa Mulkowski’s bid to stop the EPA’s actions. He has been critical of the Obama administration’s green jobs strategy, and was critical of the Obama administration’s position on the Keystone oil pipeline, as well as the moratorium on offshore drilling.

In 2003, while governor of Massachusetts, Romney, while outside an aging, coal-fired plant, said, “I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people, and that plant, that plant kills people.”

In 2005, while governor of Massachusetts, Romney hailed Massachusetts as “the first and only state to set CO2 emissions limits on power plants.” His administration then said, “These carbon emission limits will provide real and immediate progress in the battle to improve our environment.”

Mitt Romney favors ethanol subsidies. He proposes a new regulatory framework for the EPA that would “preserve environmental gains without paralyzing industry” (whatever that means), while streamlining air rules for coal plants and reforming regulations for the nuclear industry. Romney opposes abolishing or structurally changing the EPA.

So what does all of this mean? Well, right now, nothing. Mitt Romney is not president and cannot implement policies or appoint anyone. But since he garnered the most convention delegates yesterday, I thought you might like to know his past history on environmental issues, who he has appointed, and what we might expect if he does become president.

Mitt Romney at his worst would still be an improvement over what we have now!

But that’s just my opinion.

Rick Santorum: The Least Patriotic Republican

Super Tuesday results are in. Mitt Romney has won six of the ten states, and is the clear frontrunner now more than ever. The question Republican voters must ask is this: Why are we still slogging through this primary season?

The answer to that question is simple: Rick Santorum.

As I noted in this post, we have two goals for 2012: 1) winning the White House, and 2) winning the Senate. The time, money, and attention spent on our primary detracts from accomplishing those two goals. I can’t overstate this point: Every moment, every dollar, every ad wasted on our primary is one less to use in defeating Barack Obama.

And the object of this distraction- Rick Santorum- doesn’t share our values. The concept of separation of church and state- specifically, JFK’s speech on the subject, vowing that he wouldn’t take orders from the Pope- makes Santorum “want to throw up”. The greater personal and economic freedom of the “libertarianish right” (read: the Tea Party movement)- which Ronald Reagan referred to as “the very heart and soul of conservatism”- can’t “succeed as a culture” according to Santorum.

And he’s an embarrassment to our party. He is, after all, Michael Moore’s favorite Republican, the target of Moore’s “Operation Hilarity“, designed to keep our primary running longer- with exactly the consequences I described above. Santorum gleefully, and cluelessly, accepted Moore’s “support”, stating that the pro-Union, Democrat-oriented robocalls “proved” he could attract Democrats. Just as I noted with Newt Gingrich in this post, the left salivates at the prospect of Rick “Man-on-dog sex” Santorum being our nominee, as it would guarantee an Obama victory.

Rick Santorum doesn’t realize the amount of damage he’s doing to our cause, and he doesn’t realize that his presence in the primary endangers our chances of winning this election. He is costing us money, time, attention, and the support of independents- whom we need in order to win.

If Santorum had one scrap of concern for our country’s future, he would drop out and clear the field for our party to focus on defeating Barack Obama, winning the Senate, and righting this ship. He won’t do that, however, which makes him the least patriotic man in the Republican party.

Make no mistake: The 2012 election is the hill to die on. Our success or failure in this election will determine whether we fix our broken economy, restrain our government, and put America back to work, or become Greece.

It’s time to get behind our nominee and take the fight to Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

(Photo credit Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia.org)

Getting Political with Kids

As my kids and I pulled into the local community center parking lot this morning, ready to cast a vote in the GOP primary, the past 10 years of voting sort of flashed before my eyes. I had visions of all the times my children have accompanied me to the ballot box, all the campaign events they’d already been to in their short years of life, and I was overcome with pride.

When my daughter was two, she rode alongside me to South Carolina and Florida, campaigning for the Bush-Cheney re-election. She had adopted cute little catch phrases along the way, which she recited daily, charming everyone from the Publix cashier to her preschool teachers: “Laura Bush is a cwassy wady!”; “John Kerry is a flip-flopper” (which made her giggle every time she said it); and “Vote for George ‘n Cheney!” Campaigning in Jacksonville on that warm November day in 2008, I feel sure that my daughter helped President George W. Bush bring it home in Florida.

Over the years, we’ve traveled to surrounding states to attend FairTax rallies, and worked on other campaigns – some not so successful – but what my kids are learning along the way is that it takes active citizenship to make a difference. They see other people sitting around complaining about their status in life, but I’m proud to say that my children know that action is the only solution to a problem.

This morning, I talked them through the entire voting experience yet again, explaining why we show our ID and voter’s registration card, why it’s necessary to still complete the form, why the “ballot” looks like a credit card, how to cast an electronic vote and so forth. At one point, my oldest looked up at me in that tween way and said, “Moooom, we know.” And I was rewarded.

We voted and were out of there, peach-covered “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker on each of us, in less than 15 minutes. Much to their chagrin, I made them stop outside the precinct and pose for a picture next to the “Vote Here” sign. When I looked through the lens, though, I felt my eyes well up with tears. My kids were actually excited to be there with me. Like me, they see voting as an honor, not an obligation (though one day I’ll teach them that it is a little of both).

I know it will only be a few more years – just two more presidential elections – until my daughter will be voting for the very first time. Regardless of which way she ends up voting, I feel sure I have instilled in her the importance of active citizenship. I hope she takes me to the polls with her.

A Libertarian’s Battle Cry on Super Tuesday

If you are a Libertarian, a Constitutional Republican, or a freedom-lover of any sort, your battle cry on Super Tuesday should be “Anyone but Santo.” The Santo Surge is a threat to personal liberty and to those who believe fervently in the separation of church and state. Not only has Rick Santorum (a notorious earmarker) defended his big government spending habits, these days, he can frequently be found preaching his generations-old positions on gender and sexuality. Such positions should offend any modern-day advocate of less government intrusion in our personal lives.

True, morality is important, and many of us like the idea of our nation’s leader being a religious or spiritual person. But we who prefer self-reliance don’t want government making personal decisions for us. We believe politicians have no place in our bedrooms, in our children’s lunchboxes, or in our doctors’ offices. So long as our decisions aren’t jeopardizing another person’s life, liberty or personal property, the decisions should be left to us, the individuals, and the consequences of those decisions between us and our God.

Santorum has, in recent weeks, proven that his presidency would be his platform. Instead of being called to lead us, he seems to think he’s been called to “save” us – and I don’t mean “save” in the sense of rescuing our economy from the Socialist clutches of Obama. I mean that he seems to want to ensure that we all make “right” decisions in our personal lives so that we can all go to heaven. On paper, this is not so different from Obama, who also wants us to make the “right” decisions, and when we don’t make the decisions he agrees with, he wants to make them for us.

Santorum’s sanctimonious speeches are divisive, when what conservatives need most is to be united. He seems to be on a personal mission to reverse the decades of progress that women and homosexuals have enjoyed, to return women to the kitchens and gays to the closets. How can this sort of leadership possibly be good for our country? How does it even remotely address the real issues we are facing: outrageous jobless numbers, high gas prices, illegal immigration, a crippling deficit, and the possibility of a nuclear Iran?

The Santorum message is a distraction to the mission, which is to get Obama out of the Oval Office as swiftly and decisively as possible. Americans must see a clear rejection of Socialist and Marxist principles. Because of his presence in the race, we are talking about contraception (good grief, wasn’t this decided in the 1950s?) instead of energy independence and meaningful tax reform.

On Super Tuesday, even if one candidate enjoys a massive lead in your state, vote for anyone but Santorum. Make him fight for delegates, and don’t buy the “social conservative” message he’s selling. Voters won’t be mobilized by a discussion on birth control, so don’t fall into the trap the MSM is trying to set. They want Santo to surge, for him to be the focus, because the Democrats know he is NO REAL THREAT to President Obama in a general election.

So stand up against Santorum’s theocratic ideology, because trading one extreme for the other is never a good thing for freedom.


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  • A Tribute to Andrew Breitbart
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