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The Triumph of the State

An Englishman once observed that the presidency (if we may be lenient enough to call it that) of Barack Obama had taken on the vestiges of the once-deposed ancien régime. Yet this ascendancy to the ranks of divine royalty by the left’s anointed one should be no surprise, given that is has been the priority of America’s elites for over a century to reverse the gains of The Enlightenment.

To understand how this tragic turn of affairs has come about, we must first assess the constituency of the modern American left, which we may describe as a criminal syndicate of megalomaniacs, casuists, and an endlessly expanding list of victim clientele.

Progressives purport to break down social hierarchy and thereby usher forth a never-before-seen utopian world order; but inevitably their anti-institutional agenda produces a stranglehold on the body politic, leading ironically to social ossification into the most primitive of class structures: A pyramid of power elites, a secular priesthood (sophists and entertainers), apparatchiks, and the great unwashed masses.

For those familiar with history, the parallels between the culmination of the leftist program and the pinnacle of stratified societies in ancient civilizations are too unmistakable to miss.

It should be noted that although America’s road to serfdom began in earnest under Bush’s presidency, during which the squealing Democrats lined up like pigs with their curly-q tails in tow to back all manner of statist excess: the Patriot Act, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (for all intents and purposes, the Congress abrogated its responsibility to declare war), as well as the massive expansion of Medicare.

The presidency of Obama built upon Bush’s police state infrastructure and meanwhile institutionalized a permanent state of economic chaos. The whiff of totalitarian ambition is now unmistakable.

It is crucial to recognize that the reason the United States is being transformed into a neofeudal society is not due to any particular party, but due to the fact that we are swimming in the modern manifestations of primitive ideology: Mysticism and socialism.

What the world is currently experiencing, threatening the upheaval of freedom in the West, and thus on the entire planet, is a convergence of European etatism and American welfare statism. What is the basis of this convergence, and to what condition of humanity is it leading?

Unbeknown to the majority of people, who are disposed to ignoring how ideas rule their lives, the source of the universal drive to construct the all-powerful State is political ideology. Essentially, it can be summed up as the left’s non-conscientious program to erase The Enlightenment.

To appreciate the significance of such a program we must turn to the history of ideas, and how certain philosophies reflect and drive specific kinds of politics. Recognizing first that the American and European political experiences are quite different, we must proceed along two tracts.

First, Europe. We begin with The Enlightenment, the political philosophical movement best encapsulated by John Locke, but abutted by Scottish Enlightenment philosophers such as Adam Smith, David Hume, and Adam Ferguson.

Locke disintegrated the premises of the “Divine Right” of kings by invoking rational argumentation and Christianity itself. Locke would inspire such American revolutionists as Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson, whose thoughts represent key touchstones connecting the European and American political experiences.

Briefly following the American Revolution, the French undertook their own program to rid themselves of the ancien régime. Unfortunately for France and the whole of Europe following, the Frenchmen did not take seriously the entirety of the tripartite schema of liberté, égalité, fraternité,” which conflated ‘liberty’ with ‘libertine.’ The democratic fervor in France, which dispensed of the monarchy of King Louis XVI, was whipped up into the Great Terror, followed by the Thermidorean reaction against the Jacobins, ushering in the emperor Bonaparte. The bloody turn of events proceeded as the American Founders familiar with the cautions of Edmund Burke might have foreseen, save the participant in the French Revolution Thomas Paine.

The Prussians, aghast at the brutal effectiveness of the nationalistic French under Bonaparte, were driven even further along in their proto-nationalistic impulses by romanticism and the thinking of the statist-collectivist Hegel. Hegel’s vision of the unity of the universal in the particular, and the particular in the universal, is the essential drive of all totalitarian regimes.

Multi-culturalism, diversity, and tolerance under the rubric of submission to the state is the perfect Americanized expression of this Hegelian ideal. We must only briefly mention the German philosopher’s pupil Karl Marx in order to more fully appreciate the significance of Hegelian thought in both American and European history.

Karl Marx’s materialist dialectics represented the perfect ideological canon to destroy not just capitalism, but all economics based on reality (based on the assumption of scarcity, viz.). Marxism’s assertion that change is synthetic wars against reason itself, and the Aristotelian assumptions that underpin Western notions of causality. Marx’s philosophy, if taken seriously, destroys social orders, leading ineluctably and inevitably to dictatorship.

Back to Hegel. Today’s left, not just in Europe but in America, are not followers of Marx in the pure sense, though they instrumentalize Marxian concepts such as class warfare, but are more driven to the Idealism of Hegel. Fusing Hegel with the nihilism of Nietszche, the categorical imperative of Kant, and the pragmatism of William James and John Dewey, today’s New Left carries out a program of social re-engineering using lies, myths, and “critical theory.”

Critical theory, developed by the Frankfurt School of neomarxists, is the deconstructive program that asserts no positive remedy for mankind except to destroy capitalism, whose assumption of private property is the lynchpin that undergirds the individual freedoms espoused by The Enlightenment.

The Frankfurt School was led most notably by Theodore Adorno, who reworked Marxian radicalism into a more Hegelian idealist program and then set up the Institute for Social Research at Columbia University. Adorno and his colleage Max Horkheimer would go on to write The Dialectic of Enlightenment, a critique of The Enlightenment that is the core text of Critical Theory.

Other European neomarxists, such as Gyorgy Lukacs and Antonio Gramsci, would inspire the New Left in America. Saul Alinsky, one such neomarxist who taught the “radical pragmatists” in his charge that the ends justify the means, changed the attitude of leftists towards power and exhorted them to seize it at all costs. And that is precisely what the self-styled Alinsky followers Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did.

The Marxist redistributive policies of Europe are leading it inexorably to their nadir. The last bastions of fairly free economies are descending along their rosy welfare-paved paths and converging towards their inevitable immolative ends. Their spectacularly ugly fates will be partly due to unfavorable demographics and partly due to quixotic social welfare schemes that defy human nature. Men do not seek out punishment for achievement, but they will take the road of least resistance to failure if subsidized by the state; and particularly if cheered on the entire way by the anti-competitive elites who cynically and gleefully wield its monopoly of coercion.

The trajectory of Europe is the vision of America’s future: The triumph of the state, and the return of the pre-modern, arbitrary rule of self-appointed elites, shameless fawned upon by sycophantic intellectuals. And beneath their petty heights of arrogance and condescension, shuffle the great, brooding underclass of humanity — perpetually in need and perpetually restrained from improving its own lot.

Note: Published originally at American Thinker

State-sponsored Capitalism – The New Communism

Let’s start off  by defining some basic forms of totalitarian control in government that still have strong influences today.

First there was Communism, old-school style.  Pretty simple and straigtforward actually. It was a social system, a society,  built around the state holding and owning all property in the name of the people.  The people had no say and no power and a clique of super elites ruled with an iron hand.

Then there was Marxism as Uncle Karl found a better way.  Karl and his pal Freddie Engels were all f*cked up. They started a philosophy of governance that never truly materialized.  It was based upon the notion that the state (history then showed them) given their way would always exploit the common folks through class struggles.  They despised capitalism feeling that capitalism contained the seeds of it’s own destruction, namely unrequited greed, and that after a class struggle an ideal would emege.  A classless society of pure socialism.

You see Marxism was only, after all, a system of thought…nothing more in history, yet it had strong influences with idealistic radicals.  Radicals always step up and proclaim to be saviours, in one form or another, of humankind from themselves.  Each knows full well that he/she has a better way.  Funny thing is that through the pantheon of historical record…, history shows us that they were ALL WRONG! The problem is that these idealists ignored their own personal shortcomings and how they represented the inherent EVIL in man. For to bring about the ideal society of each…, each needed to assert C-O-N-T-R-O-L of the masses and therein as my pal Willie the Speare said…”lies the rub.”

So…, a new nation state was to emerge with a new idea. She was to be called America and she defined that the means and control of goods and services and production thereof would be “privately held”. These upstarts called their system Capitalism and their system depended upon a government controlled by direct representation of the people, the common masses…all of them. Sounded like a good idea huh!  No classes warring amongst one another and if it functioned as “original intent’ had planned then the people would rule and the government officials would serve.  Somewhere along the way though the sh*t started seriously hitting the fan and it became obvious that the inherent evil in mankind had reared up it’s ugly countenance again, as it can always be counted upon to so do.  This time in the form of politicians all too ready and willing to be corrupted by those same “privately held” interests who were dependent upon them, the politicians, for maintanining fertile fields for copious profits in the coin of the realm.

What to do….what to do? These American people were growing restless. Each succeeding generation coming down freedom’s road was seeing less and less freedom and a gretaer loss of personal control for one’s own manifest destiny. It wasn’t suppoosed to be this way many thougt that back in 2008. So when the Pied Piper puppet of Hope and Change came bounding down Freedom’s Road many of the naive, unwashed masses fell to their knees …grovelling and kissing the feet of he who declared himself The One.  And a plague was unleashed upon the land.  The indolent and irresponsible had elected The One.  The One who would assure them that a vast national government would gladly lift the burden of personal responsibility from their shoulders. Ohhh…How they swooned and cheered and danced merrily in the streets. The False Messiah was here and welcomed with open arms, assuming there was no price to be paid for their promised salvation. A short few years later the House of Cards of the Oba-Usurper was to start falling apart as state after member nation state of this Union was to commence suing that very government he led and court after court was to uphold such actions as overbearing and wrong. his minios grew stridently annoyed at his shoddy performance, especially when he ttied to once again raid the now EMPTY COFFERS of this national government and the people of the homeland called America, who would not be fooled any longer, stood up in a public Party show of anger to tell him how pissed-off they truly were.

Let’s now fast-forward to contemporary times and halfay around the worlds to bear witness to the emergence of the great Communist China on to the international scene as a power-player. Not by being an old-line Communist state, but by having taken (with our great assistance) the best of the capitalist world and ideas and adapting them to their Communist system.  Who would have thunk it?  That of all people the late Tricky-Dicky Nixon ( who as he said “we wouldn’t have to kick around anymore”) would be the free-market capitalist gatekeeper who opened up the promise of capitalism for the Communist Chinese.  With an unlimited work-force, long-trained to groupthink mentality under Chairman Mao, the mainland China state has become a marvel upon the world economic scene.  Without having defined or even stated it they have developed a genuinely “new” system.  State-sponsored Capitalism.


And guess who is trying to copy-cat their idea and make it all his own.  The first half-black, sometimes Muslim, President of that shining star of capitalism…the good olde US of A, Barack ‘You can call me Barry’ Hussein Obama. Frustrated that he didn’t haver a totalitarian Communist rule head-satrt like the Mainland Chinese, he did the best he could with public monies he really didn’t have to insert his government into the private sector, thereby corrupting it from within and without.  He handed out IOUs for the People’s money and made no hard and fast regulation upon how it was to be used OR accounting upon it. He acted upon Marx’s and Engel’s great concern and started to foment class warfare and envy by his support of public unions against the peoples’ best interests as a whole.  By creating more and new government sector bureaucrat jobs while the private sector unemployment rose higher and higher; by his attempts to define moderately successful middle-income people as rich if they earned  a combined $200K annually and many other agendas.  That last he believed would make a large enough pool defined as “rich” and evil to fund his venture of…YOU GUESSED IT,


Lo and behold, about halfway through composing this thought-provoking (I hope) topic, I came upon this sad story. How appropriate it is: