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Tag: "Spoof"

Spoofing the First Daughters: The Sasha and Malia Show!

Spoofing the First Daughters: The Sasha and Malia Show!

It looks like Sasha and Malia have their own show now!   H/T Red Alert Politics

99 Problems - Barack Obama Spoof

99 Problems – Barack Obama Spoof

In this Barack Obama spoof, Mitt Romney is not one of Barack Obama’s 99 problems.  

Jon Huntsman's Daughters Spoof "Sexy Back" In An Attempt To Promote Their Dad

Yeah… I don’t even know what to say about this one.  After spoofing Mark Block (Herman Cain’s adviser) for his “smoking ad”, Jon Huntsman’s daughters have made another interesting song/video. Informal poll…. Let us know if you’re even familiar with the song these girls are spoofing in the comments below. [poll id=”34″] Rich Mitchell is […]

Herman Cain's "Smoking" Video Is Parodied AGAIN… This Time By Huntsman's Daughters

I know a lot of you have forgotten that Jon Huntsman was still in this presidential primary, but his daughters put out a campaign ad that you might be interested in seeing.  And it’s a riff on… you guessed it… Herman Cain’s “Smoking Man” ad.  Enjoy. What do you think?  Is it even worth Huntsman […]