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Tom Harkin on Wealth (Re)Allocation

harkinJanuary 2015 cannot get here soon enough. That’s when Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) will no longer be a U.S. senator. Harkin will not seek re-election in 2014. That’s good for, at least, two reasons. First, Harkin is a very hard left liberal, and his absence, regardless of who Iowans elect in his place, cannot but help the U.S. Senate. Second, Harkin’s absence will reduce nonsensical statements. On the down side, we will be deprived of a clown at which to laugh.

This 1:12 video of Harkin says it all. Harkin denies that we have a spending problem (15 second point). He says, “Is It a Spending Problem? No … It’s a misallocation of capital, a misallocation of wealth.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, Harkin blamed hard-working Americans for the misallocation problem. At the 58 second point, Harkin says, “All of this wealth has been accumulated by hard-working Americans has been accumulated in fewer and fewer hands all the time.”   [emphasis mine]

So, I guess that in HarkinWorld, being a hard-working American and trying to reap the rewards of your own efforts, to accumulate wealth so you are not dependent upon the government, is bad.

But Harkin somehow seems to avoid his own words, thus making him a colossal hypocrite. According to Roll Call, Harkin is number 27 on the roll of richest men in politics, worth $10.5 million. According to Roll Call, “According to Harkin’s financial disclosure forms, his minimum net worth has essentially doubled since 2006 because of his wife’s purchase of about $5 million worth of stock in 2007.” It sure seems to me that $10.5 of capital gives Harkin quite an opportunity to at least begin to correct the misallocation problem. Will we soon hear of an announcement from Harkin’s office? Don’t hold your breath.

Harkin’s remarks are simply unbelievable! We would cry if we did not laugh at Harkin’s statement.

But that’s just my opinion.

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