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The Final Landing of the USS Enterprise

The experience of watching the space shuttle Enterprise circle New York City on its way to JFK Airport can be described in many different ways. One of the words viewers most frequently used about the sight was “bittersweet”. As Enterprise piggybacked its way on a 747 to its final landing, Americans turned out in large numbers to view the flight. The predominant mood was nostalgia.

Originally named the Constitution, the first space shuttle was re-named Enterprise, thanks largely to a huge write in campaign by fans of the enormously popular sci-fi TV show Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry’s forward thinking, imaginative story lines and precedent-setting casting inspired many to dream of an expansive, high-tech future where virtually anything was possible. Even flights around the galaxy, seeking out new life and new civilizations.

How ironic that the final flight of the Enterprise would take place when a people, so capable of great achievement, have no concrete plans to continue manned journeys into the final frontier.

The situation is very reminiscent of Stark Trek episodes, where Captain Kirk, Mister Spock and Doctor McCoy encounter civilizations enjoying the advantages and pleasures of a high-tech world left behind by their extremely knowledgeable, highly advanced ancestors. The problem was, their ancestors had evolved to such a level that the equipment they left behind took so long to break down that anybody with the knowledge to design, build or even fix the machines had long since passed. Fortunately for those lost civilizations, the brave crew of the USS Enterprise was there to come to the rescue. One might venture to guess that had the crew of the USS Enterprise been around to bail them out, civilizations in earth’s own history might have been saved. Had the knowledge, skill, ambition and drive of those who built civilizations in Greece, Persia, Egypt and Rome not been allowed to erode, the Dark Ages might never have happened. But, the USS Enterprise was not there to save them.

The USS Enterprise. Ponder that for a moment. That’s not much different from U.S. free enterprise, is it?

America should take note. With “progressives” evidently intent on destroying America’s free enterprise system and culture; replacing them with big government crony-socialism awash in a culture of corruption, America’s civilization teeters on the brink of erosion, decline and eventual collapse. Oh sure, people who call themselves Americans will continue to live on the same piece of land. Even the name of the country will probably remain intact. But what makes America exceptional will be lost. How much longer can America’s economy and culture withstand the full bore onslaught of big government power grabs, unaffordable debt and deficit spending, cultural over-reach, intentional misinformation, false accusations and outright lies being unrelentingly foisted upon them, with malice of forethought, by the institutionalized “progressive” left?

These anti-America forces, funded by the likes of George Soros and his ilk, enjoy “intellectual cover” from aging counter-culture hippie-freak college professors. The beat-down muscle and numbers needed to enforce their agenda are found in the big unions. The big Hollywood movie message machine, along with the “mainstream news” media work overtime to indoctrinate the unsuspecting masses, while symbolic, useful pawns like occupy Wall Street are fully and openly embraced by the highest ranking members of the “progressive” Democratic Party.

The institutionalized “progressive” left is relentless, determined, well funded, organized and extremely aggressive. Their views of America are not fondly nostalgic. Some may have even cheered the final flight of the Enterprise with the same glee that 9/11 was celebrated by Islamo-fascists in the Middle East. And for reasons that are not dissimilar. Some may have toasted the final flight of the Enterprise as an enduring, meaningful symbol of the decline of American civilization. Their goal is to bring about, by whatever means necessary, an end to what President Abraham Lincoln called “the last best hope for man on earth”.

And the crew of the USS Enterprise isn’t here to bail America out.


A Bitter-Sweet Day For America

Today is a historic day in our country. There is much cause for celebration, pride in our country, and great satisfaction for what has been accomplished. There is also much cause for sadness and anger in our country.

The beauty of today is multi-faceted. The weather was made-to-order for an event such as this.

One lady in attendance is a beautiful glimpse of the true hope in God Almighty.

And yet, on the very same day, the very same moment, the very same event brings cause for much sadness, anger, and yes, even bitterness.

Today was the last launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

There are many miracles intertwined in this event- first and foremost is the actual Space Exploration Program this country has had for nearly 53 years.

On October 1, 1958, NASA was born. NASA history is vibrant with a wealth of extraordinary scientific and technological accomplishments in man’s quest to conqueror that last frontier known to man- outer space. That man has walked on the moon and flown to other planets in our solar system is a miracle indeed.

Today’s shuttle’s mission is commanded by Mark Kelly, who is the husband of Arizona’s U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was brutally shot in the head during an assassination attempt just four months ago. If you have read any of my previous articles you may know that this tragedy affected me deeply. The day after the tragedy I made a commitment to pray daily for Congresswoman Giffords. Though I have not made public posts daily, as I did in the very beginning when things were so touch-and-go with Ms. Giffords, I still pray every day for her complete healing and restoration.

One of the most beautiful things about this event today is that Congresswoman Giffords was actually in attendance for the final space launch that her husband is commanding. I know this is something they both treasure and rejoice over, if for no other reason than she is alive! Her life is truly a miracle!

The sadness, anger and bitterness comes from the actions of President Obama, who has cut the budget for NASA to next to nothing, essentially closing down the entire Space Program as we know it. This affect not only the Space Exploration Program itself, but it also abolishes thousands of jobs! Once again, this President knows nothing about leadership. He is truly an embarrassment to the American people- current, past and present!

Now, coming from someone who has stated many times that we must cut everything we can in the National budget you may be wondering why I am so upset with this budget cut. As with most things, with this Administration, their priorities are completely off kilter. Real jobs are being eliminated by dismantling the space program. Is there government waste in this agency? Well, yes, that is a given, because it is in fact a government agency! So I am sure there are many effective cuts that can be made to the budget without dismantling the program competely. There are other programs that should be dismantled before we think about walking away from this historic project. I say we start with the Department of Education. Give Education back to the States where it belongs! This one cut alone would solve several problems right off the bat, one being cutting the budget by billions, if not trillions of dollars!

The United States has been the leader in Space Exploration and Space Travel since its inception. What will happen to us, now that we will become dependent on the Russians to lead the way? This has the potential for disaster in many ways. Even if you are not a “fan” of NASA or Space Exploration and Travel,  as many people are, thisaffects much more than just the “Trekkie’s” out there.

You must ask yourself how much of what we do and depend on each day has roots in outer space. Stop and think how many of these things affect your life. There are more than two thousand satellites that allow communications that would not be available otherwise. There are commercial satellites, government satellites, military satellites, and civil satellites.  How much of what you do on a daily basis falls under one of these categories?

Will we notice an immediate difference in our country once Endeavor returns to earth? No- not immediately. The first affect we will see is the loss of jobs that will impact our jobless rate and economy.

I believe the real affects- the most important affects- will come later down the road when The United States no longer holds the reigns in this program that has become a vital part of our lives.

With great sadness, I bid you farewell, NASA. Though for now you still exist in theory, I fear it will not be long before we see a mere shadow of the thriving queen you have become.

I pray for a successful mission and a safe return to earth for the crew of Endeavor. May the hand of God Almighty be with each of you every step of the way on this historic mission.

NASA- We The People salute you! Your accomplishments are forever embedded in our hearts. You will be greatly missed. Maybe one day we will enter the race once again. Maybe.