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Extremist History in the Defense of Liberty

George Washington, the father of our country was considered a dangerous extremist and a harbinger of malicious attitudes that challenged the status quo and American power brokers beholden to the British government.  Other founding fathers of our nation were also placed in that same angry boiling pot of dangerous anarchy.

So you have to pardon those supporters of New Gingrich for not being intimidated by the naysayers who had anointed Mitt Romney by liberal political pundits and party leaders their status quo choice.

Many in the GOP power circles had already prepared Romney a seat at the general election debate table with President Obama.  Yet, something happened on the way to the nomination that gummed up the works a bit.  It is called voters angry and tired of being angry and tired.  After all, was it not up to the voter to determine who should represent them?  Well, sometimes the obvious creates a voter eruption.

Voters did not listen to those political pundits who labeled Newt a verbal extremist because he dared speak the truth and used history as a guide  as political currency, while Romney relied on his wealth and the assurances of party leaders.

Well sometimes it comes to a point when American democracy just has to show its face.  The voters took hold and told the self anointed party and pundit mouthpieces that it is not extreme to select a person who speaks the language of  mainstream America. They reminded these blinded-sided political deal makers that it is indeed they, not the deal makers that still pull the election levers for their leaders.

Sounds extreme? 

Let’s take a short but brisk walk down memory lane and take a quick look at those dangerous extremists that were the founding fathers that history slackers always seem to be so dismissive of Newt for always harkening back to.  After all Newt was an exceptional history professor before he even set foot in the nation‘s capitol. And yes again, it is Dr. Newt Gingrich, who first received his Ph.D. from Tulane University before going on to West Georgia College to teach history.

Many non-historians may not remember their history lessons concerning the Stamp Act, Sugar Act or the Tea Act.  Each one was increasingly odorous to the American colonists, because they represented an increasing burden being unfairly and unjustly placed upon the American Colonists.  And with the adoption of each nefarious action, the British government claimed it was in the “best interests of the colonists,” because after all, who would know better than the British government.

Well, those doggone right-wing extremists known in the day as the Sons of Liberty thought differently.  Over time, they recruited leaders and common folk who were simply good and tired of being led by their nose by American colonial leaders who were out of touch and a British government that was overreaching.

So there they went, the Sons of Liberty and soon the Committees of Correspondence that joined in, doing that extremist thing, called standing up for personal freedoms and calling for the removal of the government that embraced the status quo.

Well, fast forward to South Carolina’s primary victory this past weekend, where former speaker Dr. Newt Gingrich out maneuvered a well-heeled establishment machine that was out of touch with the voters.  Or as former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum put it, “Newt kicked butt!”

So there we have it, a history professor, who was a former U.S. Speaker of the House, and now is a current U.S. Presidential candidate doing exactly the same thing that our nation’s founding fathers Samuel Addams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington did. He is using the lessons of history as a tool to help guide and inform Americans of the dangerous course we are on.

Is that extremism, well consider President George Washington’s words, “If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

South Carolina voters decided that extremist history in the defense of liberty offered by a man of vision who actually has a proven track record of a balanced budget, welfare reform among other notable achievements was worth voting for.

You make the decision Florida voters, whether the status quo is worth it!

Mitt Loses in South Carolina, Media Spinning

Prior to last week, major media outlets, political pundits and analysts had the Republican race called for front-runner Mitt Romney.  The South Carolina primary has changed everything and the media is in a tail spin.

Newt Gingrich won the primary by taking 40.4% of the vote and all but a handful of the counties. Romney’s poor 27.8% showing resulted in him losing to the former House speaker despite having held a double-digit lead in polls the previous week.

The loss is easier to explain than some in the media would like to believe – Newt is connecting to voters in a way the Mitt Romney has, so far, failed to do.

South Carolina Republican strategist Chip Felkel said,”Nobody’s really for Mitt Romney. Romney has never generated that kind of enthusiasm, and I’m not sure he’s capable of generating that kind of enthusiasm.”

The last two debates before the polls opened showed Romney to be unprepared to handle questions on his tax returns and lacking any fire on core issues. Mitt’s exchanges with John King and Juan Williams illustrated a fighting spirit necessary to deal with the well-funded media-darling Barack Obama.

Sunday morning saw the media trying to comprehend what had occurred. While predictions had been for a Gingrich win in South Carolina, no one had expected the landslide victory that Newt’s campaign had pulled off.

In an effort to create a parallel between Gingrich and Romney on elitism and tax returns, ABC news said “Gingrich, who made more than $3 million in 2010, per his tax return, repeatedly berated Washington and New York “elites.”

Fox News Contributor Sally Kohn said that “Newt is the most un-electable candidate in history” and that Gingrich “created most of the problems” in Washington D.C.

The Daily Beast slung an oddly-worded slam at Gingrich saying that “the level of nontraditionalness on display [at Newt’s campaign events is], to borrow a phrase, utterly profound—so profound, frankly, that it makes it hard to imagine Gingrich ever really being able to ramp up and go toe to toe with President Obama’s ultrasophisticated reelection operation.”

Non-traditionalness?? Mr. Romano (the author), are you sure that’s a negative?

CBS News may have totally misunderstood how the GOP’s lack of support plays with Conservatives:

He has also been largely snubbed by the GOP establishment; while prominent Republicans are steadily coming out of the woodwork in favor of Romney, Gingrich has benefited far less from the support of party leadership.

The Republican establishment and Conservative commentators such as Ann Coulter have been firmly behind Mitt Romney, but that’s not the negative for Gingrich that they would have you believe. Prior to the recount in Iowa, many voters felt that their candidate was being picked for them by the media and the party elite – much like what happened to them in 2008 with John McCain. Romney was predicted to run the first three primaries and be largely unopposed in Florida – which would have all but ended the race for the nomination. Instead, the electorate seems to be searching for anyone but that kind of candidate . Anyone but that  middle-of-the-road, dispassionate, out-of-touch establishment-approved candidate. Anyone, but Romney.

Santorum took Iowa, Romney won New Hampshire and Gingrich has taken South Carolina. More important to understanding the future are the trends. Everyone except Gingrich is watching support drain away as the weeks press on – a trend with which the media and party leadership may not be pleased and appear to be working hard to reverse.

Who Will Herman Endorse?


Herman Cain, former GOP presidential candidate, is scheduled to make an endorsement and announcement Thursday morning on his hometown radio station, News/Talk 750AM WSB in Atlanta. The announcement, being billed as “unconventional,” will be aired live at 8:45am EST as a part of the regularly scheduled Neal Boortz radio show. You can listen live at wsbradio.com.

The local radio station promos for the announcement lead listeners to believe that Herman Cain is headed back into the talk radio world on WSB, the station that hosted his previous show “The Herman Cain Show” for three years. His show has been on hiatus for nearly a year, a decision that was made when Mr. Cain formally decided to pursue a bid for the White House.

Here is the snippet currently found on wsbradio.com promoting Thursday’s announcement:

The endorsement will come on the eve of the South Carolina primary, and much speculation can be made about whom Mr. Cain will endorse. Primary voters were shocked yesterday when Sarah Palin endorsed Newt Gingrich in the South Carolina primary. Because of the goodwill that is apparent between Cain and Gingrich, the argument could be made that Mr. Cain will follow suit and also endorse fellow-Georgian, Gingrich.

Speaker Gingrich has claimed that a victory in South Carolina would lock in the nomination for him, and recent polls show that he does have the momentum. Maybe the endorsement from Cain, who was extraordinarily popular with Southern voters, would provide that last boost necessary to overtake Romney.

However, the fact that Thursday’s event has been labeled “unconventional” must make us all scratch our heads. Mr. Cain doesn’t do much by the book, so he could very well use this platform to launch another book tour, website, or just version 2.0 of his talk radio career. There’s no doubt the radio station is loving the fact that we’ll all have to tune in to find out.